April 27, 2010

Uh, Uh, Uh! It's Not Memorial Day Yet!

Does anyone follow that rule anymore?
White, ONLY between memorial Day & Labor Day?
Today as I picked a cat hair off my black suede boots,
I pondered this...{how deep am I??!! ;} The forecast said there
was a chance of rain and I am just pathetic, so I busted
out the "winter" garb...and then wished I was naked on ice
ice by 10:00 am! {for your own mental health...don't picture

But I can't put it off..."winter" is over...legs must be shaved...heels
must be ground with industrial grit sand paper...and white must
be worn. And since I have a mirror...AND eyes{and as an act of
charity to all mankind!}...white is only worn above the navel and
below the ankles! {unless, by some miracle I contract a fluke worm
and get down to a size 4... then I will be rockin' some saddle-back
Dittos! ;} But since I LOVE ranch dressing...we'll stick with the
white shoes!

Those Keds above...those are me...staple of all staples...they make
my "Barney Rubbles" very happy!

These are the alternate universe me...where my feet are half their
normal width {and I have a bosom to fit in a corset!}

I have to confess...if my legs looked like that, I might just be
sporting white patent leather! {you could pretend you didn't
know me...I'd understand...like I'd care! I'd be too busy looking
at my legs!}

I think my oldest brother wore these to the prom...no, he's not
Pee Wee Herman!

And I think my sisters' had something like this...that I longed for
and coveted...

Our mom had some of these from her rah-rah days...I think we
wore them more than she ever did!

The 80's...when hair was tall and shoes were pointy...those
were that days! {Elyse?}

Homegrown classics! Nearly indestructible! Ahhh...the memories{we
used to write things on the sides...like a wearable PeeChee folder!


How many hours did you spend defacing your Pee Chee? Is this just
an American thing?

I never did have these Reeboks...but I think I had to be the ONLY
female who didn't! I believe ubiquitous is the word to use?!!! Just
looking at them makes you want to put on a headband and cut the
neck out of your sweatshirt!

THESE are what I need NOW! They supposedly lift your, uh,
hindquarters as you walk...or so they say...I think they leave
out the little detail that you have to walk to Outer Mongolia...
and back!

NOW you are talkin'! Forget the go-go boots...I'll take the fluffy
slippers, my fluffy "hindquarters", a BBC DVD...
and a side of ranch! ;}

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  1. Oh my goodness, you made me giggle! I love your post! I always wanted go go boots when I was a teen. ha ha! Can't remember if I ever had any of the pointed shoes but I did have the ones that you think your sister might have had. :) Thanks so much for this post.

  2. I never comment here ~ just lurk, but I had to say this was just too funny! I think I've owned one of each of those except the fluffy slippers,the Victorian High Tops and I really need a pair of those ones that lift my...well you know.
    Thanks for the fun post!

  3. Great post!! Brought back lots of memories. I had to laugh. Dittos!!!! I loved them when I was in Jr high. I certainly couldn't wear them now. Wouldn't want to bring any attention to my back side. Thanks for the giggles. And pass the ranch dressing.


  4. Your post was so much fun! Thanks for the smiles. I didn't have the Reeboks either!

  5. Great post - I think I had those same go-go boots in Jr. High. They would certainly be on "What Not to Wear", now! Thanks for the laugh!

  6. What a wonderful post, I like it! Your collection of shoes is so funny, and my favourites are the victorian high Tops!
    They remember me on the new top Trend from Jeanne D´Arc living, the danish label for old, shabby and white accessoires!
    Have a wonderful day,

  7. Hahahaha, what a fun post! I remember white patent leather shoes when I was a very little girl, and white ankle high boots in the mid 60s, with black buttons at the sides, I loved those.

  8. What a fun post! I miss those fluffy bedroom shoes. Mine were either hot pink or blue but the white add a level of sophistication.

    On the white note - I just organized a major fashion show for our firm and the buyer who flew in to do the show says that the old rule is out. Generally in the warmer climates white is acceptable by early May and fine through the end of September. It still feels odd to break the rule and wear it earlier.

  9. Yeah, I'll take those fluffy slippers! ♥

  10. white has been extended. May 1 is totally fine, but until then there are always the "winter whites" which is any white that isn't blinding :) In tv and movies all the rich sophisticated women are in shades of white 24/7 and i love it!

  11. great post to start the day!

    I wore the same shoes to my prom! ... except mine were phlorescent green - seriously! LOL

  12. I loved this! Too funny!!! Oh if only I could know for sure that those shoes that lift the booty really worked I would totally break my rule of wearing workout shoes with jeans and wear them everywhere! Thanks for the giggles, Theresa

  13. I just bought myself a new pair of Keds for the summer, but I have to admit I've already worn them! It's time to put away the UGG boots :(

  14. Forget about the rules!
    Love your post today, you made me laugh!

  15. LOVE this POST
    I love the majorette boots. my aunt let me play in hers
    My reeboks were yellow, banana yellow.
    Those fuzzy slippers are a must!!!

  16. Too funny! I've worn more than a couple pair of these funnies in my time!

    Soon we'll have to add the gladiator sandals to this list.....argued with my 30 yr. old daughter just yesterday over the value of NOT buying a pair of those!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  17. Just bought my Keds a week ago, bring on summer!

  18. I didn't have the Reeboks either. Give me a pair of classic Keds ( I have to buy the double wides and they're not really wide enough) or a pair of the fluffy slippers, they can keep the rest.

    About the rule, I'm from the South and I was always taught that it was Ok to wear white after Easter. Where I'm from it heats up early (around March) and stays that way well into Oct. so we do what we can to stay cool, rule or no rule.

  19. ooo... I had some white go-go boots when I was in grammer school! Looooved them, too! Here in Georgia, we were taught "no white before Easter or after Labor Day". ...so funny that my grown daughters still follow that "rule" just in case the fashion police are out writing tickets or something...

  20. hysterical!!! you had me rolling...except about the PeeChee...i have no earthly idea what that is...i did however participate in the 80's big hair and pumps phenomenon...i even wore my pumps to school in the winter...that's how cool i was...'til i slid down someone's driveway in a deep crouch...someones very long steep driveway covered in a sheet of ice...LOL...somehow that was my sister's fault...LOL...i can't remember the particulars...i will have to ask her...

  21. Tee Hee Giggle Giggle...i am in the white fluffy slippers~ Love it,

  22. Boy did you bring me back with tose Reebok's. I am with you though, if I had the legs go-go boots all the way, but for now I'll take the fluffy slipers with the BBC movie!!!

    :) Michelle

  23. Sparkly One! Oh, my goodness! You're a funny little one and you know how I love me some funny! :)
    This will change you life and solve all your tootsie problems - just go barefoot! Yep, that's what I do most of the time. Half the time when I'm almost out the door for church, I look down - no shoes! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;0

  24. Loved this post. It made me laugh out loud!! Oh the days of Reeboks and Vans. And those severly pointy toed white flats I wore the heel down on many a pair with my stirrup pants!!;)

  25. It's too rainy up here in Seattle to contemplate white shoes just yet! I love the old vans and keds -- I have gone through many pairs!

    --Bit of Butter

  26. What a fun post! I have smiled my way through it. Thanks for the laugh. laurie

  27. Oh that was fun! I had the reeboks...in yellow. Thanks for your visit today:)


  28. Oh gosh - I laughed out loud! Thanks for your sweet visit to my tablescape this week -- I know I broke the rules too - flip flope before Memorial Day! Daring dames aren't we?

  29. I grew up in South Carolina and we were always told Easter is the start for white shoes!

  30. ahhh....the pee chee, I had forgot all about those!


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