September 26, 2010

She Who Would Short Shrift Fall...

Sorry! I had no idea that my desire to skip right over Fall in
order to "haul out the holly" would get so many growls...
knickers in knots...kvetchy comments!

So, to make up for it I made you some Autumnal mosaics...
so you can fally-wally-doodle-lolly-day! OK?!
{please ignore that fact that I used the same picture in both...
apparently, I have lost my short term memory!}

~~Me...I'm pretending that we're not having a heat wave...and that
the A/C is blasting...and I am making Christmas ornaments! ;} ~~

Please come by later this week for for an
announcement regarding our
October give away...
hint...there will be FIVE,
not ONE and for another hint...

let's just say...think PINK!

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  1. I like the way you transitioned from the pink flowers to fall colors, through the pink/red least that occurred to me!

  2. Mimi- I think you made the natives restless- lol Loving Fall along with you and as we both know, it will soon be Christmas! hugs- Diana

  3. I laughed out loud reading your post. I remember the days when we didn't see any Christmas decorations until after Halloween. Now, it seems that all the decorations for all the seasons come out at the same time. Ah, well. I enjoyed your fall colors...the pumpkin is grand.

  4. Oooo, what pretty autumn decorations! thanks for sharing, mary! :)

  5. So funny! Yep some in blogland do not like skipping a season! Enjoy making your ornaments!

  6. I guess it is hard to decorate with fall colors in a heat wave. But it looks lovely. Take care and stay cool.

  7. O, darlin', you are a girl after my own heart. I have to MAKE myself do fallish decos..just a tabletop is all I ever do. I am so wanting Christmas, I can hardly stand it.
    Your fall things ARE pretty, tho.:)

  8. Uniquely done and so very lovely!

  9. Beautiful mosaics! I love the Fall pictures! and the white and pink, so pretty!

  10. Lovely fall pictures...they fit so beautifully into a mosaic!

  11. Seems funny to think fall when the temperature is 90. We are into cool weather here. I shutter when someone says the C word. I am in no rush to get there yet.

  12. Such beautiful mosaics ... love the colours! We don't get to see such fabulous Autumn colours here ... it was lovely to see all the Autumn decorations.

  13. Don't the pretty colors make you just a LITTLE tempted to linger in autumn before you miss it all together?

  14. Girl, you haul out that *Holly* all you want too! :)

  15. i love fall but am just not ready to de-beachify. i'll enjoy autumn vicariously over here!


  16. I love the fall pictures. They are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Doylene

  17. I am going to have to back and see what the fuss was all about...I am intrigued! Anyway, I love your Fall display-very beautiful!

    Best wishes,


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