October 13, 2010

That's How You Know...

Can you tell I watched Enchanted... ;} And know that I am humming
that song as I type...{that's how you know, that's how you know...}

But that's not what this is about...

Last night was a "life lesson" night for the pets!
Yes! Pets! I used the "P" word as I lectured them!
It all began at about 1 am when Sammy was keenly ramming
her head into the bedroom window screen...
A rat? I thought...a opossum? Raccoon, possibly...God forbid
a coyote so close to the house!
No, it was a kitty, perched out on the balcony wall...and an
orange tiger kitty at that...my dream cat...
don't say it out loud, we're in those sensitive teen years!

As my punks cast derisive looks his way, I told them that
in places where it gets cold...like 68 degrees...or colder
maybe...where it even snows...people actually make cats
sleep in the BARN!
{They gasped...}
And they don't eat Iams...no sireeeee, Bob!
{They shivered...}
They eat RATS! Not juuuust an occasional silver fish for sport,
ohhhhhhhhh no! They must find their own food!
{They blanched...}
No $400 EKG because Mr. Pickle is acting weird...{let's
not relive that shall we...}

Like my threats worked! They are cats after all...
they scoffed...
they sneered...
and then I heard one of them playing hockey with their poop in the box...

It did get me thinking though...
that I AM SICK!

And this is how I know....

That she does not respect my "art"!

Or expensive pillows!

That I need to stop exhausting him with toys, brushing and small shreds
of paper that I painstakingly rip and toss...

That I have too many magazines...

That he will never be asked to join MENSA
{Their loss! Just look how handsome he is! Oh...sorry!}

That she shares my love of vintage linens...but has no concept of BLACK
cat hair on clean white fabric...

That he knows it will be at least another month before mommy put this
together...so, it can be a bachelor pad for a while longer...

That even my cats know I need to get a life!
Don't judge!



  1. That was so entertaining! I have two cats myself so "I get it"!! LOL!!

  2. Very cute post....I giggled all the way through. I have several cat that rule my roost too, but I wouldn't have it any other way!


  3. Hubby and I sitting here laughing to tears..as our Princess plays her nightly "turd hockey" before she comes in to rearrange us for her own comfort :)

  4. ~**~LOL..LOVE your little cat babies!!! My baby girl Claire (featured in my laundry basket post)lol..would love to have a play date!! ;) HUGS,Rachel ~*~*

  5. Too cute and so funny,your babies are really beautiful,the tail on the camera and no respect made me laugh loud and hubby came to take a peek and he laughed too.
    Love Kristina x

  6. "Playing hockey with their poop in the box"...... that did it, I laughed so much, I had tears in my eyes. The whole story is absolutely hilarious.

  7. Your post is so cute and so true!!!
    I can relate. Gabby and Gizzy are always up to no good. Gabby likes to eat the price tags I put on items for my booth! LOL!


  8. Hi,
    This was a charming post...I love your style and wouldn't mind being one of your kitties. Thanks for the Thursday morning chuckle.
    PS thanks for visiting. in answer to question, we buy 2 chairs and and umbrella the day we arrive and give it away on the beach to a new arrival...these chairs however i would have loved to get home. :) Enjoy your kitty filled day.

  9. Ah yes-but you neglected to mention what the cat standing on the magazines was trying to accomplish! lol I miss my kitties..someday I will have kitties again! Hugs- Diana

  10. Now I have that song going through my head! We love that movie! You have some adorable cats!
    God Bless,

  11. I love to see your cat photos. I`m living with cats too :)

  12. OMGosh...this was soooo funny! I've seen my cats do some of these things. Max probably thinks I need to get a life, too. LOL
    The tail across the camera was a riot!
    I love it when you post about your kitties...they are sooo darn cute!


love to hear from you! ;}