January 16, 2010

Let's Go To Plasticland!

(...but Heidi Montag is not invited!)

Well, I had seen these candle shaped lighters
in a magazine before Christmas, so I went
a-hunting for them and ended up in a fun &
funky little site named PLASTICLAND .

The pink lighter was the wrong pink, if you
know what I mean, but I could not resist
delving deeper...

What a candle!

And these are candles too!

Cute purses...

Pink toile??? Nothing better!

Things that no one really needs...
Titanic shaped ice cubes! (they have goldfish too!)

It's a mug on one side & a teacup on the

Sparrow shaped clips!

Sassy clothes!

Can one have too much red?

Yes, I would wear this kitty sweater!

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

Aren't these adorable?

Sure, I'd be 6' 4" in these, but...

There is just no reason for these boots...
I mean what would Mary Poppins think??!!
Love them!

RED! I don't know why I even like flats?
I always trip when I wear them...but then
size 9 flats are more like planks, so, uh
that may have something to do with it! ;}

Already painted white for me...

I always appreciate that!

How cute is this??!!

Birdie melamine!

There's a floor mat and purse in this pattern

Even if you don't have an extra cent to spare,
a little trip through Plasticland is fun diversion!


  1. Howdy
    Oh what fun ,OMG I can't wait to go and see what other unique things there are to see :)
    Thank you for sharing the fun !
    Have a fabulous rest of the weekend.
    Happy Trails

  2. Lots of cute things and nothing we need!


  3. It looks like they have some nice things!
    I love your old Anne book on a previous post and your right we are blessed to live here.
    If you check out My Sparrows Home on my sidebar you will find another Island blog with beautiful Island photos.
    Thanks for the mention again!

  4. what fun finds, M!

    of course i am loving all of the flats (even though my lack of support in shoes is causing me some real problems these days. let's just say, i'm jellin' like magellan)

    i remember a groovy 80s campy garage band called plasticland. do you remember them? college radio stuff. same time as the pandoras, if that helps.


  5. Goodness, me! What a fun looking place to shop and wish! I'll have to check them out. I think they should pay you for advertising so nicely for them!!

    Happy PS!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  6. Plasticland? If I ever see one when we travel, I'll be sure to stop in! Those tall Mary Poppins boots are too cute! When I was young, I'd have been tighter to those than flies to wallpaper!

  7. So adorable. "Need" is an interesting word.
    - The Tablescaper

  8. Sounds like I need to make the trip.


  9. Glad you're still here, M! I was afraid you might disapear!

    Such cute and fun stuff! even if their name is a bit lame. But it won't be a name forgotten!

    All the shoes are cute but I haven't worn real heels since junior high! ♥

  10. great finds "m"!!! i really enjoyed your commentary too...you are SO fun!!!

  11. I'm on my way to check out that store right now. I want - no, I need Titanic shaped ice cubes. I need them now!

    Have you always had that photo at the bottom of your blog with the pink starfish against the lace? I never noticed it before - it's lovely!

  12. OMG - I love you!
    I blogged about this ornament that I found a photo of and wanted to own ... it is at Plastic Land!!! Now I own one of my very own! I'm so excited I can't stand it LOL


  13. Woooow what a wonderful blog you have! Fell into this via another blog and will stop and look around.

    Agneta, Sweden

  14. Such cute things!! But I have to tell you, that first picture threw me for a loop!! I had to do a double take- lol- my mind is so totally in the gutter... :P


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