October 28, 2010

Hey, Hey, Halloweiners!

I have a confession to make...
No, I am not really a weird man in Nebraska writing these
posts in boxers and a dingy beater...don't go all "America's Most
Wanted" on me! Yeesh!
But I do have to confess that I am just not that into Halloween...
nope, not a Halloweiner...I just say "ACK!" to the orange & black!

And I know I am pretty much alone in this...
I have seen your blogs...
your Etsy shops...
into your very souls...{ok, not really...I have double jointed thumbs
but that's really my only "gift"! But you were nervous there for a sec...;}

Ok...I do adore the fallicious hues of orange that are the leaves turning...
and an orange tiger kitty is my dream pet...
I am also a female, so black is part of the uniform, well unless your a
stick person who has a size 2 bahookie! But for the rest of us...the black
jeans cover a multitude of sins...and fluff...and Flaming Hot Cheetos and
that really good cake I had today! Seriously! The butter cream frosting
was just to die for...wait, where was I...ok...

{this picture is old, I know it looks freaky enlarged...forgive me!}
Maybe it's just me...but when I was a kid..."way back in aught 5"...Halloween
was not what it is today...this thing that lasts the entire month of October.
No full-on home decorating and nary a black crow to be seen {we liked to say
"nary" back in aught 5!} (BTW...does it bug the living beejeebers out of
anyone but me that Spellcheck and its ilk, do not recognize words like
nary and aught????!!!! I weep! Not that Funyons don't take away some
of the sting, but I do weep!)

For us, Halloween was one day and ALL about the candy...not the costume!
As soon it it could vaguely be considered dusk we set about gathering all
manner of decay inducing treats! And there were no herds of parents to
be seen for miles...that sight just makes me sad...the world we live in.

Now, as Catholic kids back in the day...Nov 1st was a day off from school!
A holy day of obligation...what you didn't know this? Yep. All Saints Day or
what we called "Candy Trading Day"...it was better than Halloween! We'd
take our pillowcases full of candy to the homes of our other Catholic friends
and trade each other depending on likes and dislikes! So much fun!
It was also quite the day of gloating! For all those brats who would tease
us as we walked home from school in our uniforms...HA! What were they
doing on Nov. 1st? HA! Not trading candy! HA! Whose the dork now! HA!
But, really, I'm over it. ;}

There really was a point to this...way back in aught 5, when I started it...

Oh, that's right! Now I remember...

For the love of all the is good and holy...

You don't have to go all Shabbity Chic or Gag-me-pepto-pink like me...

But we are imaginative women here...
full of ideas...
can't there be more to Halloween than black & orange?
Pretty please with sugar on top?

And if your are just this sort of rebel...and have posted about your
rebelliousness...please include the post link in your comment so
I can feel like at least 2 people have my back...maybe 3? Heh?

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  1. Love your pumpkins! Maybe next year I will go Pink for Halloween!

  2. Ahh i loved your post. I adore your pumpkins especialy the ones covered in all the glitter they look stunning. Im not really into halloween either, if it wasn't for my boys, well my youngest still likes to dress up its only in the past 3 years i have let them go trick or treating it doesn't really sit comfortable with me knocking on peoples doors and asking for things. I used to dress them up and we used to walk to town go to woolworths and they got a huge pick a mix, then to mc donalds (these were the 2 treats as they dont have them or go there often) and then we used to walk back through the grave yard home. This year we will be cutting the pumkin and making cakes, and my youngest is dressing up to go trick or treating but that will be all we do. So your not alone im with you to ;-)) Dee

  3. At last...someone has said it. Thank you! I don't 'do' halloween for many reasons, one of which is that orange doesn't do a thing for me, and another is that there's enough 'scary' in the world without devoting a whole day (month) to it. However, I do enjoy decorating my home seasonally, so I have been buying pumpkins for years and painting them white. I arrange them with pretty things in shades of white, cranberry and apple green. This works for me. This is my first visit to your blog, and I've already bookmarked it.

  4. First time visitor to your blog and enjoyed looking around. I'm from Australia and Halloween isn't a tradition of ours although retail outlets are trying to push it on us. Visiting many American blogs over the past weeks I must admit that I'm just not into it. Yours are the only pumpkins that I have liked besides the white ones that some people have had. I hope you enjoy your holiday anyway!

