July 29, 2010

Do You Know The Way To Waiwera?

I didn't know the way either until one fateful dinner...

The busboy was pouring water from these luscious bottles
then just putting them aside as if they were nothing!
I was smitten so my brother-in-law asked him what they
did with the used bottles...
"throw them away", he said so nonchalantly...not knowing
that he might as well have said that Rachel Ashwell had
gone Goth!

Well, needless to say...this was sticking out of my purse when we
left the restaurant! ;}

I had never heard WAIWERA WATER or
the RESORT town where it comes from.

But I do know it was founded in 1875...says so right on the bottle! ;}

It is baffling that anyone could consider a bottle this cool color, to be trash...
flummoxed, perplexed I tell you!
But I do plan on having a niiiiiiiice collection of them before too long!

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  1. Really? Trash? Not even recycled? Glad you rescued those beauties!

  2. See, now that is why I always carry a big purse!!

  3. Never heard of it either--but I gotta agree with you! Jacqueline

  4. Very pretty, I can see why you would like a collection of those pretty bottles.

  5. SO very glad you came to the rescue! Not only is it a gorgeous color and shape but it's plain sad that they wouldn't recycle! Can't wait to see what you do with it! ..happy I saw this on Cindy's show and tell!

  6. How different! Glad you decided it was worth saving. I like the color.
    Ladybug Creek

  7. Beautiful and I have never seen those. Now you should have been bold and gone out back to where they store the throw away bottles and grabbed a ton of them!

  8. I've never seen those either. But it takes great talent and a keen eye to recognize the difference between trash and treasure. What would that bus boy know. Ha! Ha!


  9. How pretty! LOVE the way you gathered all those treasures together for the pics. Neat bottle!!

  10. Beautiful bottle! How could anyone throw that away? Glad you were able to take it with you. (I have bartenders saving blue gin bottles for me. :-))
    Jane (artfully graced)

  11. You need to offer to recycle them for the restaurant. Can you beleive that they would throw them away. Where is their dumpster!!!

  12. they throw away that lovely bottles? oh dear! such lovely bottles with very nice color! thank god you carry big purse!

  13. Beautiful trash! I can't believe it was going to be in the trash can. So glad you got it.

  14. Rachel Ashwell gone Goth!! Ha-ha-ha-ha!

    Well now that's just a dreamy color! What color would you call it? Sea Green/Blue? Whatever it is, I love it! I can tell you had fun photographing them. ♥

  15. Really nice save - love that curvy shape. I feel that way about many of the wine bottles I see (oops that doesn't sound too good:):)

  16. Sad to know they don't recycle (unless he just didn't know), but awesome that you spoke up and rescued this little beauty! Love the color! Thanks for sharing! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  17. They would have caught me rifling through their trash!


  18. How could they even think that? Adorable.

  19. I can't tell you how many bottles I've taken home LOL! Each one unique and saved from doom!

  20. The bottles are so pretty, and so is your entire blog! I am a follower and I am coming back to see what I have missed! Linda

  21. I can't believe, well yes I can, that they would throw them away! Beautiful bottles, I'd be carrying one of those suitcase purses if I went!!!

  22. Lovely bottles and how smart of you to see the value in them. Love the staging you did with them.

  23. very cool bottles! way to go on the bottle-rescue!

    rachel ashwell gone goth, eh? christina strutt -- maybe but rachel -- never! (although she is pals with pamela anderson ...)

    happy weekend, M!


  24. I have made a collection of Bombay Gin bottles square and pale blue), courtesy of a dipsomaniacal neighbour who tosses them into the water . I fished them out and displayed them, but my friends are beginning to look at me sideways...

  25. Really pretty bottles...woulda been in my purse too.

  26. Hello my friend,

    Ohh...I do realize that I'm a bit late at getting around to see your "Show & Tell" post but I just had to leave a little note! What a beautiful post, my friend!!! I'm sooo glad that you rescued those gorgeous bottles...they really are lovely! Ohhh...and you created some exquisite vignettes with them...sooo inpirational!!! Such "eye candy"! Thank you so much for sharing with us...such a treat!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  27. They really ARE beautiful bottles... the color is lovely!! Your pictures are stunning, too, btw!

    ~ Jo :)


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