September 30, 2010

I Know Why The Caged Bird Lamp Sings...

So, I bought this little birdie lamp...

...because I really needed another lamp...uh, I mean...because it was for
charity...uh, I was really cheap...and...and...
{now would be a good time to stand back because I am due to be struck
by lightening at any minute!}

But it was cheep...I mean cheap...ish...$8.99...which is still $8.99 too
much when you need another lamp like you need another cellulite dimple
{that one really hit home, didn't it??! ;}

So, I need an opinion or two here...I will be re-covering the gag-me shade
with a vintage napkin...this one looks like a keeper {not a trace of the
orange-dipping-sauce-y-finger stains from day I will write
an ode to Oxy Clean!}

...but should I paint the whole thing white too? I am not hating it this
color {is "that damning with faint praise"?} but I do always, obsessively,
scarily, frighteningly tend towards the "whitening" of all things that
cannot out run me!

Your thoughts?

Revelation time: I HATE the way lamp shades are always mummified in
plastic wrap! I have spent countless minutes painstakingly unwinding
the plastic from this shade and that...all the while cursing the fiendish
"wrapper" in Chinese! {for obvious reasons...}
So, how do you say "DUH!" in Chinese???? I finally thought to CUT the
plastic thereby allowing it to fall lickety split to the floor and alleviating
my usual hissy fit...not the sharpest knife in the drawer, eh? Yeesh!


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Yep...there's all the other junk on my table that I have so carefully
cropped out of all of the other shots...such guilty confessions...


  1. Paint her white and shabby it up... i too have a thing for white.

  2. Well M, of course I would have to paint it, but that's only because I own most of the shares in all brands of white spray paint...okay now you better stand back, I think I hear thunder!
    I laughed all the way through your last post. You are so right about that guys six-pack???? I am still laughing over the guy in the I know I'm too old for that!!!( I mean seeing that)

  3. Yeah...I'm a sucker for it too. I think that little lamp is calling out for a whitewash...besides...isn't bird poop mostly white? That way it won't show "spots"...Diana

  4. ~**~Adorable lamp! Yes you should go all out white!!! Love your napkin shade idea too~*~*Hugs, Rachel

  5. I have to say WHITE!! It is a cute lamp, I think white would make it splendid!!

  6. Oh wow, I love your lamp!!! Nobody could've passed that up no matter how many lamps they already had!

    I don't know what to tell you about painting it cuz I'm going thru the same thing with one of my's such a nice, vintage brassy look.

  7. Cute bird lamp! I, too have this lamp (in a box in the attic)....I bought it planning to paint it white and put a cute shade on is like that sometimes! I, too, share your frustration with the packaging on lamp shades! I have a scar on my pinky finger because I couldn't find a pair of sissors and used a steak knife instead--I had just gotted these dreamy, creamy, white shades for the chandelier in my guest room and couldn't wait to put them on there! LOL

  8. hey M,

    i'm thinking white but then maybe have a little fun. maybe some rub 'n buff ... imagine glitter?! for just $8.99, i say: go wild!


  9. I suggest painting the adorable lamp white but not the bird. Cover him and his perch in a plastic bag and spray away.
    The sweet little bird will become the focal point, and I think you will love it !

  10. good job!!! congratulations.


love to hear from you! ;}