  5. Well way back in double-ought not tell, orange/black was THE combo, but not no more babycakes. Nowadays it's anything goes! I think you should host a gaudy ghords party next year. What do you think?
    P.S. If it makes you feel any better...I drive spellcheck crazy! It doesn't speak Texan...at all!

  6. Oooh you are too cute and funny!... ok, here is my link, you are not alone! http://idyllhours.blogspot.com/2010/10/my-pink-witchs-hat-am-i-getting-sweeter.html I love your post so much... I do love everything about Halloween, but I remember what it was like when I was a little girl too... we too carried pillowcases and had ONE pumpkin and ONE ghost as a decoration at our home... my daddy would sort our bags to "check our loot" then take whatever HE wanted! Back then, the only worry was that you might not know who made that cupcake and maybe they weren't the cleanest person in the world... we would go for hours, so sad those days are gone... kids today don't have a clue about the real world we grew up in... ok, I will get off my soapbox now!... we also celebrate Dia de los Muertos... wishing you a beautiful holiday weekend... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. Ohhhh...I wanted to cry looking at your post. I WANT to make some of those pumpkins. I am not a Halloweener either-although I do love seeing it through my grandkids' eyes...but I am Fall person. These pumpkins are glorious! Beautiful! Wonderful! Awesome...Need I say more? I'm gonna go wipe my tears now because I can't really touch them...but they are eye candy for sure! xxoo Diana

  8. You are a rebel aren't you! I love your post and your shabby pumpkins are so darn cool! I attended Catholic schools myself, 12 years...All Saints day was the perfect day off. I would get out my extremely large pillowcase full of candy and pig-out while sitting in front of the TV all day long. I loved it! Have a great weekend! Marcia

  9. I loved your first pumpkins - the rest are gorgeous! I don't do Halloween either - but do love the fall decorations! Kathy

  10. You could put sparkles on dog dodo and it would look cute in my book... okay maybe not dog dodo. Not a great visual!

    Hugs, sherry

  11. I like your Halloween colors so much better than the traditional ones!! Hmm... now if only they made pink and light blue chocolate.... :)

  12. Well, you've just shown us pictures that Halloween could be a lovely Halloween even without the orange and black. Have a gorgeous weekend! Kellie xx

  13. I took a lot from your post, but being a fat girl, I have to tell you what stuck out the most. I, too, love me some Funyons. Just sayin'.

  14. I used to love Halloween when I was a kid. We made up costumes with what we had on hand. The only decorations were the poorly carved pumpkins and the porch lights on. When I had children it was all Horror on Elm Street and my daughter was scared. So we did other things like go get pizza. Now, I still don't decorate for Halloween...I do for the harvest. But I give out candy because I now enjoy seeing the LITTLE kids dressed up.

    Cute pumpkins by the way!!

  15. What a spooktacularly beautiful post! Have a Happy Halloween.

  16. ...Silly girl ~ "TRIX are for kids"!!
    I'm right alongside with you on this!
    Ahem ~ Rachel A. can you help us out here???
    Could you just imagine?! A shabby chic Hallow's Eve ~ can somebody say ~ simply F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!
    xo, Rosemary

  17. Super cute pumpkins, M! And I gotchur back baby! I haven't done any thing new this year, though. i'm just trying to get unpacked! ♥

  18. All of your pumpkins are great. Right, who needs orange and black??

  19. Don't know what I loved more the pumpkins or your words. As a good little catholic girl that went to Our Lady of Perpetual Help school I definitely remember All Saints Day and Candy trading day...lol...

  20. You go Girl! Thank you for being unique, exceptionally so! I too, am sick and tired of the orange and black theme.... love all the pretties you've made and will be making some myself with a few discounted orange pumpkins I picked up! :) mercedes

  21. I love every single thing you posted! I do love Halloween and I even like the black and orange as long as it isn't too cute and has a little sparkle to it! Today is my birthday, so I always put the two together...lots of Halloween Birthday Parties back in the day.

    I do love white pumpkins more than orange ones...so, I could go either way!

  22. I'm with you. Even as a child I didn't like Halloween. Just couldn't figure out why everyone else found it so cool. Tomorrow night there won't be any candy giving at my house. Call me scrooge, but I just don't get it.

