February 24, 2010

The Lovely & Illusive...

Just thought I'd let you know that another issue of the lovely but illusive "Life:Beautiful" magazine is on the new stands! Look at that cover!

Funny! And beautiful!

Vintage jewel creations!

How cute! I had never thought of making such adorably tiny cookies!

Decor ideas!

I really like the look of all those vases and a single bloom!

Budgeting ideas!

How to be a svelter you...(honestly, this is a two-twinkie article! ;)

Organizing, the super cute way!

Did someone say pink?

"How-to" make this fab pillow...and others!

Gorgeous bouquets!



Pasta in a kitchen almost as cute as Sandra Lee's!

Funky striped pasta... I had no idea!

An ordered home...

How long do socks stay that white? (when they are fresh out of the big bag from Costco!)

DVD & CD reviews...(not to seem shallow, but, ok, I'll risk it...movie schmovie! Look at those shoes!)

And visions of spring and the nest, I mean next issue!

Now, I have nothing to do with this magazine...my last name isn't "Life" or "Beautiful"...truly!
I just think it is one of THE prettiest publications out there!!! If you'd like a bit more info, including how to subscribe, just pop over HERE


  1. Those pillows alone are worth buying this mag!!

  2. Thanks, this looks like a great magazine, i'm gonna look for it!

  3. holy moly!!! i never even heard of this magazine...but i am dying over that satin ruffles pillow...and there is a how to you say? ooooh, i need to get this for sure...thanks for sharing...i am LOVING your new banner with that scrumptious bit of millinery...*sigh*...

  4. Never even heard of that magazine - but it looks like it has some beautiful photography.

    Love the bouquet with the roses and calla lilies.

    But, I really just have to say it. That ruffled pillow looks like a purchase from an airport lingerie store.


  5. I was impressed with this magazine too!


  6. I've never heard of this magazine but it sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing the info:)!



  7. that issue is packed with goodness! it's so fun to get a great, new magazine.

    dig the new signature!


  8. I always wear my heels while reading, do you? Seriously, this magazine looks so lovely and I can't believe I've never seen it. Me, the magazine queen, and I have yet to see it. Now I'm on a quest...

  9. Beautiful magazine! I recognize some great names on the front! I will HAVE to check this out, thanks!!


  10. Love the pillows, I'll definitely be looking for the magazine!

  11. Thanks so much for sharing this magazine! I love the pillows! I hope I can find a copy at the bookstore.


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