August 15, 2010

Better One...Better Two? Your Opinion...

This is my UGLY bedroom lamp...

Yes, I know the shade is ill fitting...but I hated it as soon as I got it
so I never pursued the shade issue...

In the haze of Ebay "gibiddiness" {that short for "the giddiness of bidding"!}
I thought that the lace-look was old-fashioned & reality
it just looks reptilian! {maybe I should spray it all white?}

So I cannot find any lamps that I love...{and after what you have seen
above...can I really be trusted to buy another one???!!! ;}
I do have many apothecary jars though, so I just thought...hmmmm...
why create lamp from something I already have?

The fairy lights were too boring though {and perhaps I need a longer
strand?} so I added some shells.

I like the "fireflies" effect...

Is it too much? Too funky?

I thought I try out these birdcages too...just to see...

Not sure about this...they maybe better suited for the top of the armoire?
I do tend to live in my own little world...but am I on another planet altogether
with these looks? ;}


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Mosaic Monday with Mary ...

...always ready to lend a paw... ;}


  1. What a cute idea to put the light in the cage and the jar. It looks pretty.

  2. Well, I must agree with you that that lamp is perfectly UGLY!!!
    But the birdcage with the fairy lights is interesting but what are you going to do for REAL lighting?

  3. Personally, I like the firefly effect of the twinkle lights too. Glad you were the first to admit the old lamp is well, old looking. :-)
    Please enter my name for your giveaway.

  4. I like the lights in the birdcages. You really to have a creative edge. Thanks for sharing. Anne

  5. I'm a little odd (that's a given), but I like the little lights! Fun post!

  6. I think the fairy lights are lovely!!! What a creative idea for a lamp! Thanks for sharing at MM. :)

  7. I like the look of the apothecary jar with the lights! Very pretty!

  8. I love the look of the lights in the apothecary jar. That's a real conversation piece.

  9. I think the display looks very pretty!! "Fireflies" is perfect! For the lamp? ANYTHING looks good sprayed white!!

  10. LOL-Well, I don't know what to tell you about the fairy lights- I like them but I think I would have a hard time reading in bed-lol However....they DO create a certain romantic mood...You know I think I would like the fairy lights on top of something to add a glow They're really kinda cute. I dunno-what do YOU think? Are you liking the way they look in your bedroom?

    As to the eBay thing-yeah...I get it...I have a couple of white elephants too. But, that being said, I don't think it looks so awful-at least not from the picture. I think I would probably start by painting the lamp white. You might find it's not so bad after all. could put it back on eBay youself and hope that someone else likes it vintage/lacy/green & roses look? I'm just sayin.... Diana

  11. I really like the lamp ill fitting shade and all!!! Cathy

  12. I like the birdcage. It seems more interesting to me, but both are nice "lamp alternatives." :-)

  13. Oh, Most Sparkly One! You're a hoot! That is an odd looking lamp but I'll bet if you painted it white and put your magic to it - it'd look great! Now I do like your little fireflies effect in that jar plus your shells. Now don't tell me you have a glitter shaker in the bedroom? LOL
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  14. a comment to win all of the above?!? I'm in!! all agog over the color of the stars/shells in the upper right corner...pale aqua/teal/turquoise/sea blue/green GORGEOUSNESS!!!

  15. I like the apothecary jar, great looking light source, I think the less is more works here. Too much around it takes away from the simple beauty of it, I would keep it, maybe putting it on the cake stand looking thing with a little lace and pearls. I don't know if it needs any fufu though. It is very pretty! Maybe some old books stacked nearby?? Have fun!

  16. I love the apotecary jar with the lights and the starfish. Did I see an adorable kitty's reflection in that mirror?

  17. Hola!! la verdad es que me parece muy linda la lámpara!!! quizas si se pintara toda blanca en la parte verde...quedaria mejor, pero de todas maneras muy linda....
    la nueva lámpara me parece muy original,linda,tambien las jaulas divinas!! y me encanta verlo a el gato hermoso en el espejo jeje un mimoso
    te felicito por tus buenas ideas!!
    un cariño grande para ti.

  18. I'm not kidding. As soon as I saw your...ahem...lamp, I thought oh my, she should spraypaint that it. And put on a pretty shade. Pink floral?
    On the other hand, I love your jars and cages...and everything else you do!


  19. I like the lamp, not so crazy about the shade, but neither are you. I like the bird cages where they are, but not a huge fan of little lights, now I do use them in jars and candle holders over the holidays. i don't think I have been much help?


  20. I love that apothecary jar and the smaller birdcage!! It looks like fireflys--oh so magical!!

  21. Very cool mosaic -- and honestly I love the lights in the jar.

    Im a cord nut -- and hate when they show so for me... i would some how soften the glass... maybe a slight mist of paint and then the glow of the lights would be cool and the horrid cords wouldnt show.

    Just a thought from a wackie doodle ;)

    HAve a great week.


  22. Hmmmm - I think I'd give painting a try, because the shape of the lamp is actually quite appealing. I'd say that the fairy lights are great for atmosphere, but for real light, I'd try to salvage the lamp. If you paint it, do let us see!

