September 16, 2010

Martha Stewart's Dark & Dangerous World!

{a fractured & fractious tour of Bee's...aka Martha}
~apologies for the photo quality...I didn't have Jane, my magical camera~

Like, Martha, Bee has many specialized cupboards, cabinets & drawers...
the one above is my favorite!
I'm sure the CSI:OC would find my prints ALL over it!
{yes, the doggie water dish is pink...and the diet dinner on the counter
connotes the return from her vacation and the need to get back on the
wagon! I should talk! ;}

Pan drawer...BIG pan drawer!

Yes, they are pink!

I think she cleans this every night...I cleaned mine last month...I think...

The chintz she can see something pretty while she cooks!

What? You don't have watches & jewelry in your spice drawer?
{I bet she has been looking for this stuff for a month!}


And the tupperware guessed!
{I forgot to go back and get a picture with the drawer open...
she kept telling me "no, no, no!"}

Very cute canisters...but there are not now, nor ever have there ever been
"Cookies" in the middle one! It's all a cruel hoax!

Junk drawer...I think it's un-American not to have one...or two!
{there's that file that she's always telling me in in there! And I
think those silver scissors belonged to Moses!}

Counter point...
{yes...they're pink}

{Artsy shot}

She just found this key in her freezer and has no idea what...why...who...
perhaps YOU can clear it up?
{A safety deposit box in the Cayman Islands full of Thin Mints!
Actually there are Thin Mints on the top shelf of her freezer door...don't
tell her I told you!}

See that really sticky-outy tendon on her left foot?

Danger Will Robinson...approach with caution!

It's actually a truly marvy cabinet with half-moon shelves that makes great
use of the odd space next to the sink area...alas, danger lurks! She had a
glass domed cake stand on the top shelf and when she opened the door,
the dome caught on the edge of the cupboard...fell...hit the tile...slashed
the top of her foot severing her tendon...pools of blood & gore! They stitched
her up in the ER...but failed to notice that her tendon had been severed and
instead of being attached to her big was vacationing up near her ankle!
{this became clear when she couldn't move her toe and it actually sagged down-
ward!} Surgery...cast...wheelchair...crutches...gosh, that was a fun summer!

See...being Martha is risky business!

Lastly but certainly not leastly...her "high-tech" dishwasher!
Whatever micro-bit you may miss...Brini WILL ferret out!
I know none of you have such naughty pets!

Told ya...fractious!



  1. oh my, I had no idea and I think that's a good thing!

    take care of that foot sweetpea.

  2. Still laughing as I comment! Seriously, your kitchen is gorgeous! Except now, I have the urge to go clean mine...and I looove the pink! GREAT post...all but your foot, it looks like it was so very painful and hurt me to see it, pretty polish and all! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  3. It looks like PINK HEAVEN! I love it.... I must get a pink toaster.. Mine takes about 20 minutes to make toast. Don't you think that's reason enough??

    Warm blessings,

  4. ROFL!! You have me in stitches this morning!! Just what I needed! I'm sure glad I don't have a Martha kitchen... I'd be injured all the time.

    Have a fabulous weekend!!
    Hugs, sherry

  5. "Wait, pose, now get down!" Ha-ha!

    Oh I love Bee's kitchen! So much pink cuteness. A chintz cuboard to look at is just the ticket! Wunderful! Thanks for the tour!

    Aw, Bee's poor foot! I remember when that happened... I bet that lazy susan has mashed some children's fingers, too. At least the one I knew did!

    You must do something about that cruel hoax and bring her some cookies next time! ♥

  6. OMG, I was in stitches reading this. Love all the pink bits and pieces. If only my kitchen looked like that, sigh.

  7. This is a great kitchen-so organized. The pink is subtle so it doesn't overwhelm.

  8. BEEYOUTIFULLL kitchen! Loving all that pink. My hubby would close his eyes everytime he walked in there-lol

    Your toe looks painful...makes me winch!

    Have a great weekend...and...take it easy! Diana

  9. This must be a showroom kitchen! Not a speck of dirt or crumb to be seen. I am so glad you showed the junk drawer--I think I would have had to stay up all night attacking my kitchen! And I love all the pink! Linda

  10. Very lovely kitchen indeed! All the pinks that surround it gives it character. Take care of that foot! Have a great weekend, Kellie xx

  11. Lovely tour . . . minus the tendon story. :-)


  12. I LOVE it!
    It´s my dream to get my kitchen that organized.
    And that cute, cute doggie food table - I´d love to have something like that for my dog!

  13. I love all the pink stuff! I really don't think I've ever seen a pink toaster?? Gotta keep my eyes opened for that.
    Oh Bad Doggie, I have a Bad Kitty. He has his own stool in the kitchen but do you think I can get him to use it?! He prefers the counter.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~


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