February 4, 2010

Tiny Dancer

I can't even remember why it came up, but I was going down memory lane one night about seeing a liqueur bottle on Etsy that reminded me of one that I had seen when I was little...I love ballerinas...wanted to be one, of course...so I never forgot the tiny dancer in that bottle and when I saw it on Etsy I almost flipped....but then I saw the $50 price, and thought that was a bit too steep for a silly childish memory...

Well, little did I know that someone had really BIG ears that night...KATIE...and a plan was formulating in her devious head! {ok, her ears aren't really big! ;}. So, one night I hear this insistent knock on my door...foot steps...a car drive away...then music...music box music...now this should have only made me say, "hmmmm...", but I was watching Fringe at the time and so I had all kinds of ideas about what could be lurking out on my porch as a music box played...yes! I do have a VIVID imagination...but it does sound kinda creepy, don't you think?

When I finally convinced myself that the "Music Box Murderer Monster" was NOT on the porch I opened my door to see little miss ballerina, dancing away, in her little bottle...yes, I cried...don't tell anyone, ok.
Thank you Katie! You're such a dork! And I love my little Ballerina!

I hope this You Tubery works so you can see her dance away to the Friskies Buffet song {I know that's not really the name, but it will always be for me!}

Now dance on over to CINDY'S for more Show & Tell Friday!


  1. Oh Sweetie...
    I love this story, and it brought happy tears to my eyes. I love it. What a precious daughter you have to want to give you something so precious, "A Memory".

    What a treasure, and when you want to pretend you are a ballerina, you can play this little bottle of happiness and it will allow the tiny dancer to perform.

    Oh thank you for sharing this evening. I so love this story.

    Country hugs sweetie, and so much love...Sherry

  2. Loooove your sweet post, what a wonderful friend you have!!! I also watch Fringe and I would've been afraid to open the door too!
    Your ballerina is truly a treasure right along with your treasured friend! If you have a minute stop by my S&T Fri. Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  3. What a wonderful friend - to speak to your heart by combining childhood memories with new grown-up memories.

  4. You were brave to open the door. That music is a little scary! But what a precious story! Now you will always have that memory of the dancer in the bottle.

  5. Such a lovely friend you have. The tiny dancer is absolutely darling.
    Love your beautiful blog...just found you and will explore more.
    Thank you

  6. What a sweet gesture, and a lovely ballerina ♥

    (on a sidenote: do you know BOLS is a very famous DUTCH strong Genever)

  7. What a sweet and thoughtful friend!! A very sweet (and humorous - needed a good laugh - thanks :)) post!!


  8. what a wonderful gift...your tiny dancer is lovely...i want one!!!

  9. I HAVE THIS EXACT SAME BOTTLE still full of the banana liquor that came in it. It was given to me probably 22 years ago and i have never opened it, but i do play it ocassionally. I have never seen another until now. Enjoy the bottle, what a sweet gift.
    Cindy - shabbynsweet

  10. you were watching Fringe - that show makes anything seem possible. Did you see last nights episode? did you love the ending??

  11. Ohhh- what a wonderful friend you have in Katie!!! That piece is just beautiful!
    Ahh!! I LOVE Fringe!! Walter is just hilarious!!!

  12. What a delightful surprise! Who but a good friend would know what is really important?!

    The bottle ballerina is charming - and I can't t hink of anybody who should be able to live with it more than you!

  13. How sweet!!! It really is a pretty music box. I also loved your description of the 'drop-off'-it was a hoot!



  14. How sweet (and funny)! Katie sounds like a wonderful person. I have a friend who has done something similar.

    Thank you for sharing your ballerina with us.

    ~ Tracy

  15. What a great friend you have!!! I love this little "monster murderer" ballerina! LOL I watch Fringe too. xxVicki

  16. I haven't ever seen anything like that! AWESOME and now it's yours!
    It's a very Happy Day for you!
    I watch Fringe too!!!
    Happy weekend!
    Deb :)

  17. That was sooo sweet. I, too, had tiny ballerinas when I was little, and dreams of being one. They were ceramic with cloth tutu's, in pink, green and blue. I've searched for them on Ebay, but have never seen them. So I know exactly what it means to you. Katie was good to you. Rosie


    Neato--bottle ballerina! A great story and so thoughtful of Katie!

    I love the video too...thanks for sharing it!

    love, kelee

  19. I love this story!! Aren't people the best?? My mom has one of these bottles in her china cabinet. It belonged to her Grandma.
    xxoo Valarie

  20. What a nice friend to give you such a treasure!
    Have a good weekend,

    p.s. Thank you for the sweet comment yesterday.

  21. aw! what's sweeter than that?


  22. I certainly enjoy your sweet blog. It is so nice to meet ladies who share similar interests and uplift one another with our pretties! Thanks for visiting my post, by the way.

  23. Oh, this post brings back memories for me too! When I was growing up my parents had a bar in our basement and a bottle just like that one used to sit out for display. Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories.

    - The Tablescaper

  24. This was a sweet gift. You must be a very special person. Joan @Americana By Candlelight

  25. Love this tiny dancer today...I have never seen anything so adorable. My youngest daughter is a ballerina...this would be so lovely for her. Have an amazing weekend..xoxoxo

  26. How sweet of Katie, to surprise you with something that held such fond memories. I have one also, I don't know how I came to have it but I fell in love with the precious little ballerina.
    Have a super sweet weekend, Lovely!

  27. Oh, a tiny dancer in a bottle! what a novel idea. I had to giggle with you suspecting it might be a music murderer on your porch! Too cute!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  28. Oh my gosh, that is so adorable! I've never seen one before! I'm so happy Katie bought it for you! What a wonderful gift!

  29. What a fun post to read this morning! LOVE how you were spooked while watching "Fringe"! TOO-ooo FUNNY!! I would have been the same way! I can't watch ANYTHING spooky or creepy, and sleep that night, until I put ANOTHER show/movie on that's funny, to take my mind off the creepy one!!.. Anyways, that was really cute, what your friend did for you, and your little ballerina is the sweetest little thing!! Enjoy your weekend! I will be busy today, whipping up goodies and snacks for Superbowl Sunday! ~tina

  30. what lovely story.. thank you for sharing it with us.. and you got such wonderful daughter too..

  31. It's the least I could do after all the good books you have gotten me sucked into. :)


love to hear from you! ;}