  23. The lamp would look nice painted and maybe antiqued in the crevices. Then perhaps a smaller lampshade. I do like the apothecary jar with the lights and shells. Very light and airy.

  24. Love the apothecary jar version.
    Birdcages are really cute, but if you need the actual light, the jars might give off more.
    O.k. I just also have to say, SO SUPER excited about your giveaway.

  25. I agree the lamp is different, but I love the vingettes with fairy lights. Take care.

  26. Your mosaic is so delicate and I too like the lights in the apothecary jar!

  27. I think the fairy lights in the birdcages are wonderful! That's definitely my favorite. And I think that if you sprayed that lamp white or cream and antiqued it (but not with green!) it would be charming! Then you could still have the birdcages somewhere else in the room lit up for ambiance.
    ~Angela :-)

  28. Hi, I love your fairy lights and the birdcages! Very sweet and cute ideas and they look lovely! I hope that you have a wonderful new week!

  29. I adore the jar with the shells and lights. Love it!! Have a fabulous day.
    xxoo Valarie

  30. I Love both Looks, the Jar and the Birdcage for accent lighting. Really cute Idea, but for main lighting I would have to have more. Thanks for sharing!!

  31. You have such cute ideas. I'm partial to the bird cages, but that's just me :) I am in agreement that the lamp had to go. I don't get to put alot of femanine touches on my decor so I love coming to your blog for a fix or two.

  32. I'm partial to the bird cages, but I love alot of jujde. I'm in total agreement that the lamp had to go, but get drawn into ebay myself.
    I love coming to your blog. I don't get to put many femanine touches into my decorating so I get my fix from all of the amazing things you do.

  33. I love your make-shift lamp. Looks fabulous. I was all eager to do the same and then remembered the two little ones I have who would have a field day pulling on the cords. Will file it in memory bank for when they are older and less inquisitive!

  34. I love the fairy lights idea! I'd add a few swirls of white tulle to hide the wires a bit and then they would seem to be floating! I love all the other bits and babs that you have sharing the space, too!

    Yes, paint the lamp white and fashion a rose covered shade and you'll have it made! Do you know, I've never had a lamp that I love? There always seems to be something wrong with them... ♥

  35. Girl I love the bird cage idea the best...might use that myself...Hope your having a GREAT day my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  36. I don't like the apothecary jar--doesn't look 'rich'...the cage, however, is charming, especially w/ the shells/starfish- however, how much light do you need? Another alternative would be to have the cage as a 'base' and attach a light 'above' it--goes through the cage w/ a shade- then you can have the night-light effect w/ the cage and a better light when needed- all could be painted to go together. LOVE your site!

  37. Paint it white, my idea for your reptilefitting

  38. The bird cage looks very sparkly and romantic, though I'd never do it myself. But you're right. . . that lamp is atrocious.

  39. I'd have to agree about the lamp looking reptilian...

    I think my favorite is the apothocary jar with the lights & shells! Very cool idea! Not too over the top for me... As long as it is just accent lighting and not lighting you need to actually use.


  40. Well, I am experiencing positively gidgiviness--that's giddy over the giveaway :). Oh my--the ebay lamp is a little reptilian, but might be nice all white. I love the look of the clear apothecary jar. I know you can buy lamp kits too--although I don't know about drilling thru glass :) Put a candle in it and save the electricity :)

  41. Well, M, I'm all for fairy lights in just about anything; birdcages, apothecary jars, trees! I think I would try spray painting the lamp white. One never knows!


  42. Hmmmmm...I'm really wondering what your 'ugly' lamp would look like painted white and dressed with a smaller shade.....? Definitely worth a try? But I love your jar lamp! Very cute - especially with the shells in it!

    Happy Met Monday!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  43. ...snap out of it!.....too harsh!...just kidding
    (don't take that seriously!)
    ..the lamp is to die for .....try another harp and raise the shade?( long as the workings don't show) all means paint it white & then maybe buy another shade!.....I would be blind in 2 secs with the fairy lights...but if ambiance is your plan...than go for that!

  44. I like the lights in the apothecary jar.It gives a soft, romantic look.

    I think I would paint the ebay lamp white and add a shade that is more narrow at the bottom in a white or pink.

    Keep us updated on what you decide.

  45. I think your lamp would be so beautiful spray painted white with a new shade!!

  46. Love the lights in the jar but more for ambiance in a tablescape. I don't think I'd want it next to the bed. (Unless you don't read in bed). I think painting the lamp white would be wonderful. Love the whole look of the table.

  47. I just do that wiht a cage but for outdoor with solar lights. It is beautiful at night.

  48. I like the lights in the bird cage but I am super partial to bird cages.. I ADORE them. Just found your blog (again) after you visited me.. Thank you so much for stopping by... I just became a follower so I won't loose you again. :)

  49. Oooh, I love the firefly look!!! I think the birdcages are my favorite, partly because I've never seen it like that before. It's got a magical look to it. More great pics, too!!

    Thanks so much!!
    Michele R.(CA)
    Luvkittysgiveaways at Gmail dot com
    Butterfly Whispers


love to hear from you! ;}