February 28, 2010

Egg-quisite & Give Away Day Details...

I've been feeling eggy...you know the need to take a poor defenseless egg and give it a make-over...glam it up a bit...but I (in this house, which holds just slightly less "craftiness" than Michael's) had no eggs! How could this be???!!! Let the scrounging begin!
And after a bit I came across these, sparkly eggs...I have no memory of where they even came from...

This sparkly stuff was TOO sparkly...and a bit pokey too...it had to go...I scrubbed it off with a dish scrubber...it worked! I was left with perfectly pink eggs (which I forgot to takes pictures of!)

I added the sugary sparkles to one and musically decoupaged the other...

and I have to confess, using a brush for the laminate was a pain so I just squirted it all over the egg and used my hands to spread it out and smooth the paper all at once...it was messy-ish, but much easier!

It sort of had a flat side but it wasn't very stable, so I glued a shell on as a "stand"...

and a large MOP button to this one.

Let the foofing begin!!!!!

Ribbons & bows...

a bit of bling...

and a big 'ol foofy flower!
I think the Easter Bunny will be pleased.

More flowers, ribbons, crepe and a feather for good measure!

Arranged like so...

a bit of vintage "Sense & Sensibility" and more bling!

And voila! A bit less pink, but no less pretty!

I am pretty pleased with the outcome...

and on the look out for more eggs to glam up!

And if I may be so bold as to try to entice you...the PINK egg will be part of our Spring Into Easter Give Away to kick off our first Give Away Saturday March 6th. Below you can catch a few glimpses of the other treats that will be included in our give away too.

We hope you will enter our give away and link up with a give away of your own! Mr Linky will be up Friday night to get things going...hope to see you there!

Begins March 6th!!!


Life in the Pitts



  1. Love those! I'm in on the give-away ... let the crafting begin!!
    Cheers, Andrea

  2. Those are some very foofy eggs!
    My children and I always have a great time creating eggs for Easter. Every year they're different. You've got me thinking. What shall we create this year??

    - The Tablescaper

  3. Such pretty creations. Thanks for sharing.

  4. those are the most gorgeous easter eggs i've ever seen!!

  5. Oh, Most Creative One - these are so lovely! I'm glad to see you're playing with the sparkly again and note song paper! I love it.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. The eggs you created are really spectacular! I especially love the one with the music notes. :) Theresa

  7. So beautiful!! I love the millinery!!

  8. Those are beautiful! I love how you attached the little seashell "stand" too!

    I'll be sure to stop back for the Giveaway party!

    Kat :)

  9. THose are both so totally adorable!! I also love the cups in the pics, too!!

    I think that pink egg has STEPHANIE written on it SOMEWHERE, doesn't it?!?!

    Happy PS a little late!

    Big Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  10. Those are eggscellent! You did a great job.
    I have to come back and read about the Saturday thing, it is late and I am can't eggsamine the rules eggsactly!
    I'll be back!

  11. Pretty as always! I have been making eggs too, must be contagious!

  12. I love these! Especially the music egg!

  13. I love those eggs! They are gorgeous. I particularly love that musical note egg! I have got to get busy and take apart my old easter kids book so I can decoupage some eggs! Thanks!

  14. I'm loving both these beautiful creations. Prettiest eggs I've ever seen!!
    xo bj

  15. Your pink egg looked good enough to serve for dessert. I just love spark;es!

  16. What a transformation! The eggs are gorgeous.

  17. So inspiring...especially the sheet music egg! Thank you for sharing!!

  18. How pretty - the pink one is so glamorous - and the ecru-ish one is GORGEOUS!

  19. You've got it goin' on girl! So adorable...all the foofing is way too cute and clever! I love both looks. Love to see what you come up with when you are playing and getting your hands messy!

  20. The eggs are awesome, really pretty!

  21. What beautiful eggs!! I'd love to see the Easter bunny who laid those!!!

  22. How darling, I love the one with the musical notes on it!

  23. I like the one with the bling the best!

  24. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment.

    I love the eaggs. I'm all about some bling. I have a ton my attic.. I really have to try this. Hope you don't mind..

  25. You are the best "foofer" I've ever seen. ;)

  26. The Easter Bunny is going to LOVE them! I think we all love them! So beautiful! Thanks for sharing, they make me smile!

  27. M, I am almost speechless. The music egg with the bling bling, my fave. You just keep inspiring. Each visit is more fun than the last.

  28. Beautiful eggs. I love the sheet music one. I was thinking about doing one with book pages.

  29. Beautiful! Your blog is such a fresh breath of spring! Love the photos!


  30. These are so pretty! I never would have thought to bling out an egg :) I love them. Which is why I featured them.

    Thank you for linking up to A Little Craft Therapy with Life in the Pitts.

  31. Wow, these are gorgeous. Great photos too.

  32. I ALWAYS LOVE YOUR STUFF. You have got the creative gene x 10.

    I am letting everyone know--if you haven't signed up at the new blog, you need to RE-Sign up. Google doesn't let you take your followers with you. If you have already done so --sorry for mentioning it. I am going back and forth between the old and new blog plus my old and new e-mail and I can't keep it all straight. I am hoping to have the old blog finished up (moving everything) and closed down this week.

    Cheri www.itssoverycheri.com


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