December 13, 2009

A Few Lessons Short Of A Grand Jete!

Although I never became a ballerina...
every December I get all Nutcrackery
and dream of dancing mice! So, I thought
I'd create an "homage" to my favorite
ballet this Christmas season!

Be sure to pa de bure your way over to
MARY'S for more Mosaic Monday!


  1. I always wanted to take tap dancing! I should have once I got older too, but now my knees would never take it. (What would they have been like had I taken tap dance?)

  2. are you watching my brisé volé, as I cross to applaud your grand jeté!

    You created such a lovely vignette!

    Every Christmas we watch two versions of "The Nutcracker" - the first, live, at Lincoln Center, for Ballanchine's. Then, on dvd, we always watch Mark Morris' "The Hard Nut," which we thoroughly's such a delightful alternative to the traditional versions.

    Enjoy your dreams of mice kings and sugar plums!

  3. Sweet! I never took ballet lessons as a child so I took them as an adult! I'm just too clumsy to dance much but it was fun! ♥

  4. pretty pretty!

    i love listening to the nutcracker. so festive!



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