October 17, 2010

Meanwhile...I still have pumpkins...

So, like I said...the more expensive pumpkins did not take well to my
painting technique...and the color leeched into the paint giving them
this 50/50 bar color to which I say, "blick!"

Something must be done!

And I got an idea from ROSEMARY ...mind you, mine is a laugh-riot-knee-
slapper compared to her magical creation...be sure to check it out...it's GORGEOUS!
{BTW...she is having a GIVE AWAY that will curl your toes too!}

Let the carve-ery begin!

{SIDEBAR: I got an even weirder idea for this egg that I had decoupaged last

pretty darn proud of myself for making that little hole with a steak knife...
oh yes, I have all the latest tools and gadgets! NOT! No blood, no breakage,
not bad. It's a real egg, so I was a bit concerned that there might be a "funk"
in the inside...but, we were good! End sidebar}

Tools of my trade...

Yes, those are pages from a book {Mansfield Park...I like to add a bit of Jane
to everything...I know she feels the same...or she would, if she was alive...but
let's not dwell on that!}

No, I did not cannibalize a book...I know that some people get up-in-arms about
the senseless slaughter of vintage books...I bought these pages, just as you see
them...as pages...and I trusted the seller when she said that they had been humanely

First came the egg...
I love tiny things, they fascinate me, so I knew I wanted to make the egg into
a carriage. But after searching for something to use for wheels all I could come
up with were these buttons...but they were too small to use for the other pumpkin...
{pretty whiny, huh?}

So, like I said...if you want to see a fabulous carriage...see Rosemary's...you ain't
gonna find it here! ;}

Without larger wheels...I decided to make the pumpkin into a little house...
for, uh, um...something small to live in.

I can always add wheels later...maybe something nice with chrome rims!

While I was "Pimping Pumpkins"...{that just sounds so wrong, doesn't it?!}

I gave this one a bit of ribbon...

this one a bit of lace and a pretty button...

this one got the full glitter and bling special...

and this one got "pinked"...
and after all this...I just want to make more!
Somebody stop me!


Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special

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The Girl Creative


  1. Just discovered your blog today - luv the eye candy! I'll be back ~ I will be posting a give away on my blog next month. Won't you stop by?

  2. How sweet are those...! Might have to try to create a glittery pumpkin of my own...such a creative lady, you are.

  3. Wow! Those are all just gorgeous! I'm in love with the little egg with wheels! Seriously - they're all beautiful!

  4. What a lovely project (and blog!) Visiting from BNOTP and am so glad I stopped by! Thanks for the inspiration!! xo

  5. how fun and beautiful! jill at little nest studio has a cool pumpkin idea in her latest post, too. i think you'll dig it!


  6. Love how you prettied them up!

  7. Uh...I think I see a Pumpkaholics Anonymous Meeting in the near future for you...but please...before you go to PAM (is THAT clever, or what?)anyway, before you go...please give us a few more eye candy pumpkins...so we can mourn the fact that you will soon not be making more. uhh...and about the Egg Addiction...yeah...EAA...(and NOT the airplane group). xxoo Diana

  8. Oh, Most Dear Sparkly! You are truly the most creative one! This little pumpkin someday to be carriage is adorable! Love your embellished pun'kins too! You are so good!
    Hope you've had a great weekend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Hahahahha!! "Pimping pumpkins", I love it!! :-)

    Your little pumpkin creations (and your egg too) are so cute!! Love the glitter & full bling special :-)


  10. M, your pumpkins are so cute! Lots of bling and adorableness!

  11. Your are so creative. Such great ideas! I love the little pumpkin house.

  12. Wow! I've never seen such gorgeous pumpkins! I especially love your decoupaged pumpkin and your egg carriage! And the pumpkin with the rhinestone "bling" is just stunning! Love them all!

  13. I love visiting your site...always pretty things! These pumpkins are precious! Thanks so much for sharing and being such an inspiration!

  14. I'm completely inspired today! Thanks. I love the "pimping the pumpkin" idea....and the funny phrase. My tip of the day....prime the pumpkins with Gesso first and the color won't bleed. I know, an extra step but well worth it. Since I'm now seriously eyeing my drab orange pumpkins I'll be taking my own advice with the Gesso. Glitz and glitter....here I come!

  15. You WIN _ cutest thing anybody ever did with pumpkins - hands down! LOVE these my friend!


  16. Love the glittery pumpkin and the pretty egg. You are very creative.

  17. Wow Wow Wow you are so clever i love them all. Especialy the little carriage to be a house that is just amazing so delicate and so very pretty. Well done im so impressed just amazing. Dee

  18. I love your pumpkins! All of them - the egg too! I can't wait to try making one!
    cheers and thanks for visiting me!

  19. Amazing job and incredible photos! Thanks for always inspiring!

  20. You are sooooooo creative and I enjoyed seeing you add "Jane" to everything! Great ideas!

  21. ...first ~ let me just say, Thank you for your kind words about my paper pumpkin carriage!! :) and link to my blog!!

    second ~ I simply ADORE YOUR egg carriage!!!
    I would happily trade one of your eggs for one of my pears!! ~ seriously!!

    Such a whimsy wonder ~
    and now I'm your newest fan because of your "eggs-ellent" post!! (my bad?!!)
    xo, Rosemary

  22. Love this post!! I chuckled, was inspired, and loved what you did!!

  23. Very prettified pumpkins! I think I like the pink glittery one the best!

  24. Omigosh! I love all of your creations...amazing but you really did jazz up Halloween and made it glitzy and fun! Congrats.

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  25. Loving this! Pimping pumpkins! LOL I could easily fall into this craft addiction. I have been playing with pumpkins all weekend. I want to glitter everything! Now if I could just get some of that pink glitter....
    Love them all very pretty, especially the silver and pink.

  26. Beautiful designs. Very lovely work of art.

  27. Those are adorable. Love them. thanks for sharing. Just discovered your blog from MM

  28. These are sooo precious! May I take a ride in the carriage, pleeeease. I promise to be good! Sooo cute!

  29. Love it. Those pumpkins are magical! :-)


  30. I love love love the pumpkins. I am so stealing this idea. Dont' worry I will give proper credit to you and of course where you got your idea. I think this will be perfect for 10/30 post. Thanks for the idea and I'll be sure to let you know when I post it. Thanks.

  31. I love the pink glittery one.

  32. I LOVE IT!!
    I would have never thought of the carriage, adorable!

  33. Oh you're funny! What else have I been missing out on... I rarely get time to read blogs - how depressing! I am LOVING these pumkins! They are so cute!!!!!
    Super creative. Gonna go get me some glitter. And that you covered it in Mansfield Park - sheer genius.

  34. I NEED this toaster! I've been wanting one for quite some time!
    Also, my grandmother, Avonelle, is a 92-year-old breast cancer survivor!
    (I apologize for any typing mistakes. I can't see what I'm typing in the box. The cursor is moving, but no letters are showing up!)


  35. These pumkins are sooooooo cute. I especially like the hollowed out one, but the pink has to be my fave. Great blog.

  36. These are so pretty. I just finished making a couple of glittered ones I saw from Martha Stewart and then came here and saw yours which are even prettier. Love the white and the pink. I must go back to my laboratory...muahahaha. Thank you for sharing.

  37. I have never seen such gorgeous pumpkins. Simply stunning and unique. Hope you are enjoying your weekend! ~ Stephanie Lynn


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