October 24, 2010


Have Michael's gift card...will shop...that's my motto!
Even when I am there and they appear to be in the middle
of restocking...seriously, the shelves were bare!
FYI Mr. Micheal's whoever you are...bare shelves do not
induce commerce...you're just lucky that I am made of
better stuff than that! I will purchase...I will not be thwarted!
I wanted to buy some Martha stuff, you know because it's
so cool and all color coordinated and you know how important
it is to have all that cute crafting stuff just so you can make a
burn mark on it with your glue gun...or grab it with a painty hand!
Alas, there was nothing good to buy...sorry Marty, I won't be
helping you make your mortgage payment this month!

But I did manage to buy a few things...like cookie sticks and tiny
pumpkins...the sticks were meant to be wands...and the pumpkins
were going to be itty bitty dioramas, but either I am way too old
or those pumpkins are way too small, cuz it just wasn't working!

Then I got an idea...{I was eating a cinnamon roll...I find food
VERY inspiring! ;}

I just glued those little 'ol pumpkins onto those sticks...

and glittered them up...and VOILA! Pumpkin Pops...not to be confused
with BAKERELLA'S cake pops...mostly because mine are not edible...but
other than that their exactly the same! ;}
Just call me Freakerella!

I just thought they'd be cute stuck in a plant...in an arrangement...in
a wreath...wherever one puts a tiny pumpkin...you know, all those
nooks & crannies that simple cry out for a bitty pumpkin on a stick...
{hey, don't look at me...you came here of your own free will! ;}

Then all the sugar from that cream cheesy frosting laden cinnamon roll
kicked in...and instantly the plain pops were just not cuttin' it...I needed

Let the embellishment begin!

Now isn't that better...

Who among you would not benefit from a ruffled collar and a feather...I ask

This one sort of looks "bridal"...what would be the point of a bridal pumpkin
pop? I have no idea either...I just went where the Muse took me...{between
you and me, this is not the first time that I have wondered if she adds a wee
nip of that hard stuff to her coffee...but let's keep that on the down low}

Bling/steampunk...the badger special...all shiny brite! {sorry,
I had to get at least on Christmas reference in this post...
I'm annoying like that! ;}

Just silliness and falderal, I know this...but it keeps me from a life a crime...
among other things! ;}


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  1. i love all your tiny details - you amaze me every time :)

  2. You've gotta love Michaels! What a beautiful job you've done with the details.

  3. Now that is some serious inspiration and imagination. In a million years, I had no idea what you were going to do with those supplies..magic!

  4. Hey Freaky! I LOVE coming here...it is like coming home to another crazy lady...Just like my house...except you do craft things WAY better than I do! I am so in love with that little pink one with the tutu that if I could steal it off the screen I would! Maybe I'll just print out a picture of it to stare at.?...nah..

    Anyway-Those pumpkins are just d-a-r-l-i-n-g ...you did a great job! Smiles- Diana

  5. I like the Michaels craft store too. You are very creative, love yoru glittery pumpkins.

  6. Oh, my! What fun! I giggled all the way through your post and have put little pumpkins and more glitter on my shopping list!!!!

  7. Wow, those are amazing. Sugar high was very productive. Great job!

  8. I agree...everyone would benefit from a ruffled collar and a feather! Thanks for the smiles, glad you're avoiding a life of crime :-)

  9. Oh, wow! Pumpkins never looked so glamorous! I love them all, but my very favorite one is the silver one with the rhinestone pin. Tres magnifique!!

  10. LOL, Freakerella! You did a great job, they are beautiful, you did well on a full tummy!

  11. Your post made me smile - you're having way too much fun with your wee pumpkins!
    They do look cute all glittered up and fancy.
    Amazing how a cinnamon roll inspired/motivated you to be creative!

  12. Freakerella!!! What a Hoot! You've given a whole new meaning to Pumpkin Pomp! Fun post and really great photos and mosaic. Carry on...easy on the sugar!

