July 14, 2010

Clear The Table Now, Wentworth...

Ever since SUSANopened her most aptly named

I have had butler's pantries on the brain!
{it's one of the things I want "when I grow up"...
like and an Irish farm house sink and a library like the
one in My Fair Lady and the dress Mary Poppins
has on after they jump through the chalk drawings...
you know, stuff like that! ;}

Probably too many years of BBC programming!

I just want a butler's pantry!

And while the above examples are very cool...bright, light & airy...

I'd really want one that was more functional than "photo shoot ready"...

Not only with loads of cupboard space...

But counter space as well!
{the checker board floor is fun too...very Poirot!}

I could fill all that space in two shakes of a lamb's tail!

This one is modern...but its hidden behind a secret door...that
would be cool! {another thing I want is a secret room... ;}

Look at this one!!!!
I think Susan could fit all of her dishes in here!
Well...almost! ;}

Not exactly Romantic Homes, but whaaaaaaat character!
And just imagine the history! If these cupboards could talk!

Ahhhhhh, well....I can dream, can't I?


  1. I'd settle for just a butler! ;-D

    Great images and post!


  2. Oh yea, that would be fun, but I want the Butler to go with it!!!

  3. Oh that would be great to have a butlers pantry :) Hey dreaming is a good thing and they do come true. Just don't stop dreaming :)

  4. Let's make a deal....you can have the pantry, I want the Butler thankyouveddymuch!


  5. Those are to die for! That is a dream isn't it? I had a butler for 7 days when my husband and I went on a Hawaiian cruise. I saw him the first day when he came to see if we needed anything and that was it. I never asked for anything the whole trip like an idiot! Since it was our 35th anniversary we splurged and got the penthouse suite and it came with the butler. I blew my only chance at having a butler!!!!!! Wish I could have brought him home with me I could have thought of lots of things to ask for! lol

  6. Gorgeous! I'd settle for just more storage space in my tiny kitchen, BUT, the library, gotta have it ...Someday!


  7. I am with you on wanting-and now Needing-a Butler's Pantry! When we lived in Beirut we had a small version of a butler's pantry. It had cabinets above and below with a marble countertop and small sink. It was a long narrow room that was the pass through to the kitchen. You could enter it from near the front door so the maid would not come into the living spaces or dining room. You HAD to go through it to get to the kitchen. Very unique. Thanks for sharing

  8. Those are some great butler's pantries. Love that secret door!

  9. ahhh...dreams,dreams, dreams. I'd take anyone of them.

    - The Tablescaper

  10. I have kitchens-on-the-brain, too! And I am (as always) torn between the bright white ones and the darker one (the one with the secret door).

    I need to nail that down first, I suppose, before diving into the job! Light or dark? Light or dark? :)

    Great post!


  11. OH I want one too,,,, I love butlers pantry. heck I want a butler too hehe I love all the ones you showed us,,, hmmmm I wonder where I can put in a pantry..... have to get out my hammer now,,,,, poor DH...lol


  12. A butler's pantry reminds me of those old movies which I love! I'd like such a pantry, but unless I hit the lotto......

  13. that first white kitchen is perfect, wow


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