October 3, 2010

Did Someone Say Pie??!!

I love these little pie tins from Walmart!
I also LOVE the little pies that come in them...
and that would be the reason why I don't have
one to show you**burp** ;}

Uh...I can hear you, you know!
Asking why I have soooooo many???
It was a scientific experiment you see...
IF one eats 5 mini-pies: apple, cherry & lemon...for example...
instead of 1 regular size pie over the course of an entire weekend,
will your pants still be tight on Monday?
See, I was gathering empirical data for the benefit of all mankind!
Ok! Ok! They are only 50¢!!!!! And I am weak!
{don't judge!}

Well as long as I have such a collection, I might as well use them,
And with Christmas being just around the corner... {hee,hee}...
I made some ornaments!

Shells & crepe & starfish, oh my!

I love those little snaily shells!

I had to get some glitter in there somewhere!

Seafaring ornaments please, Santa

But I had to use one of those tiny nests too because I cannot resist them!

Now...I think I need more pie!


Be sure to pop over to Susan's for more MET MONDAY!!

Whatcha got?

I guess I'm done taking pictures for today! If he wasn't so cute I'd......


  1. Your ornaments are stunning! I love them. The shells and glitter are so pretty. And I was dying laughing at your pie commentary. Too funny. :)

  2. How pretty! The glitter adds so much! They are worth eating those pies!

  3. I love the little pie tin ornaments! You must sacrifice something for scientific study of DIY blogging!!!
    Your kitty is simply the most gorgeous kitty I've ever seen!!!

  4. Well, how cute are those you old pie eater, you!?! Every once in a while I get hooked on something and that is the only "treat" I want. One year it was McDonald's Pumpkin pies...OMGOSH...oh...stop it all you "I'd never let MY kid eat McDonald's people". I know...I know...but HEY I wasn't feeding them to the kids I was eating them myself.

    And then there was the time I got hooked on those ice cream tacos..which you could hardly find anywhere...and had to drive to the far side grocery store.

    Unfortunately, I was not able to make anything crafty from those wrappers~so don't bother visiting my blog to look for ornaments made from McDonald's pie boxes. No...just stay here where SOMEONE has been clever enough to make the cutest darned beachy-wow ornaments from PIE TINS that I have ever seen. And...you know me...I like the glittery one the best! lol Hugs- Diana

  5. Those little pie pans remind me of Bible school from my childhood days. Funny but you managed to take pie pans to a whole new level!!!!

  6. What a great way to re-use the mini-pie plates!! I love your seashell ornaments :-)

    The tiny nest is adorable, and your cat is really cute :-)


  7. Hi Most Sparkly One! You are just fantastic! This little ornament is darling! I think you should go eat some more pie so you can have another little tin to decorate! Kitty is adorable.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Love your pie tin creations!
    A great reason to eat Pie.
    But who needs a reason...
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  9. Love the pie tin creations! These would be so cute on my outdoor tree...which I am determined to get out of its bag and decorated this year. I have great plans to decorate it with coastal creations...
    that is IF my son allows me to use his dremmel again...(I kept it for 6 months and never got around to drilling my shells. Hmmmm...do you think if I gave him my shells he would do it for me?
    JAne (artfully graced)

  10. Just Adorable! I love the Ruffled Crepe Paper one, but I am a Ruffle lover anyhow. You are just too creative! I am off to find Ruffled Crepe Paper, yours looks so Perfect!!
    Have a Great Day!

  11. Oh I love those pies and your creations!

    I hope you have stopped by and entered my Fab Fall French Giveaway.

  12. They are truely lovely ;-))what a clever idea, dee x

  13. love the ornaments and what a good excuse to go buy myself some pie!
    nice rainy day, pie, some more pie, and oh yeah pie....I'll be back!

  14. What awesome ornaments!! They are gorgeous!

  15. What a great idea to decorate these little pie tins! Adorable!!

  16. My Mr. Wonderful is seriously in love with those pies and pie tins also. He reuses the tins for his salsa and dip.

    Love the ornaments but not to sure if I could get away with using HIS tins for ornaments.

    Time will tell...hehehe


  17. You are sooo cute...and I do love your ornaments..your home will be amazing. xoxoxo

  18. You made those beautiful ornaments out of old mini pie tins...
    Good grief, that's good! I wish so badly that I had the eye for something like that and the artistic ability to bring it to completion like that. They are really lovely!!

    Now, I could probably match the pie eating skills. Just sayin'...

  19. Cute ideas for ornaments. Love the sparkle.

  20. ah... some people will do anything to rationalize their indulgence in yummy pies that come in cute little pans even if it means making really sweet and decorative ornaments. Boy, I wish I could come up with such great ideas for the containers of all the stuff I gobble up.

    You have a delightful way with words and I have a good time each time I visit with you!

  21. LOL I love how kitties have to be smack in the middle of whatever you we are doing.:) Those are precious! Thanks for doing all the "research" so we could see these beautiful ornaments. :)

  22. When I saw the pics of the alum. pie plates. . .then I saw it was you. . .i know I had better get right over here because this was going to be good!
    And it was.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~


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