March 8, 2010

You're Invited To Christie Repasy's House!




Now if you don't have have any Christie Repasy in your home, she is graciously
inviting you to her home...for a market place & barn sale, where I'm certain you
would be able to happily rectify that situation!

Just pop over to her new BLOG for more details!!!


  1. hmmm...I think I need to move to the US :)
    Have a great day, Lovely!

  2. ooooooh, are YOU going??? sounds fun!!!

  3. Blissful event...can't believe I'm sooooo far away!

  4. While you're out visiting, you might want to stop by Jenn's house. I took a tour of homes in Macon, Ga over the Christmas holidays and saw this house in person. It takes a while for the page to load because of all her photos but wait till you get to the end of the page to see her Sugar Plum Dining Room

  5. ooh i love that first medallion. too bad i'm on the other coast.

  6. Christie has become a good friend of mine - but darn it! I won't be out that way until April. Are you going?


  7. Hi Michelle,
    I knew I LoVed you and your pretties !! And, you have lots of Christie too !! LoVe your prints and frames !! Truly Gorgeous, and such room stoppers !! Thanks for sharing .. I sooo am hoping to go to this event !! I think I need a Christie fix !! Have a happy sunshiney day ~
    hugs ~tea~xo

  8. Oh wow, I'm not too far from there but my fiance works weekends and we're a one car family at the moment:( It sounds wonderful though!

  9. Those little floral lamps are to die for!! So pretty!

  10. You have such a beautiful blog! Thank for visiting me last Pink Saturday. Hope you have a great week! Lottie

  11. I just LOVE that girl, always have. Since I saw her on HGTV's Country Style where they featured her home and artwork. Of couse I had seen her art before, but something about the interview they did with Christie, just endeared her to me. Love her!

  12. Gorgeous pinks! Love them! Thanks for stopping by!


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