November 15, 2010

Forget Sugar...Can I Borrow A Cup Of Glitter?

Yet another tale of lust, greed, longing, desire, unfulfilled expectations,
unmet needs, impulsive decisions...
Yes, I am talking about an Ebay purchase.
Trust me...I got a million of 'em!

While bidding...these teacup just "screamed" Jane Austen to me...and when
I opened them...I did all the screaming.
Ok, there may not have been screaming, my HOA would never allow that!
But there was spiteful mutter aplenty!

This crack was the least of their woes...
the previous owner must not have had a microwave...
or a teapot...
or the sense God gave a goose...
because the bottoms look as though she tried to make tea
by setting the cups directly on the stove!
But did I just throw the useless vessels of my shame out?
Pfffffffft! Yah, right...HOARDER 101, here!
There had to be a way to redeem them...right?
Are you with me here?
{and with support like that, I soldiered on alone!}

Attack of the decoupage monster...

Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time!

Oddly enough, I found an old teacup covered in vintage French
dictionary pages to be lacking in, oh, how do you say...
je ne sais quoi...

what to do...
what to do...
what, what, what...

Mary Poppins should have been singing, "just a cup full of glitter...!"

Severely impractical!
Wholly unusable!
And just the foofy little flight of fantasy that gets me through
a gas prices rising, food prices rising, taxes rising...
deeeeeeep breath...go to that happy place...
see, it's glitter all I need is an infomercial!

But it's just odd enough to fit in with my decor...and me!
{doesn't it look like the bigger silver ball is doing "bunny ears"
behind the smaller silver ball? My photo staging skills are
just flawless! ;}

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Come's not that it?
It's don't have to tell anyone that you know me!


  1. Love it!!! Very clever. It is amazing what a little glitter can do.

  2. Hi: Your post made me laugh today. I will tell you a secret. Only use this if you do not care that the tea cup won't last longer than you. Just add a few drops of bleach and those stains will be gone. I have been told that it makes the tea cup weaker, sometimes for me that does not matter. You can always get more tea cups! However, the glitter isn't bad either! Blessings, Martha

  3. Talk about a lack of integrity but..oh made me laugh! Love your fantastic cup of glitter..redeemed?

  4. It's whimsical and so fun! I love it! LOL @ the bunny ears! too funny!


  5. LOL, not bad....NOT bad at all :D ( in fact, I quite like them a LOT )

  6. It's really really bad (giggle). :-)

    No, the french text makes it all worth it's weight in glitter.

    And the bunny ears.

  7. That is lovely but I do wonder about you at wonder but wonder none the less. Your sweetness shines through your posts. I received 3 tiny bottles of glitter from Meyer's Imports and I can donate them to you if you just email me your address. I hate to see things go to waste and I won't use them. (really, I'm serious).

  8. M, you're hilarious and you do possess one wonderful imagination! I think the teacup is adorable! But then I do love glitter myself. Thanks for sharing your newest acquisition.


  9. What a great way to salvage the little teacup!

  10. I bet you had a lot of fun doing this one! Fabulous job at "re-purposing"!

  11. I never saw anything like creative!!!!

  12. You are too funny! Amazing what a little glitter will accomplish ... and just in time for the holidays!!!!! Happy Tea Day!

  13. You brighten my morning. The star fish does it for me. Enjoy your day!

  14. Talk about making something out of a sow's ear (where in the world did that analogy come from...ick) your tea cup looks just darn cute.

  15. I like it ;-) You are so creative. I enjoy seeing what you've created in every blog. Have a great day. Blessings,

  16. Love this. Cute bunny ears. =D Did you ever get around to the Martha pumpkins? I purchased her glitter and can you believe I haven't got the nerve to put the glitter on the real gourds I purchased? I know. They're just so naturally pretty. I'm going to have to buy fake ones. I know, I'm a wimp. Glitter pumpkins to be cont'd...

  17. I just love that teacup!! What a wonderful idea!! I think it look fabulous with those antique books! Great job!

  18. I LOVE it!!! I am a glitter addict too, so I totally am in love with this!!!

    LOVE IT!

    Lou Cinda :)

  19. oh how your posts make me smile and giggle! And there isn't ANYONE..i mean ANYONE i know in this world of blogging that can glitter something better than you! YOu are the Queen of Glitter my friend. this is really one-of-a-kind( like you! LOL)

  20. LOL- Only YOU could get away with that! I hope you didn't pay a fortune for them...and I hope that the seller was up front about their condition! I hate when our expectations are not met! That being said-You are just a tad nuts---which makes me like you all the more! Hugs- Diana

  21. What a hoot! I enjoyed your humorous post, I think your altered tea cup is a fab idea!

  22. hello M as in More glitter!

    i think this looks beauTful!

    imagine a bunch hanging from hooks!? ooh, that'd be fun, too.

    remember: for display only!


  23. Ahhh...when life gives you lemons...make lemoncellos!
    The glitterati of the world salute you!
    Peace out!!!

  24. Excellent solution to the problem!

  25. Only you could come up with an idea like that, you are .......... errmm, not quite sure what to put there, lolol. But somehow it works, it really does! And yes, that bauble definitely has a case of bunny ears, lol. I'd say this is another little triumph of eccentricity over normality.

  26. You sure did a wonderful job of putting on a happy face and repurposing the flawed teacup. It is no longer an ugly duckling - but a swan.


  27. Girl you are a genius, a glitter genius!! A decoupage genius!! A repurpose genius!!

    Your post is so cute and funny.
    I just love it.


  28. How very cute!!! and very clever:)

  29. I love, love, love it! I am totally addicted to glitter, too! In fact, I did a post on it today as well:) Oh, and I'm also hooked on Mod Podge! What a fun project!

  30. I have to say, I am love, love, loving this. It's soooo pretty. Just the right amount of whimsy and yet elegant.

  31. You are so funny - unique is good. :-) I like your glitter cup photo styling.

  32. So sad that the teacup was cracked (some of us just are, like me) so happy you could give it a new life. Love your sense of humour and creativity. Thank you for dropping in for tea and sharing your glits with the ladies!! Hope you drop by soon.
    Have a wonderful week.
    PS Last weeks tea cup was to die for too!

  33. That is just too cute. How clever. I love glitter


  34. Your post "cracked" me up!!! I, too, have been unpleasantly surprised on a few Ebay purchases. Your decoupage & glitter idea was a cute save! I would love for you to join my link party at

  35. This is awesome! Love the you didn't crack up over the crack but upcylcled it and made it awesome! Hope you share with my Pink Hippo Party @

  36. Oh how I LOVE glitter....this was one GREAT idea.... very, very clever.

    Warm blessings,

  37. ...quotes ¨it's not that bad¨....come on, it is gorgeous!!! I just llllllloved your reformed, renewed tea-cup!!!! I must do one for me!!! All this glitter shine gives that special and unusual charm!!!! Just awsome!!!!


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