July 31, 2010


Oh, do I love chandeliers!

But finding, not to mention being able to afford one of there beauties
has eluded me!

Yet, hope remains...

as long as there is OVERSTOCK.COM !

I was perusing their chandelier section and I came across all of
these lovelies...

All under $150...

many under $100.

I know! It's not like finding one on the side of the road for free!

Or getting one at a garage sale for $10!

But it's a very viable alternative...
and shipping is ONLY $2.95!!!!
{sometimes you don't even have to pay sales tax!}

Lots of variety too!!
This would be painted white or cream so fast it would
makes it's own head spin! But I like the birdcage-y-ness
of it...and the TOLE look!

This would be painted too...but those little shades are too cute
to resist!

This is just kinda funky!

A LOT of sparkle for a small space!

SO FUN! It looks like a bouquet!


I'm going to HAVE to get one...so I need to do a lot more pondering...all the while
keeping one eye open for something sparkly by the side of the road!
{Hey! You never know!!! ;}


  1. I found a similar one to the little gold one with the shades on Ebay for $20. You might check there, sometimes you find a real bargain, and then again sometimes not so much. I love all of the ones you are showing. Great choices. I hope you find one soon. Hugs, Marty

  2. That was fun! Who knew you could find them on overstock.com. I guess you can find anything there!

  3. I never would have thought of looking at Overstock.com. You found some absolutely beauties and I really kind of like the funky ones too.

    I am lucky enough to own a very beautiful crystal chandelier that moves from home to home with me....
    I also have a 2nd one in the master bath. We re-did a 1903 house and it had its original chandelier in it. When we sold the house the couple wanted to take it out and put in a MODERN (can you belive it) light fixture. I said I would love the old one then-They said TAKE IT..I DID! My daugther has her eye on that one! lol Diana

  4. Oh, I definitely have some favorites here!!! Chandy's are dandy, that's for sure!


  5. Beautiful...I love them all, I would have one in each room if I could!!! Home Depot has nice ones too.....and not too over priced!!!
    Margaret B

  6. All of them would need to be painted my creamy white. :0)

    I love the one that looks like a birdcage.

  7. I Love Chandy's! I never thought of Overstock.com I picked one up at a Auction 2 years ago, 4 or 5 tiers and no missing prisms,$200. You gave me a idea to maybe do a blog post on it. My Granddaughter has a beautiful Pink one in her Nursery, she'll probably grow up with very expensive taste!
    Thanks for Sharing,

  8. Lovely!!! Yes, I agree there is something about chandeliers that is so elegant and makes you feel like a movie star just looking up at them. Greatchandeliers.com has some nice ones too. Great post!!!

  9. Oh my they ship to Australia, my home country. Have to check out the shipping costs!!

  10. Stunning chandeliers!!


  11. great blog, thanks for visiting my blog. have a great sunday

  12. Thanks for the reminder. For all of us with a black belt in shopping, overstocked is a destination. I am opinionated about lighting and love your choices.


love to hear from you! ;}