October 30, 2010


So, I lied...
I have been saying all along that these October give aways were
going to be PINK and PRACTICAL...
Well that ends today!

For the FINAL October give away we're all about the

Just what you don't exactly need...but always wanted!

Patty Duke had one!

And even though they weren't princesses...you know all the Gidgets had one!!

And to quote Gidge..."Moondoggy! It's the absolute ultimate!" Everyone
knows she was referring to a PINK PRINCESS PHONE!

I'd bet the farm that she had one!

Eh, ok...not so much....but fighting the Empire doesn't leave much
time for girl chat! We'll let her slide on this one.

Princess or not, here's your chance to win one of these cuties!

Here are the details...
  • Rotary Dial Fashion Plate with Push Button Technology
  • Flash/Redial
  • Ringer Volume ON/OFF Switch
  • Tone/Pulse switch
  • Earpiece Volume Control

And here are the rest of the details...

For a chance to win:

*Leave a comment on this post until midnight Friday Nov. 5th
{winner will be notified by email...then added to the post
on Saturday...I know I said it would be announced on this post,
but since I am actually creating this post prior to knowing who
the winner is...well, you see the conflict...my psychic abilities
are a bit rusty!}

{EDITED TO ADD: Heather @ Pixie Dust is the winner of the
PINK towels! }


*I will say "anyone, anywhere" if you international girls want to
give it a go...but I have to admit it just hasn't happened yet...we
Americans are like ants...so darn many of us!

*If you don't have a blog, please leave your email address

If by chance, you have some to spare...please DONATE to the
Susan G. Komen foundation {or the one of your choosing}.

And if you, your BFF, your sister, mom or someone you know are a survivor,
currently battling or have lost their life to breast cancer, please leave there name
and it will be added to our sidebar for prayers, good thoughts and also a stark
reminder of just how many have been touched by this disease. {please leave a
name, even if you don't want to use the full name, just "Ann" would help...I'm
having a bit of trouble trying to figure out how to list "my step-sister's
daughter", etc....see what I mean? ;} Thx!!!

Be sure to pop over to Beverly's for more PINK SATURDAY !


  1. What a great idea, and I love your sidebar honor to all in such a horrible battle.

    On another note, just wondering if you got to check out the Martha Steward glitter pumpkins? I am going to give them a try today and if all goes well, will post. If you never see them, well, let's just say they weren't as beautiful as Martha's or yours. ;)

    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. How can a PINK PRINCESS like me NOT win a PINK Princess phone :D

    Would love to be entered as well.

    Hugs from Marian, aka the pink princess

  3. Oh my goodness! This would be a girlhood wish fulfilled! When I was young I always wanted a princess phone. My Barbie had one, but not me! This would truly make me so very happy! Sigh! Thanks for letting me dream! Maybe it will be a dream come true!

  4. My husband said "what would you do with a pink princess phone?"-guess he has no style...lol....Great giveaway. Thanks, Donnnie


  5. I'm a bladder cancer survivor- 1 year now and thankful for all monies donated to research. You can list me if you want. Thanks sweetie.

  6. Ahhh...I love the pink princess phone and I have the perfect spot for it ;) Great FUN and meaningful giveaway. Thanks a bunch and have a great week, fondly, Roberta

  7. Wow! I haven't seen a pink phone like that one for years and years. lol THIS is a marvelous idea!

    I'm in! Have a GREAT Pink Saturday.

  8. LOVE the phone!!
    pick me! pick me!

  9. My girlfriend had a pink princess phone in her room...LONG before kids had phones in their own room. Her Dad worked for the local phone company~ When she had that our house was still on a party line.

  10. I had a white one as a teenager.Would adore having a pink one.How much fun.Please enter me.Thank you.

  11. What a fabulous giveaway! Your blog is so darling and you're involved in something so important, too. I love my visits. <3

  12. Please enter me to win this fabulous phone. I am a 7 yr survivor of breast cancer and I'm thankful for every day.

  13. I almost bought a ratty old pink phone but it was just too rough for my tastes... flea bites and 'patina' are fine but the cord was faded to yuk.

    I am no princess but I do sit on a high horse on occasion so I'd be happy to be in the running for this adorable phone!

  14. How fun!!! Never too late to have a princess phone!! :)

  15. I'd love a pink phone, girly girl that I am...if I can remember how to use it!


  16. This pink princess phone is a must for my green and pink frenchy home office! Ring ring ring....

  17. I so want to win this. I was a deprived child. No Mr. Potato Head and no PINK princess phone.
    Happy PS glitter fingers!


  18. I love this post.I use to have a princess phone as a teen. I think mine was baby blue. I am having a give away too.So you also stop by.
    You have a safe and Happy Halloween
    Hugs and Witchy Kisses
    Marie Antionette

  19. A pink princess phone. How cute would THAT be? Thanks for the opportunity!

  20. This princess would love one! You are so generous, thank you so much for such a fun give away! HPS!!!

  21. Love the pink phone...love the reason you are having your give away...

    Please add my friend Sherrie M. to your sidebar. She has just begun her journey on this terrible road called Breast Cancer. We have been best friends since 4th grade. I love her so much!

