November 13, 2010


No, it's nothing you will need cranberry juice for! {sorry, but we're all girls
here...and this has been my life lately...ACK!}

The fabulous, splendifferous and just plain peachy, Donna over at
and was kind enough to allow me to "borrow" it for today.

What keeps you from commenting?
What keeps you from receiving comments?
Do you want to stick a fork in your eye when you have to use the word verification feature?
Does blood actually shoot from your eyes when it takes 3 steps to do it?
Do you need a Klondike bar every time someone asks you a question...
you try to reply...
but see instead of their email address?

I have THE world's worst internet provider...yah, you AT & T...anyway,
I spend A LOT of time waiting and waiting...I do a little dance, make
a sandwich and if I am lucky the page I am looking for pops up...if I am
lucky. I know many of you have reasons for using the word verification,
but I wonder if the others just don't really know you have it activated?

But the thing that really struck a chord with me was this:

I make things...dumb things, but things nonetheless...
these things are what I write posts about...
In turn, you ask me questions... and when I try to reply and get
it makes answering a tad hard.
I WANT to tell you my glue-to-paint cheater ratio!
I WANT to tell you who I get my favorite glitter from!
I WANT to bond with anyone who eats ravioli right from the can like me!
And I hate to imagine that any of you are thinking less-than-flattering
things about me {like, "yah, she's probably too busy eating extra spicy
Doritos to answer me!"}because you don't get a reply from me!
{BTW, I am a multi-tasker, I can eat the Doritos...lick my fingers...
AND's a gift! :}

I just think you must not realize that you just don't have the correct
thingie set on your profile to enable your email address for "replies".

Here are DONNA'S step-by-step directions...please for the sake of all that is good and holy...
take heed...follow them...and reap actual replies...
pretty please with sugar on top?

Activate your profile

What it does

If your profile is activated, this provides a means in which we can #1 email you IF you activate email, and #2 - you'll show up in other's email notifications. Which is truly what you want. Trust me.


Let's say you leave me a comment and I want to write you back. If I need to go hunt down your blog (which one, anyway? many of you have more than one), then leave a comment on some non applicable post in order to reach you, chances are I won't do it.

How do I KNOW you don't have your email or profile activated? Because when I go try and email you, your email address shows up as noreply. Which really means NO REPLY. Which means I can send it but it won't get to you.

Leery on having a profile for security reasons? Leave your profile blank but at least activate a new hotmail email account you can later delete if going public isn't working for you. However, if you're public with a blog, you really ought to go public with an email. It's good PR for your visitors.

How to activate your profile

#1. CREATE a profile if you don't have one already. This is somewhere in your initial blog settings.

#2. Once created, you need to activate it.

look to the upper left
select edit profile

under privacy -
select - show my profile
select - show my email address

under identity -
ADD - your desired online email address

click save profile

Be sure to check out ALL of Donna's BLOG TIPS !
This woman is a fountain of knowledge and she knows her way around a miter box!

Thank you for enduring my rant-lette!


  1. This is all great advice! I really don't enjoy getting all these awesome comments and not being able to email the person directly back.

  2. I completely understand your reason to have a rantlette! I feel like having one too when I have to do word verification and if I want to send a comment and they do not have an email!

    Good post.


  3. Oh my goodness this is the best! I want to do a post and send others over here to read this. I especially get so frustrated by the no reply! This is great Info!!! Yes, yes, yes!!!

  4. Sooooo- Does this mean everyone I answer with "noreply" as their email it's out in cyberspace somewhere? I'm going to really digest her site soon.

  5. Thank you for posting this. I am pretty new (less than a year) to this whole blogging scene and I didn't know until someone (KIM) told me that I had no reply on my email addy. Huh? What? Well, I finally figured it ut but would have done better if I could have found a tutorial. And, I turned off my word verification thing as soon as I knew how. I have only ever recieved one "bad" message and I was able to just delete it anyway.

