September 29, 2010

The Prude Chronicles...{Or Is It Just Me?}

Traditional? Is it just me or are there some...a lot...a few too many... ads
that seem a bit out of place in TH? I don't think of myself as a major prude
but, sheesh when I buy a magazine like TH I am not really looking for a
Cape Code style re-do...with a dash of sex on the side! There's a time and
a place for everything...and when I flip through TH I am looking for pillows
not pecs, ya know?!

It has always been my policy to "just say no" to men who are prettier
than me! And...HELLO!...hike up that towel there, Skippy!

What the....
This looks like a scene from a crime show!
I can just hear some one saying "Bag it, Sgt. Malone! It's evidence!"

Really? His "six pack" is all's more like a 3.5 pack from someone
wearing Mr. Brady's castoff shirt!

Carter CAN stay...he's cute AND he has a reason for being here!
{did I ever tell you that 2 different people I work with were on "Carter Can"?
No? Well, they were...oh how we laughed!} And he's going to be in Chicago
Oct 2nd, so, if you see him, tell him I said "Hi!"....k.

WHAT is up with this? I don't know about you, but the kind of action my
counter tops see is: glue, glitter, cat food, Simple Green...evening wear
has never figured into the equation! {and Justin Beiber called, he wants
his bangs back}

And when we delve deeper...what have we here? Did he pick these two up at
"Bulimics Anonymous" and lure them to his den of iniquity with promises
of desserts and baked goods? {actually, they look a tad miffy, they must
have found out that the cakes have that vile pseudo-whipped cream frosting
instead of butter creme!}

Poor thing! Gazing adoringly at her reflection in the flooring
without ever realizing that someone has absconded with 3/4
of her thigh!
Somebody get this girl a a Double Double Animal Style, STAT!!

See! Lowe's KNOWS! Thank you Lowe's!

I must be getting OLD!



  1. looks more like and A/F or G/Q than a decorating magazine. I guess I'm getting old too :( That 6 pack did make me lol though!!

  2. It used to always be the women that were used to sell {sex}..opps, flooring and everything else.

    I think companies are leaning towards marketing to both men and women in this age group..they are in their money making years and they want their MONEY..LOL

    I see it's not just that magazine. I'm 52 and not too old to look at it's about time they started putting some good looking guys on the pages instead of all women.

    And from an entirely different perspective I'm thrilled to see advertising dollars being spent with the magazines's a bit scary when major retailers quit advertising due to no business..which in turn caused quite a few of my favorite magazines to fold in 2009.

    So Let them take their clothes off! Maybe someone will spend some money and stimulate this crappy economy.

    I enjoyed hearing your two cents worth..hope you enjoyed mine.♥

    Happy Day to you,
    Stephanie ♥

  3. Oh how I loved this post!! TOOO funny!

    You called it all perfectly -- and with wit, girl!

    "Skippy" -- I laughed out loud!!

    Great post!!


  4. I'm with you 100%! I just received my copy too and couldn't believe all the ads...I was very disappointed.
    Ms. Sharlotte's...Southern Reflections

  5. I just smiled through this whole post as well. You are the best. You made my night. THank you thank you!

  6. Make sure you check my blog out in a few days because you will be laughing out loud- I took most of these ads and am using them as fodder for my Magazine Mockery ads. I think they are outrageously idiotic in a magazine geared towards decorating and home owners. It's not like we are looking at high fashion modeling magazines. There's an old saying...SEX SELLS....Well, honey, this old broad ain't buying! And, I'm no prude either~ Diana

    ps. The other laugh on this is that I just renewed my subscription and am giving two subscriptions away for free...go figure! lol

  7. Oh goodness this is too funny. I'm 36 and Lowe's had the most attractive ad out of them all LOL

  8. That is the downfall for many decorating mags. The same here in my coutry with some Dutch mags and I just don't buy those anymore :(
    It is about decorating IMO and not about 6packs or evening dresses lol.

  9. Oh you made me giggle, I am so with you on this one.

  10. Omg! This was so funny! It's 3:45am and I am already laughing out loud! Thanks for starting my day off right!

  11. I don't get that magazine, but I'm with you 100%. Skippy needs to take a hike!

  12. that girl looks like she is about to die of malnutrition.


  13. Oh how I wish I had wrote this post...too too funny! Thank goodness Skippy had a towel and not a wash cloth!
    Hey...the ad said "Home Entertainment"....that's one way to spend an evening!
    Thanks for the giggles!

  14. I realize advertising dollars finance magazines..
    but I am spending MY dollars to purchase a mag for its articles..
    not the ads.
    when the articles become fewer and the ads totally outnumber the articles, then i simply keep my money.
    I do not need sexy models to promote products..there has become far too much of this already on TV bombarding us constantly..
    personally.. I am not a prude..
    I've just had enough of seeing too much skin everywhere I look..
    and the tattoo craze is revolting!
    so i keep my $, spend on products I choose, and selectively view TV..
    warm sandy hugs..

  15. You have such an amazing sense of humor. Thanks for the laughs;-)

    blessings, jiily

  16. That's funny; i must be getting old too!

  17. think you are getting old now? it gets worse. I have become my mother!!

  18. Oh wow, that was a hilarious post! I so rarely buy magazines anymore so I didn't realize they were putting these types of ads in decorating mags...seems odd and out of place! But no, you're not old and you're not a prude. Cleary the editors of this mag do not understand that we love our men without their 6 packs:)

  19. Maybe TH has gone GQ or their readers are sex starved! LOL!

    Pretty soon we will be saying that we buy TH for the articles, not the photos.

    Great post.


  20. What a great laugh I just had!!! TH hasn't been "traditional" in years...bummer, I'm not into "traditional-modern", which is what they seem to love, or "traditional-who could afford it?", I KNOW I'm getting old! Loved your post!!

  21. What a great post! The number of ads compared to articles I will read has me giving 2nd and 3rd thoughts before purchasing magazines that I once tossed into my cart without skimming them first. Ads like this don't seem to fit TH at all.

  22. Nothing wrong with a little "dash of sex on the side" to break in a Traditional Home ;)

  23. Oh my gosh, you had me laughing. You're too funny!!! I'm with you, I'll take Carter any day.



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