December 6, 2010

Box Clever...

I blame Cate...
it's all her fault!
She says she's going to have a crafty crafterton day
and then it happens:
the smell of the glue {white glue people, not airplane glue...
that was before my time!}
the sound of the scissors...
the feel of the GGG...{ouch!}
I turn into Rainman, the OCD crafter!

I had another package of those little white match boxes
and I was gonna use them!

'How cute', thought Raymond, 'would they look all over a little tree??!!'
{clothes pins give you more placement control than ribbons or
twine... sage advice from the OCD Crafter's Book Of Meticulously
& Positioned Crafts...sadly, it's no longer in print. ;}

The vintage combined with the faux vintage...fintage?

This hand-stamped muslin just makes my heart sing...fa la la la la la la la la!

This one got the full GGG...had to...I was been going through withdrawls!

You can't really tell, but this one is actually covered in a glassine bag...
which demonstrates that subtlety just does not work for me! But that
tiny tree is the bomb!

This was an absolute case of premeditated glittering! As soon as I saw this
little dress form I knew I would have to do this...

BAM! {if only Emeril used the GGG???}
And I thought the glitter would be enough, but even I see that it just needs
something more...I haven't decided what yet...but I can't rush the process...
but even plain...I can see several of these on a white tree...
ohhhhhhhhhhhhh la la!

I bought these little pastry boxes a little while ago {"a little while ago"
I say this a lot....I find that time has no meaning any more...well, it does,
just not for me...or my sisters...we will swear to the death that it was
juuuuust last year that this or that happened...NOT!
Try three years...five years...yeesh!}
Ok, where was I...pastry boxes...I even buy them without the pastries...
just the hint of a pastry is enough...ok, not really, but I just like
looking at them...even pastry-less! {sick!}
So, I made it into a purdy decoration!
{I know this says something about me...but let's not delve...
we'll save that for my episode of Dr. Phil! ACK!}

Ok...I reeled myself in...and made this little spooliciously festive treat.
I have spools...and I don't, I better find a way to use them, eh?
{Uh, no...learning to sew was NOT an option! But you are funny, though!;}

Hey! I was all prairie and stuff before prairie was cool...Laura Ingalls
and I go way back...on the a soddy {look it up...this post
is nothing if not educational...}, me and my "little house"
got all nostalgic and thought our little yuletide play on words was
a bit of fun...but, you know, I spend a lot of time alone...with cats...
my perception may be skewed! {may be??? ;}

I have tortured you enough...forgive me...
{you don't have to tell anyone you know me! ;}

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  1. love, love, love...all of it! You are one crafty, creative, super sillyicious woman. oh yeah!

  2. These are just gorgeous, wish I had the time and patience to make some of these- guess there's always next year!

  3. those are all so beautiful! you are sooooo talented! I wouldn't even know where to start!

  4. As it inspired, but TIME.

    Warm blessings,

  5. I love the smell of Elmer's in the morning...and glitter!

  6. I just love all your little gems they are awesome.


  7. I love everything. Just gorgeous!


  8. I love all of your crafty things you have made, I love the use of the empty thread spools :)

    Happy Holidays!


  9. Sigh...I am dreaming of crafting...too bad I am at work...shhhhh...Hugs-Diana

  10. Oh you little glitter bug, you have been at it again! And of course, as usual, everything turned out so beautifully.

  11. Your stuff is so cute. I could NEVER do it. I am a start it and forget it kinda gal, :( Sadly. You are soooo crafty!

  12. These are so great. I especially like the music ones :)

  13. Ohhh these are sooo cute!!!

    Thank you so much for the chuckle and the inspiration you have given me with this post!
    I am soooo stuck...I have made some Christmas things already but I have more to do as well as cards... I think I can feel the sputter of my little engine again since visiting you here....I think I can...I think I can...I know I can....! he he, see your not the only silly one out here, there are plenty more of us!!

    Hugs and Hot Cocoa,


  14. It looks like your have been having lots of creative fun. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  15. Wooow, I'm flabbergasted right now! You are so talented, all these ideas you have, amazing!

    I love every single one of these little pretties above! :)

  16. fantastic! i love everything! I am following your blog now!

  17. Just darling!! Laura and I and the soddy ( minus the cow through the roof) also go way back!! Just darling!

  18. I love it all M. The little boxes are so cute.

  19. Adorable, you are super creative, love all the different boxes!

  20. Where do crafty people learn this stuff?

  21. Very pretty... love to see your trail of inspiration. You had me at the glitter : )

  22. Everything is so beautiful. I want it all! Not sure who would publish your book but I know LOTS of us that would buy it!

  23. I love all of the gorgeous stuff that you have made, it's so-o-o-o pretty!
    Hugs, Cindy

  24. holy cow! this looks awesome! the effort paid off!!


love to hear from you! ;}