January 9, 2010

Better Not Pout...Unless It's Necessary!

And it is!
I see this mag on the side bars of
some of you Aussie girl's blogs, so
I decided to check it out...
that cover is pretty enticing, huh?

Well so are all the other pictures I was
just pouring though!

Alas and alak...unless you have a BFF in Oz...

the website is about as close as you'll get
to this magazine!

I haven't been able to find it anywhere...
(boo hoo...)

Are their any blogger's selling it on their

All hope isn't exactly lost...
you can subscribe to it through AMAZON
here , I know you'll all be rushing over
to do so...it's only $229.00 a year...uh, yah!

You understand now, why I pout!
(stomp foot...then go eat something


  1. It looks lovely. I'm sure someone out there in blog land will figure out how to get it to us. Keep us posted.

    - The Tablescaper

  2. Great magazine! That antique pink whiskey decanter is to die for!

    My girlfriend goes to Australia ever year in the fall and always comes back with the best spring magazines ever!

  3. Pink toile...sigh

    Why so expensive???


  4. Oh My Gosh sweetie...
    I too love this magazine, but how in the world could anyone come up with that kind of money just to have that darn magazine?

    Darn, that pink toile is beautiful. Please keep us posted if we can find someone that get us one of these magazine.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  5. My goodness.. I think I am covered in drool.. absolutely stunning1

  6. Maybe someone will donate them to Goodwill and I can buy one! That's where I buy all my Marthas and Opra's.

  7. what a bummer!! that looks like a fantastic magazine. btw, I love the font on your blog header.

  8. I miss all my magazines, I really miss them. Too bad this one is too expensive.

  9. Great magazine, oh please send me a copy....as you as you get yours?lol love the peeks. You know you have good peeks too. Ciao Rita

  10. Ummm, gorgeous! I'm pouting too! (:

  11. POUTING wqith you, duh. I can NEVER find mags like that here. Nor the lovely, adorable ever so pretty USA ones for that matter. May I double ppout on that?? Please may I ?? I NEED TO POUT lol.

    Hugs from a (pouting) friend in the Netherlands

  12. I'd be stomping too! That's awfully high. But the photos are pretty, pretty, pretty! Now I'm going to go eat some chocolate in consolation too.

  13. Looks like a fabulous magazine. I have that happen to me as well where I see a magazine featured on a blog post and cannot find it in the stores anywhere. Sure wish they would have more of the Aussie magazines in the bookstores here like they do some of the more popular British mags. They are a little pricier but sometimes it's worth the extra few dollars just for the great quality of their magazines.

  14. Here in Canada I have picked it up at Superstore. I have an issue from a few years ago and still hang onto it to look over every now and then.

  15. Oh great, now I'm pouting right along with you. See what you've gone and done! lol

  16. Yes indeed it is a good magazine and in a case of Grass is Greener, I adore your magazines more!
    I will gladly post you out a copy if you like, it is remarkably easy for me and much cheaper too I am sure, heck I even advertised in that magazine for the last year.
    Happy to do so if you like, Imight even list them on my blog for sale if that helps.
    Kiss Noises Linda ( from Queensland Australia)


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