August 11, 2010

"MORE" Give Away...Day # 5 AND A PLEA FOR HELP!

And what do we have to tempt you on Day #5?

Well, would this perfectly pink saucer interest you?

How about this rosey little teacup set?

I love how they look as a trio! Maybe you'd love them too? ;}

So far we have...

Day #1

Day #2

Day #3

Day #4

If you'd like to enter, please leave a comment...

All the "MORE IS MORE" details can be found HERE ... if you have joined us
in the middle of things!


Now...we are looking for your sources and recommendations
for outdoor wicker furniture and outdoor fabric for cushions!!
Bee is having a devil of a time, not just finding something she
likes...but finding anything at all! So, DISH! Please! Any help
would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you!!


  1. You know.....I just found out about I've posted on the first and the last day.....just my luck to miss the middle. (O: please throw my hat in the ring....these are fabulous.


  2. ah-I just love that sweet cup and saucer!

  3. Those will go great with my teacup collection!

    I'll say it this give away...

    Warmest wishes,

  4. Wow-this give away just gets better and better. Sorry I don't have any sources for you.:((

  5. There is a big wicker place right off the 55 Fwy near the 405. I'm not sure of the name but you can see it on the right side of the FWY. They look like they have tons and tons of stuff.


  6. That teacup trio is triple terrific! Good luck with the hunt for the outside material resources, sorry I don't have anything to divulge in that area.

  7. Ballard has some lovely outdoor furniture...nice fabric selection.

  8. Hi: I will take them all, thank you very much. Please enter me in your giveaway, I want it. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  9. Love how you have layered the teacup and the saucers! So sweet. I am so excited to be entered in your wonderful giveaway.

  10. Sorry, no recommendation on wicker furniture but Sunbrella fabrics have some nice patterns to choose from. I've always had luck with their quality and durability.

    And what a lovely tea cup and saucer you have today! I'm loving this giveaway and the items you're so generously sharing. Please count me in.

    Thanks you! jj

  11. Oh my, more fabulous goodies!! I would try Ballard Designs for outdoor fabric! xxoo Valarie

  12. que plato divino!! y la taza tambien hermosa
    me gusta mucho

  13. I would go with a white wicker and some cath kidston fabric for the cushions ..she makes an oil cloth....

  14. So super pretty!!! Can't beat pretty pink roses on tea cups!! Loving your giveaway!

    Thanks so much!!
    Michele R.(CA)
    Luvkittysgiveaways at Gmail dot com
    Butterfly Whispers

  15. Gorgeous giveaway!

    I like white whicker, natural but also very dark. Cath Kidston fabric is beautiful, love the gorgeous fabric at 44thStreetFabric also or plain natural linnen with dark whicker. As long as the wicker is real wicker. Don't like those plastic whicker sets for outside.

  16. Oh what a pretty Petite Rose Set! Everything is really so lovely!!

    I Love White wicker myself, and when looking for outdoor fabrics I always go to Ballard Designs first.


  17. Oh my goodness I am loosing track!! So lovely, they remind me of my grandma!

  18. Loving the teacup and saucer! So pretty!

  19. Not sure where I'm at in this luscious giveaway you've got going on over here. I recall entering the first and perhaps the second day but clutched my pearls when I realised I hadn't seen day 3 or 4. Anywho, I will remain calm. At least I've managed to make this day despite it being passed my bedtime.

  20. Very pretty C&S set. The little roses are so sweet.
    I've seen wicker sets at estate sales this very good prices. Of course I don't live by you...that's my suggestion and fabric at JoAnn's??!!
    Thanks for having so many great treasures for your giveaway.
    deb :)

  21. I never read the rules and this time it may bite me in the you know what. I left a comment on the first or second post only. Just read that I should have entered each day. Duh!!!


  22. Mmm, more lovelies! It just gets better and better! Thank you!

  23. The day 5 Temptation
    by the OC Girls

    I can't offer any help concerning the outdoor situation but I can cheer Bee on! Go Bee! You can do it! Keep looking! ♥

  24. How did you know I recently started collecting tea cups?!? LOVE today's stuff ;)

  25. I just love pink, it is my favorite color, as I am sure it is a favorite to many other beautiful women out there! That cup and saucer are precious! Marcia

  26. You are right, this is lovely trio!
    have a nice day!

  27. What a wonderful giveaway! I live here in southern cal. and do not know of any sources for you.
    If you are making the cushions, you might try Home Fabrics to see if they have any outdoor fabrics because their prices are fantastic and they often carry the high-end manufacturers.
    Good Luck! karen.....

  28. The cup and saucer are cute, but I think you are right. Stacking all three looks perfect!

  29. What a great giveaway! I'd love to enter! hugs, mikell

  30. All these beautiful things would look so lovely in my future new home!! Please pick mme!!

  31. I just died and went to Rose heaven. The teacup with the plates is stunning!

    Can't help ya with the cushions or wicker. Sorry :(

  32. I love all the darling things in your give away. I enjoy your blog and everything you touch with glitter.

  33. I love the sweet roses and how you have layered the teacup and the saucers! I am loving this giveaway and the items you are so generously sharing.

  34. I love the roses china trio - so pretty.

  35. Vintage china is absolutely one of my favorites. Just so pretty.

    Outdoor wicker and fabric--I usually see the outdoor wicker at the big box stores and the big department and discount stores -- Lowes, Home Depot, Bi-Mart, Wal-Mart, Fred Meyer... And a well-stocked fabric store should have the outdoor fabric.
    Hope that helps!
    ~Angela :-)


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