September 21, 2010


The hankering for hutches has reached epidemic proportions...
so, we thought we'd join in JEN RIZZO'S
Hook Up Your Hutch Party!

Although none of these hutches has even a vaguely romantic history...
no intriguing provenance...
they do their job of "hutching" quite well and
deserve a little acclaim!

My sister Kae's hutches, above and below, are from the still-in-existence-but
no-longer-the-same Cottage White...sniff, sniff.

This one was built by her contractor...what a guy!

This hutch of Bee's began it's life in North I believe all
furniture does...

...and this one used to be a soap display at shop in Laguna Niguel {it looks
better filled with chintz!}

And my tiny hutch probably came from Michael's...nice and compact!

Be sure to Hook Up with Jen for more Hutches!


  1. I am love! Love how you put the orange in with the shabby white! :) For more Christmas come on over for a visit. I did Santas today. :)

  2. Lovely! I think I need to take a hutch decorating class! ♥

  3. Coming by via the hutch party. Yup, you have some pretty ones too!

    Love the pretty plates and displays!

    Haven't even started that fall decor process as I am trying to get tons of canning done-

    bee blessed

  4. These are lovely! I'm looking for a hutch /armoire to paint and give a Frenchy vibe to for my bedroom. Hope I find one as pretty as these. Thanks for the inspiration

  5. Oh-I was dreaming romantic dreams of hutches filled with beautiful china and then....I opened my eyes and here they were! Sooooo very beyoootifullll~ Love them all-especially your sisters that her contractor built~ Hugs- Diana

  6. I am in hutch love! I love that first one.. it looks like a duncan phyfe! hank you for sharing them!

  7. These are just gorgeous. I just love seeing what everyone is putting in their hutches!

  8. They're all great but the hutch your contractor made is filled with the yummiest collection of china I have ever seen!

  9. Beautiful post... and I like the chintz in the hutch rather than soap!

    Stopping by from the hutch party... Karen

  10. I love your blog site!!!!! It makes me want to sit down and have a cup of tea. Soooo pretty. My mom had tea sets and dishes like yours and I'm now the proud new owner of these beauties. Did you hear the oohs and ahhs I made while I was looking at your pretty things. Thank you Decgal

  11. Looove your sis' hutch and her collections! I also think your little mini hutch is adorable!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs


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