    Thank you,

  22. Would love a pink phone.

    Add to list of cancer fighters - Debbie, a friend's sister.

  23. I had at one time one of these princess telephones. I regret not keeping it as they are collector items now. I worked for the telephone company for 40 years. I still have one or two of various models around. You have a great blog, and some lady person will be pleased.

  24. I do indeed remember those. Never had one myself. But sure do remember those pink phones.

  25. I remember those phones! I love Sandra Lee and Patty Duke!...Christine

  26. I love the phone and for such an important cause, I graciously make a donation.

    Thank your for entering my name into your giveaway.

    Debbie Kay

  27. A PINK Princess phone truly is the ultimate! It's perfect for The Princess in my life...my grand daughter!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  28. Now, that would certainly be a fun thing to win!!! Definitely from my era.

    jane1 at cp-tel dot net

  29. Happy Pink Saturday!!
    Love your post..and of course.. all your pics are fantastic! have a great weekend!

  30. Oh my gosh how much fun is this! If I won a pink princess phone it would go in my pink bedroom and replace the crappy NEW phone that doesn't work.
    Thanks for honoring pink month with such a great idea!

  31. I also have one!! Also a pink pay phone!! I am sure someone will love it as much as I do!!

  32. What a great post....and I LOVE the pink phone!! The bit about Princess Leah made me laugh my head off!

    You're so funny!


  33. awesome vintage inspiration :-)

    Happy Halloween!

    xoxo Bardot in Blue

  34. oh i love those phones! i had a white one as a girl...i could not find a bright yellow to match my room...pink would so rock!
    your blog is wonderful!

  35. Just found your blog. You are creative, funny and have great taste and style. I have saved your blog in my favorites. Loved all the Gidget references as well as the Granny Clampett one. I will be back.

  36. A pink princess phone is a dream come true! Pinch me!

  37. Happy PS. Oh my that phone would look so cute in my rustic studio. Please enter my name. I believe I have left my MIL's name before, Letha, is a survivor of over 30 years.

  38. Just found your blog! I always wanted a pink princess phone....and anything else that Gidget had! Thanks for the opportunity to win. I do donate to breast cancer whenever I have the chance. You can add my BFF Jean's name to the list...she is a breast cancer survivor! Now I'm off to check out the rest of your blog...I know I will love it!

  39. Those phones are so neat-I used to have one-but I don't think it was pink-my dad was a telephone repair man for 30 years-we had phones in each room before other people did-Happy Halloween and Happy PS!

  40. woo hoo!! i'm so excited that I won the towels.

    i even missed seeing my name the first time i read this (such a dope)

  41. I so want this! It would be perfect for my sewing room. I keep losing the cordless under all the fabric!

  42. that princess phone is to die for.
    I'm one of those international gals who would like to giv it a try. will you pleas enter me in?
    I lost my mother to breast cancer. Her name was graziella. Will you add her name to your sidebar?
    thank you and have a blessed week

  43. oh pink me! pink me! You've made me want to go watch a Giget movie! Lezlee

  44. A princess phone? Oh, yes, please add me to the draw. Love pink phones! Love your sparkly pumpkins too!


  45. Congrats to Heather! My sister was the princess in our family so she had a princess phone . . . maybe it's my time to finally shine!

  46. too cool a pink princess phone...I always wanted one of those. Thanks for stopping by and for your supportive comment...have a great day!

  47. I love how you tied this giveaway in with Gidget! Just adorable! This is my first entry into a giveaway. What's better than a Pink Princess phone?

  48. Girl, I bust out laughing when I saw princess Leah! Thanks for getting my circulation going on this rainy day!

    Oh my, my librarian and I were just talking the other day about how princess phones were "the thing" when they first came out! She was telling me that she used to have a rotary phone in the library but she had to change it out because none of the kids knew how to use one! Ha!

    Well, how's that for a give away comment? :)

    Thanks for bring so much happiness in my life! ♥

  49. I love this phone! I always dreamed of owning one when I was young. I also wanted that fancy French phone that was all gilded and gorgeous! I love Gidget, all of them! Thanks for this chance to win! Anne

  50. Love the phone! Your images made me chuckle, especially the one of Leah :) Thank you for the chance!!!

  51. I looooooove that pink princess phone.
    It would be the perrrrrrfect addition to my newly re-made bedroom!
    Thank you for this generous give away!

    hugz, Dolly

  52. Would I ever love to win a Pink Princess phone! I have a love of pink and would be "tickled pink" to own one!!!

  53. I would like to enter cause the prize is lovely... i dont have many pink things but phone would be probably the best eye catching pink item in my home.:-) thanks for a chance. Lubica
    lubaska dot k at gmail dot com

  54. I am so grateful you blog each day.
    I seem to have an insatiable need for your silliness.
    That, and this weeks little pink # would be perfect in my barely pink boudoir,
    thank you !

  55. absolutely want the pink princess phone for friend Gail whose had a dble mastectomy.. plz & THANKYOU!!


love to hear from you! ;}