January 10, 2010

Just a Spoonful Of Tarnish...

Once upon a trip to Summerland
I bought a bunch of interesting little spoons...

just by looking at them...

you know they have stories to tell...

like, where is Wayne, Nebraska?

I am always on the lookout for engraved spoons!
It'd be nice to come across my initials one day...
but I'm not real picky...I will buy them with
your initials on them too! ;}

And I even shocked myself, that me...miss
shiny pants...has left them in this "patina'd"
state for so long...

Oooops! Times up!

Hellooooooooo, my pretties!

Another fabulous transformation thankx to
Bar Keepers Friend! It's so fast and easy
that it makes the process truly fun!

I didn't really go to town on them so that
a bit of the "patina" remained to set of
all the details.

I even discovered that little wreath
where the bowl and handle meet...

Is there anything cuter than those birdies...
I ask you??!!! And after I cleaned it I found
that there were initials engraved on the
back of the handle too!

Either I am blind as a bat...
or Bar Keepers Friend is magical...
you decide! ;}

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  1. These are beautiful! I would really enjoy just looking at these ~ very intricate; just gorgeous!

  2. Your little spoons are gorgeous, polished or not.

  3. So beautiful. I love the one with the birds...unusual to me...

  4. I love your pretty spoons...tarnished or shiny, they sparkle!!
    xo bj

  5. Love the spoons. I am envious of the one with the birds on it, very cute.

  6. Love your spoons! So stinking cute that bird one!

  7. Just discovered your blog...something about the spoons/tarnish etc. Oh how I enjoy polishing my spoons as well. The spoons you collect are gorgeous. Of course I wish I had more time for the quiet little pleasures as such. Scanned through older posts of yours and the Whitman, Night Before Christmas book caught my eye. I too have the same exact copy, same year, same everything. Born in 1959, I too remember having this copy as a young child. I wish I cold say I had much trouble locating it, but for once as luck may have it...our local thrift store had it thrown in with other holiday books in a buy one get one free bin...total cost of two books, 50 cents. For once I was in the right place at the right time...thanks for sharing. Look forward to chatting with you again.

  8. Beautiful spoons! You aren't blind, I do believe that bar keepers friend is amazing :). I can see myself in my pots and pans after cleaning with that stuff!

  9. soooo lovely!

    Love the way they look shinning or not. Great finds.

    Thanks for sharing.

    If you get a moment would love for you to stop by and say hi!

    TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

  10. Love, love, love the spoons, especially the little birds!
    Have a beautiful new week...Kathy

  11. These spoons are beautiful. Each one is unique and special and so full of detail. I never thought of collecting silver spoons, I love the idea!

  12. Oh girl these are real beauties...I like them both ways...I hate to polish silver its so messy to me....May you have a great week in your part of Ca. my friend....stop by and see my some time....hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  13. Beautiful spoons, love the bird spoons.

  14. They are beautiful spoons, With alot of history i'm sure.

  15. gorgeous...the one with the little birds is SO sweet!!!

  16. Ooohhh pretty! I love old silver spoons as well but I have never seen any as beautiful as those. The birdies are too too sweet. Now I have a new thing to look for when I go 'tiquing' or 'collecting stuff for no reason' as my husband likes to call it.
    Kiss Noises Linda

  17. There's something therapeutic about silver polishing - relaxing and rewarding at the same time!

  18. Oooh I love your vintage spoons, especially the one with the little birds on it! I also love them tarnished, and I can just picture in my mind all the enchanting stories behind each one... xoxo Julie Marie

  19. The birdies are so pretty - I love Bar Keepers Friend! I just discovered it recently and use it on my stainless steel sink (we have hard well water here) It does a bang-up job!


  20. Love the spoons. They are all just wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  21. The magpie in me just made an appearance. Those spoons are wonderful. I love the tarnished patina.
    ♥, Susan

  22. Ooooo I'm drooling! LOVE your new beauties. Thanks for sharing at MM. :)

  23. They are beautiful! I adore all of the detail.

    Have a blessed week M.
    ~Melissa :)

  24. Oc Cottage, Happy New Year - Marjorie.

  25. They look so pretty all shined up!! :) Where do you display them?

  26. LOVE these! I've just recently fallen in love with the older engraved pieces. I saw one on eBay the other day engraved with the name, Viola...isn't that just the most romantic!!! :-) I love polishing silver...such a delightful surprise underneath...like the cute little wreath. :-)

  27. My sister and I were shopping in an antique store recently. She pointed out a complete set of silverware, in a pattern that we had on our "youth" silverware when we were young and it ALSO was engraved with the initials of our maiden names. How wonderful was that? Of course, this set of silverware is now one of my very favorite things.

  28. The birdie one is especially sweet! How about that Country magazine...I think I'll pout a while with ya on that one! LOL! Gosh those pics are gorgeous...no more gorgeous than all of yours though....
    Big Hugs,

  29. I love Bar Keeper's friend and I love those spoons M! I collect them you know ;)


  30. Happy New Year! I have been catching up you and have enjoyed my visit very much!!!. Love your spoons, I have a few also.
    May all your dreams come true this year and my God bless you and your family.

  31. so many pretty spoons! ... especially that wonderful script in the bowl!

  32. Your spoons are beautiful! I love the sweet patterns on the handles!


  33. I've never seen such wonderful spoons! Those are so sweet. Wherever did you find such beautiful little eating utensils? I didn't know there were things made like this! Your posts lately have been beautiful...as usual...but especially so! Hope your Christmas was wonderful!

  34. If only these lil spoons could tell their stories :)

  35. Soooo PRETTY...I LOVE VINTAGE SILVER too!!! Thanks for sharing all these little beauties!



  36. I do love those little birds!

  37. They look great before even BETTER now!! what great little finds!! I bet they do have a story or 2 to tell!!!
    hope your having a great week!!

  38. i collect spoons too but yours are exceptionally beautiful!

  39. Those are the loveliest little spoons! I one for collecting the odd bit of cutlery too. The little birdies is so unique!

  40. I just love all your little spoons! I have a few around my house too. Don't you wonder what stories they tell?
    I really like the ones with the little birds on them!

  41. these cleaned-up real nice like! thanks to barkeeper's friend! act now and get a free set of steak knives! (tee hee) barkeeper's friend. it's not just for barkeeps anymore.


  42. These are just lovely. What history they must hold.

  43. You certainly did polish them up nicely! My favorite is the one with the birds!


  44. Hello...

    Ohhh my...I just adore your pretty silver spoons! Hehe...I have acutally been through Wayne, Nebraska...too funny! I love the beautiful laurel pattern and bow on that spoon though...I would love to know the name of that pattern! Ohhh...and those sweet birds...I have never seen a silver pattern with birds...it's lovely!!!

    I do apologize at being so late to get by for a visit...we had to go out of town Sunday and then just trying to play catch-up after the weekend! I'm so happy that you joined in with the fun of Sunday Favorites though...I loved seeing your fabulous silver spoons!!!

    Warmest winter wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  45. Like the silver and just about anything vintage. you know... our writing style is a little similar :-)


love to hear from you! ;}