August 3, 2010

Cats Gone Wild!

Why yes! This is the reason I soaked & saturated all these napkins for days...
hung them to air dry...grrrrrrr...

"I can't possible know why you are saying such ugly things moth-ther!
Besides, I am ignoring you!"
{can you tell she's a teenager!}

"Wait...let me revel! That way I will be certain that I have covered every last
white inch with my tortoise-y fur!!"

What waaaaas I thinking....stacking them in the kitchen table like that...
silly me!

It time again for White Wednesday at FADED CHARM COTTAGE !

{EDITED TO ADD: Sorry! Non cat lovers...I know you must be gagging! ;}


  1. LOVE IT!! I have FOUR cats so I can TOTALLY relate!

    Love this!

    Lou Cinda :)

  2. omg...why do they do that...mine does the same thing, I will put something clean on the iron board come back, he is laying all over it...grrrr is right!!!

  3. Seems like the very thing you don't want them on is like a magnet to them!! I love the way they look at you, like what?????

  4. Oooh she is just precious! What a beautiful color she is... of course that is why you put those there... meow! Kitty kisses! xoxo Julie Marie

  5. hilarious!!! thanks for sharing. i totally enjoyed your post.

  6. Oh my!! Naughty kitty! lol Love your white linens anyways.
    Happy WW!

  7. OMG!! This is just tooo funny! My cat Annie loves it when I do the laundry! I always sit right down on the living room floor to fold it, and she will come right up and plop her furry little behind right on the pile...never fails. And she really loves folded socks! She actually got one stuck in her paws and literally sent it flying trying to get it off...I don't think I've ever laughed so hard seeing that! :) I even had a cat that liked to go inside the dryer...I'll have to find that picture and post it sometime :) This was such a cute post!!

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  8. That's just too cute! Your post put a smile on my face!

    Our cat does the same you put things there just for them! Aren't they the epitome of relaxing! I could probably learn something from them!!!

    Have a great WW!

  9. M, I can feel your pain! Muffin just deposited every square inch of his delicious black fur on a vintage pink tablecloth that I had JUST ironed and was hoping to picture today to I'll be washing and ironing AGAIN!

    But we love em, don't we?!?!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  10. Oh yes, like all the other cat-owned peoples here, I completely understand. In fact, there is at the moment a large pile of once clean laundry upstairs waiting for my actual daughters to put in their rooms, which will now go back into the wash, just as soon as I catch it without a cat sleeping on top of it. (Hey, if she's already there, why disturb her beauty rest.)

  11. It's funny they are our babies, and they get in trouble like real babies.

    - The Tablescaper

  12. Oh this post is perfect! How do they know the ideal place to sit? There's no way to say "no" though... they're so comfortable and very lovable. I think I hear purring... ahhh, clean, soft textiles!

  13. LOL that could have been so my cat ha ha
    Sending you happy ww sishes from Germany

  14. I guess we should all be happy that our kitties are marking our boring, clean, non-scented possessions for us. Our cats want everything in the house to get the "kitty seal of approval" with their scent and hair. I put a lovely WHITE tablecloth on my kitchen table on Sunday...with my 3 black cats, it lasted about 30 minutes before I replace it with a dark green. What was I thinking?
    Has anyone ever seen a black tablecloth? I needs one!

  15. Ah, your kittie just wants to help! LOL!
    My two help me all the time whether I need it or not. How about when you change the sheets on the that's a fun time.

    Your kitty is so into vintage.


  16. I kind of follow my cat around with a sticky lint roller. Yeah, she loves it! NOT! ♥

  17. Mom to three furbabies..
    all three rescues..
    totally relate!
    love them!
    not the hair..
    oh well, it's a lot better than PB&J covering every available surface withing their reach and grasp..
    (been there done that..paid my dues!)
    oh God the thought od sticky gooey cats and kids..
    have a beautiful day..

  18. Oh, too funny. I think all pet owners are with you in sympathy!


  19. Oh my gosh.. I AM a cat lover, and this post is TOO-oooo CUTE!! I understand your frustration, for sure, but your sweet kitty is just stealing the show here! I know I can't wait too long to put folded laundry away, because the cats will ALWAYS go right FOR it! There's just something so fresh and inviting about it to them!.. like it calls to them! ~tina

  20. So funny! I had to read it out loud to my 20 year old daughter. We have an evil but multitalented cat. He sheds only dark gray hair on the white shirts and the white hair on black slacks or skirts.

  21. That is so funny. I have learned to put my freshly cleaned laundry way up where my kitty cannot get to it. As soon as I lay down something that has just been cleaned, she claims it. Cats love clean linens as much as we do.

  22. Yep...if it is clean, they will lay all over it. Dirty...not a chance!

  23. OMG! Too funny! With six cats currently in my house I can so relate! I have posted several times about their takeovers. They especially love freshly cleaned laundry and sheets.

    ~ Tracy

  24. I laughed myself silly at these photos!! I also posted a vintage tablecloth...and have a tortoiseshell cat who thought I was laying out a bed just for her...too funny! Wish I'd gotten a photo of my Zoe snuggling in, as you did.

    Great made my day!


  25. I just noticed how close you are to 1000 Followers. Are you going to throw yourself a big party? I would. That is a really big accompishment.
    (Totally off topic, I know)

  26. Прелесть какая! Да, все кошки, каких бы они "национальностей" не были, любят полежать на чистом и белом...


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