October 25, 2010

Pretty Little Prussian...

To me, this cup & saucer are near perfection...this pretty little Prussian
could only be more perfect if it had a backstamp that said more than
simply "Prussia" so I could find a few more pieces!

I love everything about it!

The gorgeous rosebud inside...now I adore a cup with a little surprise
on the inside, but I always wonder why anyone ever decided to put
anything at all on the inside...was it to fend off boredom?
{Upon Matilda's third delicate sip she noticed the prettily painted rosebud perfectly placed on the inner lip of her cup. And ever so thankful was she for the distraction of it, as she felt sure that if she had to listen to Rupert's rhapsodic praises of his late governess Breg, for one more minute, she would pluck out his wispy Vandyke... hair by hair. Or drown herself in the aspic!}

Ok, maybe I am the only person who wonders about these things? ;}

The wear showing on the edge...
{possibly from Matlilda's teeth as she bit the rim to keep herself from telling Rupert that he was absolutely full of twaddle!?}

The amazing hand painted roses...
{Matilda stared at the roses wistfully, wishing she had run off to Paris with her friend Gertie, who had not only cut off all her hair...but NEVER wore a corset! Polite society referred to her as a trollop...but Matilda often wondered why Gertie didn't wheeze like all her other friends...}

The worn handle...
{Matilda was unaware that she had been rubbing the handle of her teacup as if a talisman to ward off evil...or Rupert. Her brow furrowed, she bit her lip...she could never marry a man this mind numbingly dull, as dumb as a box of hair...and with such a mommy complex...no matter how much money he had! Especially now that she knew there were men like Joshua out there...just waiting...

See. The sheer perfection that can only lead to a happily ever after...
{Before Matilda realized what she has done, she left the hapless Rupert sputtering with a face full of tea in the breeze of her flying petticoats. If she ran...ran like no genteel lady should...he would still be waiting under the big oak where he had carved their names. And she would take his calloused hand and leave behind the stately homes, the prying eyes of servants, her parents demands and the slow death of a marriage of necessity to a titled man. Joshua was heading back to California where he had already staked a claim...to his gold as well as her heart. It was 1850 after all, anything was possible...and she could hardly wait to get her bloody corset off!}

Oh boy! Sorry about that...got a bit carried away...
obviously way too much time spent reading The Wall
Street Journal! ;}!

Be sure to hurry {like no genteel lady should} on over to
for more Joshua Tues...I mean, Tea Cup Tuesday!


  1. That is one of the prettiest tea cups I have ever seen! Can you imagine a whole table setting? You are so lucky to have that piece! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oooh, I love this post! Your teacup is just beautiful! I only have several pieces from Prussia... so hard so find these days... you are just too cute!... love your little tale... xoxo Julie Marie (PS Just what WAS in that tea you were drinking, tee hee hee!)...

  3. Oh, what a scrumptious teacup! Love everything about it. Where do you find all these gorgeous teacups anyway? One wonders if m'lady might not have a velvet rope separating a room filled with gorgeous teacups from peeps showing up on your doorstep?


  4. Its a beautiful teacup.........but I thoroughly enjoyed your story too! I never would have thought of that. :)

  5. I am so happy I found your blog -- I just love it.
    Off to explore it some more...

  6. What a sweet post. Both the story and the teacup :)

  7. Gorgeous to the max M! My Mum told me once, that an image on the inside of a teacup or cup denoted it being very good quality!

  8. Amazing Teacup Tuesday post. I loved the story you fantasized to accompany that awesomely beautiful tea cup.


  9. this is one beautiful teacup! I guess tea must taste good when you drink from this cup, right? ;-) teehee! have a great day!

  10. An all inspired from a tea cup. Who would have guessed. Thank you for a wonderful story.

  11. Don't know what I enjoyed more, the exquisite cup or your story! Both are just wonderful and made me smile.

  12. Beautiful tea cup! You are so lucky to have it. Thank you for sharing.~Have a wonderful day~

  13. OMG- Well, the teacup is pretty but the story is downright newspaper worthy! lol I'm thinking that Matilda has been sipping some "liquid courage" out of a flask tucked in the side of her silk bloomers...that's what I'm thinking. I suppose with old "calloused-hand-man" she will be drinking out of earthenware-with joy-and shan't be missing her pretty porcelain cup at all.

    Thanks for the Tuesday morning joy I found here- Smiles- Diana

  14. Gorgeous teacup!!! Fabulous story! My mother would have said it was a "Hysterical Romance"!!!!!! Loved it!!!
    To find more Prussia items go to Ebay and just type "Prussia" in the pottery and glass section and see what turns up!
    Hugs, Laura

  15. This is truly one of the most elegantly stunning tea cups that I have ever seen!!
    To Die for!!


  16. What a beautiful teacup and great story to go with it. I love the post.

  17. Great, fun post. Beautiful cup and I love the story. Well done!!!! Happy tea day!

  18. Absolutely gorgeous teacup. What a delight to sip tea from this little beauty.


  19. Aw i loved your post and what a beautiful teacup so girly and so very pretty. Dee x

  20. what a charming post. so romantic and the teacup is gorgeous.

  21. Hello, That is one of the prettiest tea cups I have seen, I just love it. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week. Hugs, Terri

  22. I love it. I bought a bavarian tea cup at a flea market in Bretagne, which is very pretty. I was also given an antique Russian blue and gold teapot for our wedding - it's so old it doesn't even say where it as made.

    But none of them speak stories to me. ;-)

  23. Was that in the Wall Street Journal?....lol...Its a lovely teacup. I thoroughly enjoyed your story that went along with the pictures too.

  24. Well, you certainly swept me away — corset or no corset!

    And, yes, the teacup speaks of many things. I'm afraid my own imagination would take off with this one!


  25. You are right, that is pure perfection! I just love all things from Prussia. Blessings, Martha

  26. You should be writing fiction in books! That was quite a story, and I enjoyed every bit of it. I wonder about things like the inside of the teacup as well. Women are curious creatures.

  27. What an absolute delight...It all began with a tiny little note, jotted to a "teacup kindred"...and ended happily ever after, with a smirk and a giggle...you my dear are quite charming. Thank you for the smile and drop by for a cuppa again soon...still smiling...Rosie

  28. What a beautiful tea cup!! My husband's heritage is Prussian. Now, if only that meant china to go with it. :)

    I enjoyed your story, too.

  29. My mother used to have that cup, or one so similar as to be indistinguishable. I wonder what ever happened to it? One of these days, I'm going to have to clean that basement and go through the boxes we packed when we moved her things . . .

  30. That cup takes my breath away!! So beautiful!

  31. Fabulous tea cup! I love how delicate it is and that handle....Oh!
    It is the best handle I have seen yet.
    Your story entertained me!


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