February 23, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Winter...

I took these pictures of Kae's yard on Feb. 14...waaaaay wintertime....just to show you all how we suffer through these long dark months...
just LOOK at that rose bush! Pruned to a fare-the-well! Oh, the humanity!

Nothing but those blooming tulips...how sad is that?

(Cute, aren't they! So, Disneyland! Kae's husband planted them all for her Valentine's tea!)

The lonely path...usually rose-strewn...now nekked!

And this poor little angel...in need of some shades!

Oye vey! Could those Liquid Ambers BE any more barren...it's like Siberia!

OK...it's like Siberia...with pansies!

Thankfully...Kae has Old Glory & that pink Adirondack to add a bit of color to her yard!

(Are you "getting" that Kae {hearts} hearts??!! ;}

Nary a sweet pea to be found...sniff, sniff.

I suppose all she can do is await the Spring...she will just have to endure 'til then... ;}

We hear tell of a "snow hurricane" headed your way in the East...stay warm guys! And for more visions of Springtime be sure to stop over at Susan's for more Outdoor Wednesday.


  1. Brat... :) What a cute yard, love her heart pavers. Please send some of the warm sun to us in the Northeast!

  2. Oh those people in snow filled states are going to put a hit out on you! I would hide if I were you. LOL


  3. This is one sweet yellow cottage and gardens. Looks like summer all year round with such a bright yellow to smile at you!

  4. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED! Showing us those beautiful pictures when I couldn't get on internet since early Tuesday morn due to snow, at least 4 inches of the stuff, I can't even still publish snow pictures......Oh rain or something on you.

    Love the pictures.

  5. I'm still blinded by the sun!!!!

    I can only dream...love the pink adirondak chair!
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

    Have you entered my GIVEAWAY..!!!!!
    you have until Sunday eve.!

  6. THAT is what your winter looks like??? i need to move...green grass...sunny skies...i could only wish for that...Kae's yard looks very charming...i hope you will show us again when all is in bloom...

  7. What a beautiful place! Gosh, we are still getting nailed with snow here. Can't see a thing this morning for ice fog. BLAH!!!!

  8. i.feel.so.sorry.for.you......NOT

  9. you just keep on teasing us east coasters with your green grass and flowers :P

  10. What wonderful pictures.

    We are getting snow again and I can't wait til it is over. Just sick of snow for now.


  11. If only. I long for that kind of green and sun! We are getting another major snowstorm tomorrow and Friday - I have officially HAD it. I love the adirondack chair!


  12. Oh my goodness this is just the most adorable home EVER! I just adore it all. PRECIOUS curb appeal. Bravo! *Smiles*

  13. Cruel and unusual punishment--the green grass is killing me! Or would be if I didn't love the yellow and hearts and tulips soooo much while I'm watching the snow melt...

  14. Okay what gives!?! I live in Florida and my yard certainly does not look like that yet! Everything is still dead from this nasty winter. On Monday I finally saw the first green sprout on my maple tree.

    Great pictures!

    ~ Tracy

  15. Well I won't put a hit out on you! I really enjoyed seeing your darling yard and fantastic flowers. We here in Kansas have had a L-o-n-g winter. It won't get over 25 degrees today.

  16. Love the heart pavers and the lovely sun-filled yard.
    What a sweet hubby to plant the tulips for her Valentine's tea.

  17. gee I dunno its looking all nice and sunny to me. What a lovely neat garden it is albeit a bit naked!!

  18. I love those heart stones!! We have lots of blooming flowers here too, even the pretty spring trees are in bloom.

  19. Very sweet, pretty flowers growing all over here !! We are quite blessed to have this wonderful weather .. enjoyed my garden tour with you ~
    hugs ~tea~xo

  20. Beautiful grounds. Wish mine looked so nice.
    Thanks for the "sunny" pics
    God Bless

  21. I. am. so. JEALOUS! Kae's yard is beautiful! I LOVE yellow houses...and what a precious garden! I, also, adore hearts...have heart necklaces, heart earrings, heart boxes...yep....I LOVE hearts! I immediately noticed those wonderful heart stepping stones! Did you make those, Kae? They are fabulous! It is soooo bleak outside here...but March is almost here so spring will not be far behind! :-) The daffodils are just starting to poke their heads up out of the ground. Ok...going back to lust over the tulips...love the garden tour! Take us again in a month or so, so we can see what else is blooming! :-)


love to hear from you! ;}