October 27, 2010

How Dry I Am...

So, I saw this idea on JEN'S BLOG a while back...ok, quite a while
back...and while she, ever so logically, used a plain tray with the
Dry Erase pens...more writing area and less flowers to dodge...I
just don't have any plain dishes. What I do have are cheap vintage
dishes covered with flowers & gold flourishes...even some chips
and knife marks...what can I say I run a high class establishment! ;}

So, I figured I should just work with what I have instead of running
to Cost Plus {because who am I trying to kid, I would NOT have left
there with only one tray! I am not that strong! In fact, I am not strong
at all...I am a weak weasel of consumerism! ;}

Then got to thinking...tray schmay...if it's going be a "menu board" then why
not use the dish that will actually be needed to eat the meal?
I freaked it up a notch and used a bowl.
In the spirit of full disclosure though, I do not generally use the term
"soups on" very often...I do recall using it once at work to let everyone
know that lunch for the whole office had arrived...a simple email with
a subject line that said "SOUPS ON!"...Short and to the point, don't
you think? Well, I actually heard several people say, "Soup?!! I thought
we were having Super Mex!" Who doesn't know what that expression
means? Who hasn't heard Granny Clampett say it? And I was overcome
with the urge to staple their sleeves to their desks...
but really, I over it!

I also thought that this would be a good vehicle for a subliminal messages...
Now I chose the subtle route here...you can be more direct as you see fit! ;}

An lastly, but so not leastly...a "post-it note" of sorts... to remind, uh-hem,
someone of their long held desire not to have a behind that needs its own
zip code...but saints preserve us...these cookies!!!! Wild horses could not
drag them from my, uh-hem, some one's clenched jaw! And I'm not saying
they are fattening or anything, but the calories aren't even listed on the
package...it simply reads: "WHOAAAA THERE FATTY! Do you really
think you need another one? Because from what I can see, you're headed
for a nice wide chair next to the bearded lady under the Big Top! Now
brush that powder off your chin and step away from the bag!"
Seriously...that's what is says...very rude indeed.

Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special

Oh, boy...my tablecloth facing the wrong way...yah, like I said, a high class
establishment! ;}


  1. Hahahaha ... You are soo funny, and I always walk away smiling because of your cleverness .. LoVe the whole idea, and you gave me such a wonderful idea to do on SPECIAL day celebrations .. Sooo clever you are Miss M .. Thanks for the smile, and wishing you a happy Autumn ~
    Hugs ~TeA~ xo

  2. ...Laughing at the "oc" antics of the day!! ~ from the subliminal messages to the powdered sugar balls to the backwards tablecloth!!!

    ((triangle ring))
    ooppppsss~gotta scoot,
    Grannies callin`
    xo, Rosemary

  3. LOL..great post!! Love your idea btw!! Very cute and functional~*Hugs,Rachel ;)

  4. I love reading your blog first thing in the morning, you are hilarious. Makes me laugh out loud, really, and sets me up for the day. Huge thank you hug for that. x

  5. Too cute! We actually ate off those first plates while I was growing up...my little sister always smelled the rose every meal. She smelled the rose strewn wallpaper too. Hmmm...She had issues.

    Have a fun day dreaming up something to amuse/inspire us with...

  6. That was so funny. Love the subliminal messages..maybe they'll stick with me too, especially the cookie ones. You're dangerous with a dry erase pen but I probably will be too. Of course, I'm going to copy your idea...lol....okay?.....

  7. You are so funny! Great post! Those cookies sure look delish!

  8. What a cute idea...love this today.

    Thank you for sharing...hug for a great Thursday! xoxoxo

  9. Love your creations! You did a great job!


  10. What I truly love about your blog is that it is a very witty establishment! Seriously, this is very cute. And why can't it be decorated with pretty flowers instead of plain? Is there a dish/dry erase police?

  11. LOL! What a funny post! Love the "what about your diet" plate... lol!!
    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Jo :)

  12. You had me at the title!!! I remember that song, I think high school, and I wasn't a drinker.

    Love your humor. Makes me miss the oc I love. I just may need a trip to the circle and Watsons. Where I will once again ask Mr. Wonderful if he knew I was here when they filmed Cannonball run.

    Bless you for your inspiration and laughs.


  13. What a cool thing to do!! If I had a plate to match I'd send it to you... but sadly I don't... Sorry

    Hugs, Sherry

  14. OMG!!! I want some of those cookies.

  15. you are seriously funny!
    is that an oxymoron?
    laughing out loud at your descriptions and loving your shabby dishes :)

  16. I! Can't! Breathe! Laffin! Huff! Puff!

    Oh my gosh...I had to facebook this. I just really did. I'll be thinking of you as I... turn fat. :)



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