December 14, 2009

Just What Mr. Darcy Ordered...

So...I had these pages...
'cuz you know...everyone has
pages of Jane Austen's novels
just setting there...waiting...
to become something...

then I saw it!
On a Jane Austen site...
(can't say which one since
I bought some Christmas
presents there...and...well...
you know...)

Sidebar: the proper tools are always
necessary! Seriously! I tried 10,000, really, I did! But ONLY
the sidepart thingie from my glasses
worked as my shove/arrange tool!

Ok, this might not tickle your fancy
unless you think that Jane Austen
is THE most amazing author ever!
(not for the romance but for her
spot on character studies! And the
romance too... ;)

Unless you want to vacay at

Unless you think Darcy is the "dream date"
behind door #2!

Unless you wished you wrote "Lost In Austen"
so you could be Elizabeth Bennett's BFF!

Phew! No, really! I have regained
my composure! No...really!
It's just that a Christmas bauble filled
with Jane's least for me...
is kinda cool!

This post was approved by Jane herself!

Seriously tho...just think...
Bible verses...your fave poem...
a hand written love note from
someone...pretty fun! Go make
a Christmas memory!

And join Melissa for HOLIDAY LINKY FRIDAY !

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  1. Love this so so much! Where are all my old novels....

  2. What a great idea.Thank goodness for your glasses.

  3. i hope you are not trying to tease me with that reindeer in your banner...LOL...i love how those paper snippets look in that ball...very cute idea!!!

  4. That is a wonderful idea - and I love Jane, too. I'd love to have her words inside a little glass bauble!



    imagine what a cool gift this would make for a professor, author, teacher, anyone?! ideas are spinning in my head. this really is great and thanks for sharing.

    guess what? watched "you've got mail" the day before a hair appointment. yep - i have short hair now. just can't help myself.


  6. Seriously, that doll statue with your glasses, funniest thing ever! Love the ornament too. :)

  7. I think this is a 'brilliant' idea!
    Thanks for sharing it.

  8. Did you say Mr Darcys behind door number two!!!??? I want him to be behind all three doors!
    This is genius, I LOVE IT! Thank you so much for sharing.
    I adore your holiday banner!
    thank you so much for the sweet message about the hair trials.

  9. Very good! I'd like to borrow this clever idea. When I take apart books for paper projects I sometimes sit and cut out interesting sentences and phrases and have used them on cards and things, but hadn't thought of this.

  10. These are too cute. I have some very old books that I am just dying to tear apart and make into something wonderful.


  11. This is perfectly wonderful for my English teacher friends! Thank you for the inspiration. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  12. This is such a great idea! I have some of those clear glass balls just waiting around for a use such as this... and I wrote my grad thesis on Austen!

  13. Ingenious! Love it! Particularly that Jane endorsed it herself!!!

    Sheet music would work too! As a matter of fact...My daughter has been working really hard on a song...what a fun Christmas 2009 memory!

    Thanks girl!

  14. LOVE IT! I will have to scrounge up some old but favorite novels.
    Thanks for the idea

  15. New follower. Love this idea! And Jane, and Mr Darcy. Did you see the new movie yet? Just OK.

  16. I love this post!! I can't believe I haven't seen your blog before! This ornament is such a great idea! I'm a word nerd, book nerd, Jane Austen fan, English teacher and new follower of your awesome blog! Looking forward to reading more! :) xo, Reannah

  17. This is a sweet project...thanks for sharing! My faience and I just finished watching pride and prejudice the other day :)


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