November 28, 2010

The Taj Mahal Is Finished! {Bee's Patio}

When last visited our intrepid homeowner, Bee, her patio looked something like this...
And she had no idea things were going to get much worse... ;}

But at least she can just stay inside her beautiful home while all the chaos
is confined to her backyard, right?


Let's go inside and take a peak, shall we?

Three tables in her dining room?
A tad self indulgent , don't you think?!
Talk about an OC Housewife!

Ok, ok...the truth is...
She had new patio furniture coming out of her ears! Eyes!
And every other place that can be mentioned in polite company!

I just remember that she kept saying, "I AM SO ...."
Uh...polite company... ;}

Well, she did get some "away time" when they needed to stalk a few
homes to check out the mason's work...
is this a driiiiiiveway, or what??!

The eve of destruction...

Even in the rubble...dogs are still dogs...

This is what I imagine things will look like after "the Big One"...
{Wow! Cheery Christmas thought, eh?}

If Bee thought the other stuff was bad...the jackhammer serenade
was just the highlight of her existence thus far...right there between
labor and a root canal!

Making progress...quietly!

The "Circle Of Life"...that's what they are calling this section...
looks more like "the cheese stands alone" to me!

This is actually a lesson in "sit" & "stay"...
can you tell that the dogs are enjoying this as much as we did?

Allllllllllmost done...
well, this phase at least...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Nooooooooooooooo!
And after all that, the grass it too high!
I know...but they didn't want to see all the roots, ant tunnels
and darn picky!

Then the CDC had to be called in to hermetically seal the entire perimeter
due to the uncovering of some rare spore!

OR...the painters put up plastic...

you can choose your degree of drama...I am going with the spores!

Insert "Hallelujah Chorus" here!

The painting has begun!

The children...wondering if there's any money left for their weddings...
or Christmas even!

The "Circle Of Life" all finished!!!
{they will be putting a BBQ here later...that's why it has that "alter"
vibe to it...hee...hee...hee

The secret to a happy yard....LOTS of manure! And it makes you an instant
hit with the neighbors! Oh, yah!

FINALLY! Grass that is flush, plumb and even with that masonry!
And it's a good thing too...I would not have been seen in a yard with
an un-plumb lawn! How embarrassing! I am so sure! As if!

The new fountain...the other one was fine but too low...the squirrel's used
it as a day spa! {very cute!}

Bee says these are the grandchildren she doesn't have yet...
I say "good thing"! Neither of her kids are married...I am just an old
fashioned kind of girl, I always prefer wedding then babies...what can
I say, I was born way back in the 20th century! I'm a fossil like that! ;}

{check out those thighs...I think that creep has been taking pictures
of me through my hotel room peep hole again! ACK!}

Niece...hoping to find one last meal before they start in on the dog food since her
peeps have spent all their $ on the patio! Poor's like looking at the Little
Match Girl!

Bee being Bee...she slapped that Fall wreath up there before the paint was dry!
Take that, Martha!

TJ Maxx...awesome deal! And those "real" candles have now been replaced
with faux...
California...sun...outside..."I'm meeeeeeeeelllttting"...not a good plan!

These fans totally look like something from Elrond's house in Rivendell!
{geek quiz...who is Elrond and where is Rivendell? ;}

What? You don't have a TV on your patio?
...that birds are already trying to nest in! HA!
Seriously...they are!

The "chandy" is 48" tall...
We were raised Catholic, so that cloistered nunnery look appeals to us!
I kid! I kid! She got this beast on sale for like ¢33...or was it ¢66...
well, either way, the shipping was free! HA! Score!

To recap....

From this...

to this!

From this...

to this!

All this!

And boy are they THANKFUL that it's all done!!!!

And I am sure you are too since this must be THE longest post in the
history of bloggerkind!

But in case you are a glutton for punishment HERE is more of the "process"...
{I said "in case"...I gave you an out, take it!}



  1. You are too, too funny. But I am loving Bee's new outdoor space and I am sure she is, too! Just gorgeous!


  2. I thought I was going to bed early then I clicked on your new post in my google reader...oh it's going to take forever to get to sleep I'll keep seeing the "circle of Life" in my dreams. Really, it's beautiful but wow what a lot of work.

  3. What an awesome transformation!!! Every inch is gorgeous and the puppies look like they're happy too! Great job!
    Cheers, jj

  4. Wow!!!! Wow, wow, wow. I have no other words. Which is a shocker, 'cuz I'm pretty gabby, normally.


    ~Angela :-)

    P.S. And thanks for all the in-process shots. Now I know how to build those porch posts in case I get crazy with my own porch! :-)

  5. Thanks for all those photos, it was very interesting and looks great.

  6. i love this project. as i was looking thru, im starting to think a version of my own. thanks for posting this! and congrats for your successful project!

  7. WOW that is some patio! Stunning! Thanks for all the photos you took through the process! Hugs, Maryjane

  8. great job, love the chandelier! thanks for the hint about the tv
    hope that poor girl finally got fed!

  9. It turned out beautiful! I love the tile work....block work...whatever it is!!

  10. It is so gorgeous! I love it all. How do you keep that TV dry if it rains and the wind blows at the same time? You must be so excited to have such a stunning area!

  11. What a lotta work but soooo worth it! Can you believe how long things take-always double the time going in and then be pleasantly surprised if it finished early-that's MY motto. I love the circle of life...perfect...looks like it created two dogs...and, I hate to tell you but I am kind of missing the bunny flag on the after picture (not)...Great job! Hugs- Diana

  12. Ha! That construction site is a romper room compared to what ours was. ;-) Her patio sure does look nice though.

  13. Love the transformation and really enjoyed this post! take care, Maryann

  14. What a wonderful garden. It makes me dream about summer. Here in Norway is it very much snow and too cold. Brr!
    Have a great day :-)

  15. Wow! Such a lot of work but what an outcome! A fun post and a wonderful patio too. You are an engaging story-teller and I enjoyed every minute. Have a lovely week.


  16. Now that's a PROJECT! Thanks for the court-side seats for the game. Its a beautiful beautiful porch

  17. I loved it I read every words (Got a little nervous when you had a spore problem) Now that is a before and after, gorgeous!


  18. So is there anything left for kidds wedding :P :P... Very lovely transformation... your effort and heard work speaks itself... very beautiful...
    Can you please spare a little bit of your time for my new post, its something different I hope you enjoyed

  19. Really beautiful, I always wondered what a fairy (or is it faerie?) kingdom would look like in our world!

  20. Hurray for bee! It's just gorgeous!I know she's glad to have it all done!♥


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