June 19, 2010

Nothing Fancy...

Karen Valentine {lover her in Room 222! ;} of My Desert Cottage is hosting
Where Bloggers Create Party ...and after seeing her room...
I am regretting signing up...
it's sheer perfection!

You WON'T be seeing that here! ;}

Above is my dining room table...and that is where I work....like I said,
nothing fancy!

I do have rooms I could use and I always think I should have a
craft room...but they are too inconvenient...I need to have a sink and

The usual suspects {aka tools of my trade ;}

THIS in the credenza in front of the window where I get the best light...
I'm not going to lie...it's ALWAYS covered in creations and props...I NEED
ALL my things OUT where I can see them to inspire me!

My assistant, Dutch...{those are pearls in his jaws of deathly naughtiness!}

See...the kitchen is also "where I create"...

What would I do without my counter tops????? I am forever scootching
bits and bobs out of the way when it comes time for actual foo preparation!

Told ya...nothing fancy...but it's how I do it and where I do it...messy &
chaotic but it gets the job done! ;}

Be sure to stop by KAREN'S to see more some truly dreamy creative spaces!


  1. Love your work space, it was the same as mine the whole time my boys were growing up! Wanted to mention that I love your kitchen, yellow and pink, it looks so nice-enjoy!

  2. hey M,

    so fun to see where the glittery-beachy magic happens.

    and THANK YOU for bringing up the room 222 reference! i thought i was the only one. i even mentioned it to karen once and got no reaction (oops?)! what a bernie, i am. LOL

    my husband bought me a beverly hillbillies dvd today (over a dozen episodes) so if i am missing from blogland, you'll know why!


  3. its perfect..its where all your gorgeous treasures are made...I love your pink pots!!! and why are kitties soooo naughty..maybe they secretly want to craft!!!

  4. I need my stuff where I can get to it, too so I can totally relate!

  5. It just goes to show that you don't need a fancy, schmancy special room to create beautiful things! It's all in the talent, girl!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love your work space!! It's REAL! Would that I could create in every room, I would, but I have been banished to my room, ha ha ha ha

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that pink pot!!!!


  7. I love to see where you create....you have the best photos!!! Always something here to inspire ones imagination!!! Of course should one want to bedazzle or glitter something, we know where to come for tips and ideas!!!
    I loved having a tour of your creative studio!!!
    Margaret B

  8. I love your cozy spots where you create! And Dutch is just adorable, kittty kisses Dutch! Your kitchen looks so pretty in pink! Thanks for sharing... xoxo Julie Marie

  9. You know, it is such a relief to see that not everybody has an enormous room full of the most fantastic storage cabinets and wonderful treasures. I was beginning to get a complex! I adore your creations, and it doesn't matter where they are made, its the end result which counts.

  10. Your work space is just fine! It doesn't matter where you create, just so long as you do!
    I have had such a wonderful time blog hoping, I am simply amazed at the incredible amount of talent out there! Some of those places I would be afraid to make a mess in!
    Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing,

  11. what ever works! my little room is so packed now I can hardly get in!

  12. Your creative space is just fine.
    You turn out so many beautiful items from it.

  13. I love girls who keep it real. I too don't have a room for creating. I use my dining room table as well. But then I don't create very often. And I always adore what you create.

  14. Hi Sweet m ^..^
    Where you create is wonderful, I wasn't going to be a part of this party because I didn't think my space would be good enough but its my space and it makes me happy and it doesn't have to be fancy as long as it brings you joy when you create in it :) and what you create also brings others joy I know I receive joy each time I get to see what gorgeous treasure you've made. Have a super sweet weekend, lovely lady!

  15. That was refreshing to see your work space! Mine are a couple of tables in the family room and sometimes the dining room table. I need LIGHT also and those are the best places. Someday I will have a "craft room"...hubby said so!!!
    Deb :)

  16. I tidied up my studio (former kids playroom down in the basement of this 90 something house) but when I'm getting ready for a show/event and working mass hours there is stuff EVERYWHERE in this little old bungalow! On my coffee table...diningroom table (not nearly as pretty as yours looks) the breakfast nook and overflow into my combo guestroom/office!!!

