November 11, 2010

It's Novel...It's Lyrical...It's A Napkin Ring!

Last week over at FRECKLED LAUNDRY , I saw some really cute napkin rings made by ALLISON

And while hers were Literate...I opted for Novel & Lyrical...
{I have to say dorky things like's almost pathological! ;}
(and good conscience, should a smile-y face be placed
behind the word 'pathological? ;)
[and, yes, I used one of those little pink nests AGAIN! I ADORE them
and will use them until they are all gone or I'm a size 2! Translation:
I will NEVER be a size 2...I LOVE Flaming Hot Cheetos way too much
and my big fat jeans are comfy...and when the nests are gone I will
simply order just can't win with me! ;]

I know most of you have made something like this before...
I have too.
There's just something about seeing someone else's interpretation
that get all my gears turning...
my creative juices flowing...
my head spinning {but that's my usual state!}

And I start thinking...
'and I can do this'....'and I can add that'...'and how cute would
those be'!
I'm not kidding either! My head is instantly FULL of possibilities...
and THIS is why there was never any room for MATH! But try
explaining that to Sister Ignacita! ACK!

In two shakes of a lamb's tail, you can think of a theme...
or several and have adorable napkin rings made in a jif!

No more worrying that the green in the napkin ring doesn't quite
match the green in your tablecloth!

Just think of what you could do with all those amazing scrapping papers!
The velum! I love me some velum!
The mind boggles...or maybe that's just me who's boggled! ;}

What about wrapping paper?
Holly paper and a big fat red bow!
Very Whoville!

Geez Louise! Who ever needs to buy another napkin ring again???
They may just go the way of the typewriter or horse-drawn carriage!
{I am such a liar! If they are pink or shiny, I will SO be buying them!;}

Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special

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For those of you keeping track...yes, this is Austen, Mansfield Park to be
exact...and one of the lines reads, "...with feminine lawlessness..." I love that!
If I ever create a line of anything, that's what I'll name it! It just conjures
quite a picture! Corset cinched, petticoats flying and six-shooter in hand! ;}
Uh..again...maybe that's just me!


  1. Well, the napkin rings are great but the reading of the post was the highlight for me. I like others that are just a bit off kilter (like myself). ps...No smiley faces after pathological please!>) Hugs- Diana

  2. Oh...these are SO sweet. Where did you find the tiny bird nests?


  3. I just purchased a late 1800's childs classical music book. It is very ragged, but the music note pages are in very good condition. The pages are thicker than most paper and will be perfect for making these napkin rings for gifts. Thanks for sharing. ~~Sherry~~

  4. I love these, I just made about 500 of these, but mine are Christmas chains...the note,so perfect, great job!...I'm feeling we were twins separated at know when a blog post, so hits the right note with

    Oh, thanks for spending time being a judge on the Mom Cave and for liking my "Tree House". I am so thrilled!


  5. They turned out darling, and added a lot of charm! I'm with you on cheetos and comfy jeans too!

  6. What a great way to personalize your table, pathological or not...I get it, I'm the same way. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas, it does get the head to spinning doesn't it?

  7. These are really fabulous! I made myself some napkin rings last month for the first time, and now I'm hooked. Will definitely be giving these a try! LOVE them!

  8. Oh no! You ripped Mansfield Park?

    First of all, gorgeous just like everything else on your blog. I always love to come and see what you have made.

    Now I'm assuming these napkin rings are meant to be ripped right before taking out the napkin to eat?

  9. Great ideas! You could decorate a whole table putting something similar on the candlesticks or around the drinking glasses or candle cups... see, now you've got me going, too!

  10. I absolutely love these! Love your narrative, so much fun! You are so clever and so talented!

    The tiny pink birds nest is too charming!


  11. It just doesn't get much cuter than this! I've got to try me some napkin rings, me thinks.

  12. Those are really cute. I have a hard time making dinner let alone napkin rings but I love to read all your ideas.

  13. OK, These are great, and you are waaay clever and so funny. And a size 2? Well, let's just ALL forget that one! Thanks so much for linking up with VIF!

  14. I love napkin rings, even more I love real cloth napkins!

  15. these are so dainty and beautiful with endless possibilities!

  16. Oh these are so lovely...what a great idea...I am so into using old book pages for everything!

    Happy weekend to you. xoxoxo

  17. Those napkin rings are so cute!! I'm going to make some!!

  18. Your posts are so much fun to ready. Napkin rings with your twist look fabulous! I love them.

  19. I love this idea.........very pretty indeed!
    Trish xo

  20. I love it! Fabulous...simple, beautiful!!!


  21. I just adore these! Thank you so much for linking to air your laundry Friday again, sweetie.



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