June 12, 2010

Jickie in June....

My buddies, Matt & Molly , the snapsters behind
MATHIEU PHOTOGRAPHY not only had the fun
capturing their pal Jickie's wedding for posterity...

they also got the extra added treat of having their work featured in
Romantic Homes.

Sure, it's not the first magazine they have been in, but...it's
Romantic Homes...

Not bad for 2 people who, just 4 years ago, had very different
goals, degrees and dreams...

then they got married...and their experience with their wedding
photographer change all that...

they caught the "shutter bug"...{akkk!}
And they haven't slowed down since!

Congrats guys {and Baby Drac...rrrrrrrrrrrr}...here's to a wedding
every weekend and many more magazines!

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  1. great story, I love the photo with the rings, very clever.

  2. how awesome and so fun to know the backstory! very cool photos!


  3. Awwww, thanks M!!! I'l have to send this link to Jick so she can have a looksie :)

    baby drac says "heerrrrrrrrrrooo"



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