    I don't think art and creativity is "Tidy." And when the mood or NEED as it sometimes feels strikes..create wherever you can!!

    Thanks for sharing, your honesty and by NO means consider yourself less talented or capable because you don't have some fancy Studio to work in!


  17. Whatever works for you is where your craft space is, and with Dutch as a helper......You can't go wrong!!

    thanks for stopping by

  18. I love your spaces! It doesn't matter where you create as long as you do it! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Yes, room 222! Never had a teacher like her in real life, though. :(

    Your kitchen is so cute, M! ♥

  20. Thanks for sharing. Your creations are gorgeous and inspiring! I am now going to attempt to glitter some seashells because of you. Keep creating, my friend, no matter where it is. You are so talented and might I add funny!
    Create something beauteous today...

  21. Cats try to be so sneaky don't they! Pretty cute. I enjoyed visiting your 'nothing fancy' space. I say...whatever works! Thank you so much for sharing. Connie

  22. I think everyone used work spaces like yours at one time or another. Nothing wrong with that, it is the creation that tells the story.


  23. We all have our own little piece of the world to be creative in! I too have had to work out of any room in the house I could find vacant until we became empty nesters. Now that the kids have all moved out, I grabbed my own room, before my husband even thought of creating his "Man Cave"......lol, who are they kidding anyhow? It helps me keep things as organized as possible. Looking from your photos, it seems as though you are already there. Great page!!! So many goodies!
    Queen Bee Studio

  24. Makes sense to me that your diningroom table would be a great workspace. Afterall, I can't remember the last time we ate in the diningroom! LOL!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely creative place. Better get those pearls from Kitty or you won't be able to find them!


  25. I love your happy and creative space! Oh and I love Dutch too!
    How fun. Creative spaces are in the mind and the heart. Square footage is optional!

  26. We're happy where ever we can create. Your creative space is inspiring. so, enjoyed my visit with you. Enjoy the rest of the party.

  27. Your work space is charming, and the dining room is my favorite place to play. Everyone is near by for a chat, with the kitchen sink and a cup of tea close by. I enjoyed your tour very much.

  28. What a wonderful creative space!

    I adore your storage solutions. You have inspired me to work on my own crafting paradise.

  29. I LOVE your creative space and the fact that it is where it is!

    I hadn't caught the Room 222 connection! I watched that show ages ago.

  30. Aren't kitties in the studio fun? They sure make life interesting. Thanks for the tour!

  31. SO fun to see where YOU and Dutch create your beauties! LOve your sweet new header pic, too!

    BiG TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  32. I love your floral kitchen - it looks like the nicest place to ice cookies and sugar-paste flowers!

    Blue Skies
    Charlotte xx


  33. Thank you for sharing you space. I love that work in the kitchen, and your furry friends I have two of those too. I caught Acorn will a silk flower today, he was just about to chew it to death... I think he wanted to make art too...if you get time pop over. The kettle is on, Tea or coffee? Wendy @ blissangels

  34. Well, it may be nothing fancy but I can attest to the beautiful thing that are created there. Love your chairs - they are so pretty.


  35. Love your lovelies and your work space as well. I think working in the kitchen is a wonderful idea. I always tell people the only reason I have a kitchen anyway is because it came with the house! Thank you for sharing!

  36. It was fun seeing your space! I too do not like to show my office area... but I also use my dining room for photo taking...it has the best light.

  37. Great spaces to create... and beautiful thing in them too! Kitties always getting into something..I loved that photo..thanks for the tour!

  38. I love those pink pots!!! It is not where you create as much as it is that you do create. Thank you for sharing your creative haven.

  39. Funny how everyone has their own preferences about how they like to work. Yours looks lovely and comfy and inspiring with all your great props and pretty things. Kitchen creations are often the best! :D


love to hear from you! ;}