January 6, 2010

The Romantics (What I Like About You!)

Hopelessly romantic!
That's the reaction I have to the mosaic
above! And CAROLYN has QUITE
the swoon-worthy blog...and business! Who
wouldn't LOVE to tour the rooms of her home
take tea???!!!

**Toes Curling**

That's what ROMANTIC feels like to me!

I don't want to be a weenie, but I never
really "get" how Romantic Homes picks
their "romantics" each year...

CINDY ...heck yah!
The name of her blog says it all!
That's ONE they got right! The others,
while interesting and accomplished...
just didn't register on the romantic meter
for me...I am flummoxed.

It seems to me that romantic just simply means
romantic...not too hard to spot, pretty easy to
nail down.

So, I went on a quick tour of Bloglandia...
and golly-gee, I was able to come up with
a snoot full of LOVELY blogs/businesses
that are worthy of a page or two in any

(in no particular order...)

ANALISE ...if she can make
shelves look like this...LOOK OUT!!!

HEATHER ...just plain prettiness.

JUNE ...and even her yard is

BIANCA ...the white & the light...

The shy Belgian "M" of SOMETHNG WHITE ...I'd
love to walk through that door
and do some exploring!

GABRIELLE ...her Christmas vignettes were to die for! A fluffy, sparkly wonderland!

GAIL ... LOOK at that painting!
Need I say more??!!

LISBETH ... her every post looks like
it came right out of a magazine!!! She even irons romantically!

SUSAN ...someone needs to turn her home into
a coffee table book, STAT! And her porch is the stuff of

MIRA ...she has such a
way...simply gorgeous!

Ok, maybe we all didn't vote for the same president...
or cheer on the same teams (GO DUCKS!)...
maybe we can't even agree on paper or plastic!
But, please...romantic is romantic, pure &
simple...and maybe Romantic Homes might
take a look around to see what they are missing!
(just my 2 cents! ;)


  1. Oh oh oh... GO DUCKS too... but I was so sad last week! Next year! Di you go to the game?

    Here I've been following your blog since I first got to bloglandia and I'm just realizing I'm seeing eye to eye with you alotta more stuff! I agree about Romantic Homes... what's up with that? But now that you've given this whooooole list, I'm off to visit them. Great post! ~V

  2. Oh you are right on the money with what's romantic, earlier today I went to google images and typed in romantic rooms and hardly any rooms that I would call romantic came up.
    m ^..^ I reckon you should decide what romantic homes should go in the magazine. Ok enough of my rambling I'm off to check out those yummy romantic blogs :D

    oh, it's great to be back. I missed ya :)

  3. THANK YOU for all those links to the wonderful blogs!! I will check them all out. I too am such a Romantic at ♥ and try to do that in my home too. Sometimes it works out wonderful and other times, nah..but I keep trying and reading blogs is a big help.

    Hugs from a very very cold and snowy and freezing the Netherlands BBBRRR



  4. great finds...i have been in that room of Heather's {she switched it up a bit since then}, and it is romantic and pretty...her home is lovely...thanks for sharing the other links, i will have to go take a peek...

  5. Oooh I so agree with you! I too was a tad disappointed in the latest issue of Romantic Homes... I love your choices! They all get my vote! xoxo Julie Marie

  6. I agree about Romantic Homes - I'm not sure I understand their reasons for some of the choices. This list is fabulous - some of the blogs I know already, but many are new to me. I will start exploring them immediately!


  7. Thank you so much for featuring me in with such lovely romantic blogs-I am so pleased to be included!
    I enjoyed checking out the ones that were new to me and of course there are some that I have been admiring for awhile now.
    Take care,

  8. hi M!

    i am attempting to catch up on reading posts and of course did a double-take when i saw your post title! uh-uh-huh!

    beautiful compilation of romantic. some i am aware of, some i'm not that i'll be sure to check out. analise's studio is my inspiration for girlie studio 2010. :)


    dug your closing statement. cool. :)

  9. Ohhhh I love Susan's porch. I would love to have a porch like that. Thanks for sharing the pics. They are a true inspiration!


  10. Good list!! I've not been to all of these blogs but am on my way now. A couple are friends, and I've been to Heather's home in person (even prettier than the photos!)

    thanks for the list-


  11. You have picked out some lovely blogs that gently whisper (true romantics don't scream do they?)

    There were 2 that I had not visited yet so am so glad you named your favorites! I'm running-skipping over to go see their gorgeous romantic blogs!


  12. I agree 100%.....
    Their definition of Romantic is not the same as my definition of Romantic!
    They need to search blog land for what Romantic really means! :-)

    Great post....I am off to see all the blogs you showed us!

    Hugz, Dolly

  13. You've got it figured out! I could only daydream about living in a house like that. At night I would have to come down to earth to my male dominated one! (Well, in his mind anyway!)

  14. Those are some of my favorite blogs, too!! I love vintage romantic style!!!

  15. Awesome post!...thanks for the sharing these fabulous blogs. I have visited most of them. However I think I will reacquaint myself with them! They certainly are romantic and I have seen that edition. Cindy's was the only one that I kept looking back at...PS...I love your blog as well, the glitter, and the photos of your home etc!!

  16. OH OH OH Love Love all those amazing Romantic photos.. I have not been to some of their blogs,, but I have to visit now.... I agree with you,,,, with an ironing room like that I would be doing my ironing all the time...


  17. You are so awesome to have included me in that list. Thank you so much my friend. I love all these blogs as well, but there's a couple I have yet to visit. I think now would be a great time. What I like about you is...everything!

  18. They're all so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing and now I'm off to see more of their eye candy!

  19. Oh my goodness, I'll be sitting up till midnight tonight looking through all of those gorgeous blogs! I have enjoyed looking at yours too, and will be back to look at more.

  20. Each one beautiful.....I always adore everything June does....

    Warm blessings,

  21. Loved the overview! You have to check out Jenn's @ Sweet Eye Candy. Her home was recently on a Christmas tour of homes I took - wow! So romantic and full of vintage Christmas.

  22. I can see I'm going to be visiting some blogs today on your list. Some I knew about. Some I didn't. You're right. Romantic and comfy-feeling is just that. No two ways about it! You have excellent taste.

  23. Yes, you're right. I reckon you should be working for Romantic Homes, I'd say.


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