  13. Oh my goodness, those are SUPER cute!!!

  14. Girl, you need a hobby (Lobby)that is..lol...You are so talented and love your style.

    (Hobby Lobby is another big craft center in case you haven't heard of them before)

  15. These are soooooo cute. I love a sparkly pumpkin any time.

  16. I wish I were this creative ... it's a fabulous idea!

  17. Martha would be so proud of you. How wonderfully creative and so sparkly.

  18. LOVE EM, I agree, who doesn't need a pumpkin on a stick??!!

  19. Those are the funkiest pumpkings I've ever seen.
    Your talent for glitterising is inspiring.

  20. I love your imagination...and the inspiration it spurs in me!


  21. These are just adorable! You really took these to a new level of cuteness!

  22. Oh, I like the glitz for Halloween! :)

  23. These are the blingiest pumpkins I've ever seen! Isn't it fun to just let your imagination run wild and go with it :-)


  24. It was great seeing how you progressed through the project! It turned out wonderfully, thanks for the inspiration!

    Beth @ http://uberartshop.blogspot.com

  25. I love your blog! I'm going to subscribe. It's so peaceful here with lots of great crafty ideas that I can admire and never aspire.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. You know, there is that french chocolate giveaway from La Maison du Chocolat that you could enter to win (unless you loathe chocolate and only like cinnamon).

  26. Girl aren't you just the smartest thing. I would have never thought of that in a million years. And I'm lovin 'em. I thought they were fantastic just glitter and then you even did more. Too cute and too creative. Can you tell I love 'em?

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  27. Love that Steampunk punkin! so cool what you did with them all! I'd love you to come by and enter my giveaway for a copy of the French Inspired Home!

  28. What a wonderful idea!!!!! It looks like you had a lot of fun too! Cathy

  29. I had a co-worker (not, you'll notice, a friend) who had a Halloween-themed wedding. She definitely would have benefited from your creativity!

  30. How very creative! Love how you illustrated it from beginning to end! Love the embellishments!

  31. I love your pumpkin pops...adorable!

  32. Well, these are just precious..love them!

  33. Well look at those cute little things, they are the prettiest little pumpkins ever!

  34. I think you need to sell those! So clever. Thanks for stopping by. Jane F.

  35. Those are so sweet! Plain and blinged up!

  36. Ok- Those are waaay too cute!!! I especially love the pink one with the feather! Hey- at least yours are 0 calories! :)

  37. Inspiration in cinnamon rolls. Those are beyond cute, they are specticular. Thanks so much for sharing and also for giving me a good reason to eat more cinnamon rolls.

  38. GIRL...there is NOTHING you can't do with glitter and your imagination! these are wonderful!

  39. Totally fabulous -- I love the extra embellishments and applaud what sugar does to you.

  40. Love these! What a clever idea ~ they make me think of Halloween wands. I need to get to Michael's this week and I hope they have plenty of stuff left. I'm even hoping that most of the Halloween will be marked so low and I'll still be able to use it in time!

  41. Woo Hoo! Glittered pumpkins on a stick....awesome!

  42. Those are super cute! I was thinking the same thing as the last comment poster...you need to sell those!


  43. Okay- the pink one is my favortie but put the white satiny bow and the paper posies on THAT one. :) I get to take my gift card to Michael's on WED!!

  44. Found your blog and had to laugh. You may think you are freaky but you are really talented. I am another freaky.Hope you accept my commets and visit my blog as I am new at this and would like to know someone is out there

  45. Looking at your adorable pumpkins makes me think of a Cinderella party!

  46. I saw your pumpkins over at another blog and wanted to see how you made them! They are adorable!!! But I don't know how to do the glitter thing. I'm not versed in crafting so much? I would love to make these though! Please let me know the secret:)

  47. These are simply beautiful! Your blog is stunning as is your photography.

  48. These are great! And totally something I would do... My family makes fun of me for doing these things but you're right, no life of crime here either! LOL


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