November 16, 2010

Would A Cat Burglar Shave Her Legs First?

This is Kae's front porch...
and just off to the right is the fence that leads to her
side garden...see it? Really, it is there! Promise!
{and there's my purse at the bottom of the shot...
yes, I am a crappy cropper sometimes!}

I thought this would be a really cool shot...
so very "through the garden gate"...
trust me, it looked way better in my head!

Anyway, I was so into taking my inventive and artsy shots that
I didn't see the flat of flowers {say that 3 times fast!;} in front
of the gate until I kicked it. And when I took a step back and looked
down something caught my attention...just out of the corner of
my right eye...oh yes, the neighbor's grandfather!

I had noticed him noticing me as I took pictures of my sister's yard...
but what I mistook for mild alarm at my early morning natural dewy
loveliness...ahem...must have actually been suspicion! For there he
lurked...I mean was, near the corner of his garage thinking himself
very Jack Bauer when he was really just Maxwell Smart!

I figured I'd better get myself into the backyard.

And as I got caught up in taking pictures of this "prettyish kind of little
wilderness" I remembered how, a few year ago, during Kae's annual
Valentines tea... we all noticed this fluffy rat of a dog in her backyard
...and I was the one who caught the wet and muddy Bobo...and
took him back to door!
And now the ingrate was going to call the sheriff on me!

I continued to click away as I thought of what I'd say to the sheriff when he
got story wasn't very good...I didn't even have the key to get in
the front door...she had left the patio door open for me...

I would tell them that I knew my sister's friend who is also a sheriff...
that would do it...I began to recite the names of his kids in my head...
they all start with the same letter...No one dangerous would know that!
But I kept confusing them with my sister's other friend whose kids all
have names that start with the same letter! What ever happened to the
good 'ol saints names for kids? Mary, John, Scholastica! {I was seriously
going to pick that for my confirmation name, but right at decision time
I went with Sarah...what a wimp!;}

But I figured what would really save me was my appearance...
hair on top of my head with this white spring loaded claw clip thing
that I have had for about 100 years! Nooooooooooooo make-up,
sweatshirt {wrong side out}, pajama bottoms...and...I'm just going to
say it...hairy legs...
Honestly, what self respecting cat burglar wouldn't preform a
a little more "pre-burgle" maintenance than that, I ask you?
And push come to shove...
I could have just rolled up my jammie legs and scared them away! ;}

I'm sorry, that was an utterly inappropriate story for such a
pretty little spot!


  1. Hi... What a great side garden!! I loved your artsy shots too.. peeking is always so fun!
    I gotta say your teacup below is crazy cute (in a good way!) I too am feeling the need for glitter therapy, I think it happens when the days are so short!
    Thanks for a fun visit!

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha awwww you have made me laugh this morning i loved your writing and the humour bless you ;-)) But what a beautiful home and garden your sister has ohh i just want to be sat on that pink chair and breathing in the scents and smells from those lovely plants, and weather looks beautiful to. Its cold, grey and wet here in England and it makes you feel very blue. But im going to dream all day of that lovely garden now. Thank you. Dee x

  3. ~**~LOL!! One of the funniest posts ever!!! Great photos too! ;)Rachel~*~*

  4. Ahaha this was a funny little story! I'm glad you made it without having to recite the children's names to the sheriff ;)
    What lovely little side yard your sister has, I love it when the plants grow a bit more wildly.

  5. very amusing...thanks for sharing your sister's beautiful side garden, it's so pretty. I love your creative 'through the gate' shots.

  6. You gave me some giggles when I read your story! It is great! I love those artsy shots through the fencing. The garden is just beautiful!

  7. This post was hilarious! You know it's funny when you can make someone laugh at 3:30am! Let me tell you since my kids are both deputies they see much worse than unshaved legs! LOL My oldest son pulled a guy over wearing nothing but ladies underwear! When my son asked him why he wears them he said "because they feel good!" LOL I bet he had hairy legs! LOL Oh and I don't want to forget...the pictures of the gardens were lovely! I could spend my day there!

  8. That was so cute and had me laughing with my morning coffee. It also reminded me I need to shave my legs. Have a great day.

  9. What could be better for starting my morning off than coffee (now up my nose, thank you), pretty photos (totally artsy fartsy) and a crazy, funny narrative?
    Of course a cat burglar would shave first...have to be prepared for photo ops and an occasional frisk/patdown!
    P.S. I think I hear a banana clip calling my name!

  10. You are such a hoot!!! I love that you compared grandpa to Maxwell Smart... most kids these days, and alot of younger women don't even know who that was!... did he take off his shoe to call the sheriff, tee hee hee... the back yard is beautiful!... trust me, the last thing a cop wants to hear is that you know other cops... then they really throw the book at you!!! (Jack is a retired cop)... wish you had a photo of yourself in your burglary outfit!... xoxo Julie Marie (You could have told him you were from the press... they can do whatever they want these days... tee hee hee!)

  11. This post had me giggling over my coffee. Great photos, I love your sister's garden. Is that a type of moss growing around the stones? I love it.

    Hope you are having a great week!


  12. Lovely garden and sweet home...I would like to see more.. Do you think youwould go to jail if you got inside?

  13. Love your story, but I can't find the neighbor in the shot....I am a realtor and when I take pictures people always get shook, but even more so when stick a sign in the ground!