  23. LOVE love LOVE your pumpkins!!!
    You are very creative and I am going to go all pink and white next year!!! I have not decorated for several years because I am not crazy about orange.
    Thank you for speaking up!!!!

  24. look at you going to town making pumpkins! they are all very cute, cool, and inventive! rock on!

    yes, halloween really has changed. i like it but don't decorate much besides the ol' jack-o-lantern or 2 on the steps. i bought a dress at h&m that could have passed as a fairy costume but alas too costumey for real-life and too $ to keep for a costume.

    i'm rambling ...

    anyway, wishing you a safe & yummy halloween!


  25. I love all your fancy pumpkins! And each different from the next - awesome ideas!

  26. Very pretty!
    Love your pumpkins♥
    Happy pink saturday!
    Happy halloween!

  27. LOL, I loved your post today and your pumpkins are gorgeous!!!! Thanks for the giggles and have a wonderful weekend, Nan

  28. You struck a nerve! I am not into the blood and guts or even orange of Halloween. LOVE all your pumkin creations! I even shamelessly copied your glittered mini roses. I posted about it on my Pink Saturday post today. I gave you and your blog a plug, hope you don't mind :)
    Someone said you should host a white pumpkin/gourd party next year and I agree!
    Happy NON orange and black Halloween!

  29. Happy Pink Saturday. I love reading your posts, you are too funny. Have a wonderful autumn week!

  30. I loved them all! Especially the glittery pumpkins on the sticks. Happy Pink Halloween to you!

  31. oh you made me giggle (and I've had three kids so you know I cursed at you while trying not to wet my pants)
    I love all your sweet pumpkings - the balck and white ones! and the bling ones. what fun!
    I try to explain to my own little ones the difference between Halloween today, and Halloween 'back then' and they just look at me like I'm speaking Martian - course they do that a lot anyhow!

  32. You have been buzy I want to do some too I will be back Laura

  33. Your pumpkins are beautiful.I don't like orange either.

  34. I'll admit it - I'm not a fan of all the black and orange - never have been a big fan of halloween. But then I, too, grew up in age when it was about candy and, at least for me, a fall festival at school with games and such.

    I *love* the idea of doing Halloween in Pink Shabby Chic. Now I've got a reason to go to Michaels for their after-holiday blow out sale. I've got to get stuff I can cover in pink, white, and glitter for next year.

  35. You are so freakin' funny M. I know I have got to be older than you, so I know all about how awesome Halloween was. No parents to escort you around, no perverts to be scared of, so they didn't have to.
    I don't do orange and black ever!!! And I am happy to say that I never made fun of those little cuties in their uniforms either.LOL!!!
    I love all your Halloweinie pictures!

  36. I love how you decorated your pumpkins. I've never been a big fan of the colors orange and black (mostly because they were my high school colors, and I wasn't into sports and thought it sucked that we had Halloween colors). I love the white and green pumpkins, unfortunately I didn't find any of those this year.
    I did do a post on my tiny decorating for Halloween, and there's not much orange in it. Check it out: http://weinkswonders.blogspot.com/2010/10/white-wednesday.html

  37. Hi sweet lady...

    Ohhh...I am having soooo much fun doing a little catching up over here at your place, my friend! I just adore this post and had to leave you a little note! I love all of those beautiful pumpkins...the lovely soft greens and pinks...and those glorious whites! Ahhh...pumpkins decorated in jewels and lace...only you, dear lady...would and could decorate such pretty pumpkins so beautifully! Hehe...I loved reading all about your childhood halloween experiences as well!

    Hope you're having a fabulous autumn, dear M!!!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  38. Love those pumpkins! I loved Halloween as a kid too. We had a game plan and we were like muskateers watching out for each other. It is a very sad world we live in today! Anne

  39. Hi. Visiting from Debra's blog. Your pumpkins are gorgeous!!! WOW!
    ~ Julie

  40. OMGosh! I am just Loving ALL your Gorgeous Pumpkins!! What a Fabulous idea. I was always the Princess wearing a Pink Gown, or Snow White. I always had to have a Pretty Costume. No Orange and Black or scary faces for moi! And then what did I do ~ Married a Guy who was born on Halloween!
    Huggs, Nancy


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