July 27, 2010

Slighty More Than Obsessed...

I CANNOT get these itsy bitsy sand dollars out of my system!

So, when I saw a summery lasso necklace , I had to go with it!

Of course, I had to add a few more tiny shells too!
{I know silver is a more summery, beachy metal...but I
am an Autumn...I must where gold or some great evil
will befall me!}

If you're making a necklace...you may as well make earrings too, right?

And I finally found a "real" use for my cupcake pan {other than baking
cupcakes...}. It's perrrrfect for separating all the elements you would
be using to make any particular piece!!

One last thing...
Well, they are so "charming"...
So, naturally they had to be charms!

{I know this bracelet is too bulky...I have finer chain
ordered...but it was what I had when inspiration
smacked me in the head!}

I think I need an intervention!

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

awaits you!!


  1. I love your sand dollar jewels! My sweet daughter-in-law made earrings and necklaces for all the girls at my daughter's trousseau bridal shower! The charm bracelet is so pretty. I'd love to have an ankle bracelet just like it! xo

  2. you so do NOT need an intervention - your sea shell/sand dollar creations re magical!

  3. Very wonderful...Love sand dollars and sea shells. I think you will look quite lover-ly sporting those creations around. NanaDiana

  4. I love your site I am a new vistor. I'm a Shabby Beachy person also. So everything you post I LOVE!!!
    I too make jewelry. I actually own my own baby bracelet company called Hipbabies. You can check me out on www.hipbabies.net But I wanted to comment on your charm bracelet. The one you said had a "bulky chain" on it but I actually really like how it with the bulky chain. It balances out with the shells. I love it!

  5. I love the shells and sand dollars. I too have been feeling very creative lately. I do like the chunky one, the delicate little white.

  6. Oh! Aren't they like really breakable? I have one little bitty one and I'm always afraid it will break! ♥

  7. The sand dollars quietly speak of summers and laying in the sand. beautiful work♥olive

    happy ww

  8. Cute cute cute!!! Your obsession has taken over my heart! What adorable jewelry. Love the charm bracelet!

    No shrink needed, friend. You're right there with the rest of us....lol!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  9. What wonderful jewelry you have created!


  10. so cute!

    i'm seeing some kind of belt ... or the little sand dollars hanging from cafe curtains. just riffing ... you know.


  11. hey gold-gal, why don't you try brass-colored? I think it would charm you as an autumn without any harm for your life ;0) aaaaand it would look so great with the shells... I love that this inspiration smacked your brain (or head?!) hugs, Mira!

  12. Very Beautiful!!

    You are so creative.


  13. Perfection my friend - these are to die for! You will be chased down the street when you wear these - everyone will want them!



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