August 4, 2010

Willard...{no, not the movie!}

Just so you know the latest edition of SUSAN BRANCH'S newsletter,
WILLARD has arrived!

Wanted to make sure no one missed it...she always gives the "heads ups" on her new products...and if you're not careful they will be sold out in an instant!
{not that I know from experience or anything! ;{

And I just found out that she has her own YOU TUBE channel! {If that link didn't work, just do a Susan Branch search in YOU TUBE ! So fun! Snippets of her home, her life...HER KITCHEN! ;}

Check it all out!

{completely unrelated picture, but I could hardly do a pictureless post, could I? And I don't have Susan' permission to use hers, so my boy Dutch, it is!}


  1. I absolutely LOVE Susan Branch and have been following for some time! My favorite youtube video is her talking about the lobster in the sink...'the lobby' she says... how susan of her!! Yes, she's my hero; I have to admit! I even feature her teacup and saucer on my blog! I LOVE yours, by the way!!

    look at the picture on the's from Susan's Proper Tea collection!

  2. so cute and i'm guessing kitty is sitting on something allowed! :)


  3. I love Susan Branch and I get the "Willard" too! I envision myself sometimes living on Martha's Vineyard just like her! Silly...I know!

  4. I'd never heard of Susan before! Thanks for the intro! ♥

  5. PS I thought that Willard was a rat movie! Had to google to make sure. I loved BEN! :)

  6. Love the photos of your kitty - we love kitties too! So sweet!


  7. Thanks for the news about Susan Branch! And Dutch, well, just adorable! Big kitty kisses Dutch! xoxo Julie Marie


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