October 12, 2010

Simply Black & White...

So, I bought these at Walmart this weekend...
I know...
it would have been nice if you would have said something

if you had just reminded me that I bought these at Dollar Tree
months ago...
and they have been safely hanging on a doorknob ever since!
Yeesh! Break out the crossword puzzles...STAT! {if you get that,
then I know you've been through it too}

And because we all know what I had in mind for my little pretties...
{here, let me REMIND you..."a mind is a terrible thing to waste"...
didn't Lincoln say that?}


Pretty, sparkly, shiny...so the badger in me just pounced!

Apparently, badgers...and I...can't read!
Can you just see me borrowing that little tiny iron from the
Whos down in Whoville, to painstakingly adhere these sparkles
to a pumpkin???!!!!! {martinis...I'm thinking that martinis would
also have to be involved...}

"Reading is fundamental"...didn't Gandhi say that?


Luckily, I am a compulsive fake and tawdry-phony-rhinestone collector
from way back...so, I just happened to have these...
but black?
So, while the pumpkins dried...I experimented on a shell...
kinda liking this and please never tell Jacques Cousteau's family about the
things I do to shells...they will be hauling me to the Hague in no time!

{and here's the thing...the orange in the pumpkins sort of leeched into
the white paint and made them a kind of Orange 50/50 bar color...
which I am not at all opposed to...but it wasn't what I was going for, so
I was left with just this one pumpkin guy as my model}

A little stark....yet fun...

I'm not sure why I like it...but I do...am I addled?
Well, as Lincoln said, "a pumpkin is a terrible thing to waste"...
or was it Bobby Sherman? Or Sherman Hemsley? Or Leona...


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  1. Yeah-You are officially nuts-like me! That's why I like coming here. Digging those black and white things together...Wasn't it Alice Cooper that said that? Hugs my sweet and slightly in-sane friend~Diana

  2. My eyes are spinning. But I love the pumpkins! ::Jill

  3. You are too funny but I'm loving the bling on the pumpkins!

  4. I am loving the black thingy! I love anything, but orange! I think it is a classy gourd!


  5. LOL.......well what i can say your a genius one would never know that was a pumpkin, It looks amazing. Dee ;-)x

  6. Very cute pumpkin, it is interesting to see all the Autumn decorating out in blog land, it is Spring here in Oz so rather different and we don't tend to decorate our homes in Autumn, probably also because our trees stay green!

  7. Pretty Incredible ~ I have to get me a White Pumpkin!

  8. I got the giggles when I read your post, hilarious.

  9. Those are so neat-love the details!

  10. I love the pumpkin all crystalled out!!! Where did you get those? I need some!!! :>)

  11. Love it Love it Love it!!!

    Hugs, Sherry

  12. OMGosh! I adore your pumpkin. What kind of paint did you use?

  13. I think you must have been channeling Chanel...I love 'em!
    For the record...martinis and a hot iron don't mix! You could forget which one to shake!
    P.S. I prefer to use the term pixilated.
    P.P.S. So good to know I'm not the only one with Dollar Tree sacks sprouting on my doorknobs!

  14. Thanks for the giggles today :)!! I love the blinged-up pumpkin and shell!!

  15. ...wow ..good thing you have a fabulous sense of humour ....cuz all those self deprecating remarks are sooo off target...at least in my world!//
    I LOVE WHAT YOU DID!...keep up the good work...
    hilarious and all!

  16. I have personally purchased the same book THREE times. I read it the first time I bought it.
    Love your black and white!!!

  17. My goodness, those blinged out pumpkins are absolutely darling!

  18. Pumpkin bling....my kind of Fall!! LOL!!!

  19. Gorgeous as usual. I love black and white. So classy. This is perfect! I have to get a white pumpkin because I have seen so many this year they are simply calling out my name.

  20. How unique!! I love it!! As I have been packing I have been finding dollar tree goodies in bags all over the house!! I call them my someday I will get to that bag!! Am I NUTS or what?

  21. haha i love that u crystalized your pumpkin! super cute :)

  22. VERY nice. I love the black and white.

  23. Loved your blinged pumpkin and shell! :-D
    Have a great weekend.

  24. Oh My Word! You crack me up! We will get together and have martinis and I will show you the tool that makes adhering those sparkles a breeze!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie!
    I hope to see you next week!

  25. That is so divine, seriously drew me right in!


love to hear from you! ;}