December 13, 2009

It's A New Reality Show!!!

Tales From A Slob Cottage!
Yep! That's me! S-L-O-B!

This is my staging area...the ONLY window
where I get decent light so it's the ONLY
place I can take pictures!

Uh, the "props" do pile up!
(yah, the credenza is filled to the
brim too! ;)
Time to tidy and Christmas-ify!

Starting corner at a

...glittery & white...

...birdies & baubles!
Phew! One corner down!
On to the next!

A little PINK is always welcome!

More vintage baubles...

...and a reindeer!

That darn ELYSE !
She had to go and show these adorable
TINY reindeer on her blog...and then
I had to have some too! And they are
adjusting nicely to the weather change
from RI to CA!!!

Now, onto the middle!

Shiny baubles...isn't that a Don Ho song?

Naturally, feathers and more tiny
reindeer are just what the shiny
baubles needed!

When THE NESTER showed
this FEATHER TREE on her
blog for ONLY $9.99...I knew one would be mine!!
(And I got one for my sisters too!) FYI...they are an
extra 25% off thru Dec. 14th AND free shipping when
you spend $50! WOW!

I had planned to make it foofier!
But with all the other things going
on, the simplicity of the reindeer
was rather appealing.

Voila! Clean, tidy...dusted and festive!
For me...this is quite a morph! ;}

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  1. You tidied up beautifully! I love the silver and pink ornaments together! And the feather tree is so pretty with the adorable reindeer ornaments!! You did good!!


  2. Your pink and silver decoration ist just gorgeous!!!

    Happy Holidays!


  3. Thank goodness I am not the only S-L-O-B!!
    Your decorations are so pretty

  4. you are too funny:) i started to order some of those reindeer too, but i thought the shipping was a bit much...yes, i am cheap that way sometimes...they really are cute though...i LOVE the feather is SO cute!!!

  5. A real Christmas look ;)

    * like it so much *

  6. I love the simplicity of just the reindeer flying around the feather tree! But what about "more is more"? ☺

  7. What a neat post. You take such great pictures and have them staged so well. Another expert photographer ! I
    Enjoyed this very much.

  8. Love your little neatness spot! Very pretty. You've been a changin' things on your blog dress, haven't you? Looks nice. I almost thought I was at the wrong place.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. I'm in love with those trees; so shabby chic! Come visit me & see what I've created this week. Be sure to leave a comment! I've got to try this project of yours!

  10. How funny - I have a staging window too - the only good light in this whole house - and everything gets piled there after pics! Good to know that someone else does that too. I love all your pics - you have impeccable taste in decor!

  11. I love the silver and pink ornaments together. xo Joan, your hostess


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