August 17, 2010

Que Milagro!

Is this a cool bottle, or what?

It's from Leyenda del Milagro{legend of the miracle} tequila.
My sister was trying to get a "skinny girl" margarita {waaay tooo
much NY Housewives for her!} at El Torito Grill and they make their
version with Milagro tequila...didn't care much for the margarita...
but the bottle...YES!

It's hard to see the inside but it has a glass sculpture...
not really being an expert on agave or tequila, I thought
it was a pineapple! Ha! But its really blue
ingredient in tequila...
who knew???
Who cared!
I just wanted the bottle!

Each bottle is hand blown and the agave is actually hallow!

Blah, blah, blah...I know...all I really wanted to do was wash the
offending navy blue label off and stick some flowers in it!
{it actually has several holes inside at the base of the neck, like
a "frog" which will hold flowers stems very nicely...}

Funny... after I did the post on my Waiwera bottle, I got a comment from
someone who said she knew a bartender who saved cool bottles for her...
little did I know the treasures that have been hiding in the dark and noisy
side of restaurants!

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  1. Wow! I can't believe that is a commercial bottle. How fun is that! Lovely find..guess we should all be scouting out the backs of bars, huh? Diana

  2. wow! this is lovely...I uderstand this thing about bottles..I have a good friend who owns a mexican eating establisment and I have been meaning to get up with him for his bottles.

  3. What an awesome bottle! Your post is going to spike the sales of Leyenda del Milagro! I know I now would love to have one (or two) of those bottles.

    ~ Tracy

  4. That bottle is SO AWESOME! Looks great with the flowers in it!

    Happy WW!

  5. That is a 'to-die-for' bottle. Seriously. And I do love you reality. The pink sneaker is a very special touch. LOL! Thanks for keeping it real.

  6. Love the bottle - so interesting and unique.

  7. That is a way cool bottle. I'm with you, tho, I thought it was a pineapple. Really neat, tho, I'd consider that a keeper as well, esp. handblown, how can they think to throw them away. (I wonder if they recycle them?)

  8. Now, will it be silly of me to buy that and pour the tequila down the drain just so I can I have a COOL bottle too???

    Totally awesome...

  9. Hiya! Not sure where you are, but I am in Qld, Australia...anyway...after I read the other post about the W...?? (what was that spelling??!!) I went to work the next week and in the kitchenette was one of those exact bottles on the shelf.....I will give it one more week and if it's still not's all mine ;)
    Cool looking tequila bottle by the way!

  10. That bottle is gorgeous! I think it looks like a pineapple too!

  11. I know what you mean about bottles-I don't care what's in them if they're unique and pretty!

  12. I have never seen such a bottle! Awesome! So interesting that it even has a "frog" neck!

    I'm having the hardest time finding the right staging area in this new rental. I must not have a natural feel for lighting!

    Have a great day! ♥

  13. Get me to a bar immediately! From now on I'm drinking whatever is in the prettiest bottle!

  14. I love the bottle and looks great with that beautiful bouquet of flowers. I have never seen a bottle like that! ~~Sherry~~

  15. What an awesome find! Who knew? I was on ebay a few weeks ago and had to have this glass bottle shaped like a high heel! Thinking it would go great with this bottle! Thanks for leting us know these things really do exist! Big hugs Beth

  16. I can't stand the Housewives, don't like alcohol, but the bottle...OMG!!! LOVE it!!!!!!

  17. I have noticed that myself recently! In fact, we have two bottles here that have something in them and we don't drink, from the last party, and I just want the bottles. I'd dump the liquor out, but with my luck it's probably something really expensive.

  18. Wow!!Amazing bottle, It’s a work of art.Great find.

  19. That's a gorgeous bottle! Who would've thought it was a tequila bottle! Did they give it to you at the restuarant? Might have to buy me some of that next time I make margarita's:)

  20. I love the pink flowered linen. So pretty!

  21. Woou no habia visto una igual
    muy interesante!
    una botella muy original divina

  22. That's beautiful!!! Isn't it fun to find goodies like that in unexpected ways and places? Love it!!

    Thanks so much!!
    Michele R.(CA)
    Luvkittysgiveaways at Gmail dot com
    Butterfly Whispers

  23. That bottle is amazing. I've never seen anything like it.
    xo jj


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