September 21, 2010

Leaves Begin To Fall And My Mind Turns To...

I know...

the first day of Fall...

the Autumnal Equinox...

when all the world's Fallicious...

it's Falleakala {fall-eee-ahk-a-la...a little bit...(very little)...of Hawaiian
humor for Kae who is winging her way home from Kauai as I typeth}

the season of Winnie's blustery days...

and yet, it's not leaves & pumpkins & pilgrims for which I yen...

my mind is already dreaming of a White Christmas!

Sad but true!

Help me!

Borderline pathetic!

In need of intervention!

Yipee sparkly shiny things!

Where's Santa???!!!

I need a little Christmas...right this very minute!!!

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  1. i love that you have the little flocked reindeer from the store in RI. :)


  2. No, please! I've been dragged - kicking and screaming in to Fall, and now you want to skip it and go to Christmas? Oh dear, I don't think I can stand it! Hope you get over your "anomally" soon! Ha! Have a great week! Sandi

  3. Definitely...definitely..definitely...a sickeness. I had to laugh because if that had been my own heading it would have said...
    "Leaves begin to fall and my mind turns to MUSH"..okay..but that's me...And, you, well, you have thoughts of Christmas on your mind! At least it's Christmas and not Easter cuz then I would be really worried!

    I love Christmas too. It is, indeed, a sickness. I have been sick for many, many years...a store room full of years. Perhaps we could share a room in rehab? Just a thought! Hugs- Diana

  4. Me too!! I can't get Christmas off my mind, and I'm not usually like this!

  5. Love you Fall decorations...closing my eyes to Christmas...just can't handle it this soon...I feel so inadequate! LOL
    OK I looked and your ornaments are so pretty. Now Christmas is on my mind!

  6. My favorite time of year!! It's when I feel most inspired :)

  7. I love Fall...the colors, the clothes...the scents...cinnamon...cloves...pumpkin recipes...ahhh.
    Love your vintage Christmas pictures.

  8. ~*I LOVE your Fall decor!! Just beautiful~*~* Rachel :)

  9. Hi, What pretty pics, I love the white sideboard. I know Christmas is around the corner, can't wait myself. Happy White Wednesday.
    The Swedish Room

  10. Oh my.... I think I have the same sickness.... are we... shineaholics?? or sparkleaholics?? I love the fall but can hardly wait til the day after Tday to get the sparkle & glitter out that have been waiting so patiently to see the sun rays once again.

    with understanding & hugs, sherry

  11. I can't wait 'til Christmas! I have a hard time working with the Fall color palate--it is too dark and dreary! I really love color, but my house it gradually becoming whiter and whiter! I hope you'll follow me back to my blog--I've got a fun White Wednesday post of one of my favorite haunts!

  12. Love all the close up details of your whites-so pretty!

  13. So many pretty whites, oh I love Christmas too & can't wait!

  14. No, not sad or pathetic! It's wonderful! *Someone* has to think about Christmas ahead of time or we'd have no Christmas decorations! ♥

  15. Lovely post! That huge white mirror - oh my to die for! It is all absolutely stunning! So glad I stopped by. Hope your day is fabulous!

  16. I'm right there with ya! I have already started to buy Christmas picks from Hobby Lobby. ha ha! Oh dear, someone help us! hee hee
    I love all of your photos.

  17. OH NO not Christmas already, girl you need to have a intervention for sure! :) Fall has just begun, take a deep breath, winter will be here before you know it...

    Your pictures are dazzling as usual!

  18. You are so funny. And what a lovely post. I'm sending the Christmas Faerie therapist your way..hee hee :0)

    I'm visiting for White Wednesday. I'd love for you to pop in for a visit. :0)

    Happy Day to You,
    Stephanie ♥

  19. Your home is stunning!! LOVE the Fall decor!

  20. Oh yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am not the only crazy Christmas girl out there, would it be ok to start Christmas now??? Well, my white and pink pumpkins would get their feelings hurt. Giggle. Your house is Shabfabulous!

  21. I am so with you! This post has made me so happy and cheerful...Please post more of these pretty Christmas pictures!

    Best wishes,


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