October 10, 2010

Roll Tape And...Action!

It's a roll of tape...
the starfish & spoon are just props because I
just couldn't wrap my mind around taking a
picture of a roll of tape...


Oh, this is muuuch better!
Tape & cat hair!
Story of my life...but not in that order...

But even though this looks like boring 'ol red tape...
which is just what I thought it was when I bought it
on clearance for 49¢ at Michael's...
it's actually magic tape!


Just look what happens when you put it on paper!

{OK...it's not really magic...I'm just not very observant
and I didn't notice the pattern! Mr. Magoo?}

Now, I'm not really sure that anyone I know deserves such
pretty tape on their packages!
I have very high standards...and I'm very greedy and I want
this tape for me and me alone! ;}
But wrapping up present with this cool tape just for me to give
to me seems, well, borderline insane and just slightly self-centered...

And just because it's tape...is it doomed to a life of sticking and holding
and binding?

No...I won't allow it...just call me the Norma Rae of adhesive products...
I had a plan.

Plain white paper...

Cute into strips...

Then cute again because Norma, I mean, I thought they needed to
be thinner {don't we all! ;}

Do you see where I'm going with this??

Yes! The best Christmas decoration ever...the paper chain!
But with that extra dash of class that the elegant pattern provides.

And just what every economically down-turned Christmas tree will be wearing
this season...



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I didn't crop the scissors out of the picture because I think it makes
me look like a serious "crafter" ...so, I probably shouldn't say that
I use the same scissors to trim my hair...


  1. lol...You're a riot! I love that tape motif, also and it's in my favorite color. At first when you cut it into strips I thought bookmarks with red ribbon or fancy red yarn on the end then the second cutting, I was thinking of something woven, but a paper chain is so sweet. You could make a banner with the tape. Just tape some on white or cream cardstock and then cut out triangles with the tape down the middle and then add some letters to spell something out. You could add some of that adorable mini pompom fringe in red. Connect them by hole punching a hole in both corners of each triangle and then sting. Cute!

  2. that is the most creative thing I have seen a while! love it!!

  3. Ooooh - very cool tape and a good idea to boot! I like how you added to your first photo so it wouldn't be just tape. I have a picture in my 'to blog' folder of the fun patterns and colors of Duck Tape that I saw last month at Target. I must have been sleeping under a rock for a while because I had no idea that tape has gotten so pretty!

  4. I love it!! and I so know what you mean about "I dont know who deserves this wrapping on their gift. I have watched many a wonderful family member rip away my wonder wrappings ignoring the beautiful nick nacky thing I have so carefully chosen for thier gift. :) thanks for sharing!!

  5. GREAT idea! Fun for the kids too...if you can trust them with scissors. My SweetCheeks? Not so much~ Well, at least you didn't say you used the scissors to trim your leg hair-that's a good thing;>) Diana

  6. you are so funny and pretty crafty, too.
    the chain is gorgeous, and i'm stealing
    this idea!

    and yes, you may be 'emily' for a day.


  7. I love this...so cute! I wouldn't have noticed the pattern on the tape either.


  8. You are too funny, and that is such a great idea, I love it!

    Kat :)

  9. Such pretty tape! I love what you did with it! (And thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment.)

  10. That is one classy paper chain!! Love the pattern on that tape!!

  11. This is too Funny! Love the idea, and all the comments!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  12. Love the damask paper chain. So old school!

  13. that is just so so so lovely, what a fab idea. Enjoy it, beautiful. Dee ;-) x

  14. Thanks for stopping by Make Room For...I'm so glad you did so I could find your sweet blog!

    This post made me laugh because I bought this same roll of tape on clearance last year and haven't used it once! There might be a paper garland in my future.

  15. What a funny post! You put a smile on my face this morning!!
    I love the tape and a chain idea is perfect!
    Thanks so much for sharing your idea.
    The Tattered Tassel

  16. I had to stop laughing just to type a comment! HAHA! I LOVE the tape and your crative use of it!!! I am your new follower:)

  17. At least you're allowed to play with scissors...me, not so much! Cute idea 'course I'd probably end up with some stuck to my end up!

  18. You aren't the only Magoo in blog land! I thought you were making book markers at first. Very creative and clever use. Stay tuned for my next post on duct tape. HA!

  19. Well that was a lucky find, wasn't it? I love the patterned tape, and when I saw what you made with it, it put a huge smile on my face. How my boys used to love making paper chains. Of course, nothing as elegant as you have produced. Very creative indeed. If only I could find tape like that in our shops over here in the UK, I would nick the idea for sure.

  20. I have not seen tape like that before. But then I am trying to be good and stay out of stores that sell goodies like that these days. :-D
    Have a great week.

  21. I love that tape!!! I thought of so many things I could do with that tape! Thanks for sharing!!

  22. Oh My Goodness How lucky you were at my favorite store.Wow if I would have seen it I would have grabed it too.With my bad eyes though I might have walk right passed it.ENJOY

  23. LOL! Love the comment about the cat hair, girl! To us cat lovers, it's just all a part of our daily lives, isn't it? :) Great tape! What a nifty idea! I can see you going back to buy more...... lol!

    xoxo laurie

  24. That is the cutest. What a great idea to use it as a paper chain.

  25. Hi: What a great idea! It is so cute. Please sign me up for the give away. I would love to win. Have a great week! Blessings, Martha

  26. Totally cool! I need to find some!!

  27. dear serious crafter,

    i love making paper chains; your is adorable.

    i am wondering how cash register receipts would look at paper chains. what a statement on commercialism that would be! tee hee


    always love a magoo reference!

  28. Tape and cat hair! Yes, I can relate! What a nice suprise when you got home, eh? When I grow up, I want to have cool surprise tape just like you! ;)

    I sure miss visiting every day but at least I can "catch up"! ♥

  29. Love that tape! What a neat surprise! Love that it is red, too- my favorite color! Coming over from MM. I have a decorating inspiration party at my blog on Fridays if you would like to join in sometime! :)

  30. HAHAHA! You have my mom and I (who are up crafting on our respective business stuffs) ROLLING! Excellent job!
    You should come link this up to my Making It With Allie linky Party!


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