  14. Ahhhhhhhhhh such beautiful and enchanting pictures and a great dose of laughter - It does a soul good.


  15. What a truly lovely garden you have! And I love that iron garden chair with the entertwined unique!


  16. What a beautiful garden! and I love your photo's...(I love Jack Bauer) I Miss 24..
    I really enjoyed your post!
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  17. I love the beautiful pictures you captured for us and the story.........hilarious! Thanks for a great post. Beautiful and funny-great way to start my day.

  18. Oh my goodness, I just lvoe our humor, but the garden outdid you this time. ;) It's like another world. I have a narrow side garden too but nothing like this AT ALL. I just have to drive my husband crazy now to do something similar. This is gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing with us and glad the sheriff didn't get to you.

  19. I'm taking a work break here and sure needed a laugh this morning. I found it here. I went to school with a family...they had 5 kids and their names all started with D-Dale, David, Doris,Danny & Derrick (cripes-I can't remember if it WAS Derrick-but I'm going with that anyway).

    Maybe that old neighbor thought he was looking a pretty sexy chick-obviously much younger than himself- HIP (inside out shirt and pj bottoms) and hair in an UPdo! Just sayin.... He couldn't tell if your legs were shaved or not...;>) Diana

  20. Oh, hahahaahaa--I needed that laugh this morning! lol

    LOVELY photos, too. But thanks especially for the laughter.

  21. You crack me up!! Beautiful garden and your shots are great. Char

  22. HA! Ok. I was with you the entire walk. I may have even taken some pictures. And Grandpa? Please. He's too old to remember the rescued dog thing. I shaved my toes this morning. I reckon I qualify for all kinds of law breaking, huh? ~Mindy

  23. Oh, but it was so entertaining! Her garden is lovely, so peaceful (unless a sheriff shows up)!

  24. I love your artsy shot through the garden gate and your sister's sweet garden side garden. And the story, well that just made my visit all the more fun!


  25. Ok M, now is the time to tell you (and the whole world) that I keep my own stash of Depend Undergarments (I expect a check from them for the plug) handy just to read your posts. You crack me up every single time. It is almost painful to come over here and read your posts, because I have to try to get those things taped up around my backside just to sit and have a little visit to the OC cottage.

    It was worth the risk of having the sheriff called out, because Kae's garden is 'To Die For'(or get arrested for). I would even come and bail you out, but I'm afraid I spent my last dime on the Depends!

    I laughed and laughed over your nonreply blogger post. Yes!!!I want to stick a fork in my eye EVERYtime I have to do word verification. (But, it doesn't keep me from commenting) it just makes me head to the silverware drawer first.

    I do get back at them however...I refuse to proof read my comment, so sometimes they get weird looking words like the one I have to type in the space underneath.

    Big hugs from here...

  26. The whole world should know about you and have the opportunity to read your posts each day.
    It would be soooo much happier and the domino effect would go on forever.
    In the meantime we are the lucky ones who laugh and are inspired and surprised at the twists and turns and beauties you share, and being visual creatives ourselves helps immensely as you describe your own appearance or that of the neighbor.
    What a gifted story teller you are!
    And your visuals are always treasures,
    Thank you for sharing!

  27. Ha, ha - what a great, funny post - and my first visit to your blog (thanks for popping in to my very new one!). That garden is so pretty - and (is it the same sister?) she has the most fabulous collection of exactly the sort of pretty pink china I love (could you ask her to just parcel it up and send it over please, it's her duty..!) I'll be back - I shall look forward to your blog :)

  28. On another note, do those chairs face opposite directions? In-teresting!

  29. Hi! What a wonderful blog!
    Have a great day :)

  30. Cute/fun post and some great photos.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  31. Too funny!! You are keepin' it real for us all! And Kae has a lovely yard!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  32. wow, how much work was it to have such a beautiful garden? I have one little circle of garden and I don't keep up. And I find when I get caught snooping by a neighbor, just wave. If that doesn't relieve his concerns, just say "since I caught you out, while I wait for my sister let me tell you about a new product I'm selling" he will run to get away from you.

  33. However inappropriate it was a funny little story to go along with the beautiful spaces. We are so steeped in snow where I'm at that it was a nice break on my eyes looking at all the green grass, cobblestones and flowers.


    I'm visiting from Sunday Favorites.

  34. Hi M...

    Ohhhh my gosh, had me rollin' on the floor laughing!!! Okay, I hate to admit it but I can probably top your story! I have been caught a couple of times...mid-day...out in my nightie taking photos! Of course, I was in my own yard...but just sayin'! Hehe! Gosh...I even have the same hair piled high up on top of my head! Hehe! Too funny, Girl!!! really did get some fabulous photos!!! What we'll do for a blog post..hmmm??? Your sister's garden is gorgeous!!! Ohhh my...I certainly could find some time to spend out in that beautiful yard! I just love all the pretty white fence and beautiful garden gates!!! Sooo glad that you shared this sweet post with us today for Sunday Favorites, Darlin'!!! You made my day with your cute story!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

    PS...just wanted to tell you how pretty your blog header is! I love that!!! Girl, you DO have that creative talent flowin' through your veins!!!


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