    I find that I do a word verification sometimes and then go to click off and only then realize that there is one more step. It is sooo frustrating and if I am in a hurry I don't have time to go back and write a whole other reply.

    Thanks for posting this. I hope people read it and heed it! hugs- Diana

  6. I wish everyone would read this. What I really hate is when I write a long response to someone and THEN realize the non-reply is there. Ugh.

  7. Great post. It's so true. My favorite is when someone asks you a question and then when you try to respons, you get no reply. I went and double checked to be sure my settings were correct. Thanks.

    - The Tablescaper

  8. I LOVE the Info!! I checked mine and I'm good! Have a Great Week~end!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  9. I will head over and take a peek, always room for improvements!

  10. Oh my word... oops, that would be, oh my word VERIFICATION... I'm so laffin' at your post! You said it way better than I ever did.

    Thanks for sharing this and helping to keep blogland clean! Word verification is only the tip of the iceburg. There's loads of other goofy default settings blogger has preset for you without your knowledge. The post spews it all. :)


  11. I have changed all of this a while ago, but still good to read lol. Yes it is frustrating, the verification gets me every time, and the no reply as well.


  12. First of all let me just say, I loved this! Great advice. Secondly, let me say I hate your "Welcome blustery Days!" A pox on you - winter lover!!! Hate is a bit strong. STRONGLY DISLIKE I shall say.... ;o)

    Loved this post. Sticking you in my favorites as we speak. Great stuff! (even amidst the blustery comment)


  13. I'm fully activated, wholly integrated, and reply-able. However, I'd like to nominate you to write a post using "word verification" words and what you think they really mean (:

  14. well. . . I went and checked out my settings, and hopefully I am doing this right . . . I want and need to hear back from everyone out there, as I am a new kid on the block and usually just feeling my way through.

    Thanks for the tips !

  15. I am so glad someone is finally adressing this!
    UGH it makes my blood boil when I have to jump through hoops to leave a comment!
    YES I enjoy receiving comments so yes I do leave comments!But I don't have all day here folks! :-)

    Thanks for getting the word out!
    I do hope a lot of peoples adjust their settings!

    Smiles, Dolly

  16. A million thanks for that. I sooooo hope people read and follow-up with this. It's good advice and will make life so much easier for commenters.

  17. I totally agree! All the comments on my blog come to my phone. I respond to ALL comments but I'm so disappointed that half say blogger no reply! I'm going to incorporate Donna's advice into a post somehow too!

  18. Great post! I've addressed this (somewhat)in the past but I have a feeling the people who needed to read it did not return to my blog to discover why I was not responding.

    I went for quite a while without ever receiving spam, then boom! The spambots found me. Nothing bad, just unrelated comments that either pushed a product or were fishing (phishing) for a response so they could send further junk. I think this is a reason why many use verification. For some reason, the spam that hit me was always on old posts and I was only aware of them because I get notification of comments in my email.

    If you find that you are getting spam on old posts, you can prevent them from appearing on your blog without resorting to verification. With Blogger, under Settings and Comments, scroll down to comment moderation and the middle choice is Only On Posts Older Than (fill in the blank). I use 14 days and haven't had problems.

    Donna, if you've covered this, sorry to be repeating. I am heading to your blog now to read your post. :)

  19. Much needed advice out there. I cannot begin to count the times I've wanted to reply privately and there is a noreply address. Drives me crazy. What really drives me nuts is the word verification which is NOT needed if you already moderate your comments. I especially hate it when it's together with the comments set up as a box beneath the post. UGGHGHHHGHGH!!!!! You enter the comment then the page automatically goes back to the top of the post, to which you have to scroll down to enter the word verification which some might not know and miss. Okay, now my comment is getting too long and annoying too. =D Thanks for sharing.

  20. Not only can I eat ravioli straight from the can, but I learned (from a Texan friend) that the BEST thing is spaghetti-o's straight from the can that has been in the 'fridge. Few people know and appreciate this.

    Found your blog when you "followed" mine! Will be back.


love to hear from you! ;}