December 3, 2009

The Christmas Shop

A few weeks ago, my sisters & I were lucky
enough to attend a cooking demonstration/feast
at ALICIA'S , a very popular eatery in the OC.

One of the best parts of this event, well, at least
for the discount the attendees receive
on all the adorable items in their gift shop!

Like kids in a candy store!

{sidebar---if I go to bed with wet hair...this is
what I look like in the morning}

Enjoy this little tour with minimal
interruptions from the peanut gallery!, me, me!

Do you hear angels singing?

Even Santa is dreaming of a WHITE

I LOVE that little fire place! Look closely, there's
a smaller one above it that hooks onto a single tree

I know these pictures are blick...I have no
talent for flash picture taking and it makes
me peevish! But I did like this I
made it into a looks FAB!

Pretty, pretty!

To copy or not to copy?????
Of course I will! I am , after all
The Rip-off Artist!

Too cute!

Yes, I like the sign!

Ballet shoes! Every Christmas requires
a new ballet shoe ornament...and ice skates...
and snowflakes...and...and...

Whaaaaaat could be better???!! Ornaments
shaped like food!



Stockings were hung...

...and hung...

Love these!

Waaaaaaaaay to cute for mere cooking!

I LOVE this section of the shop! looks so forlorn with those
empty spaces! (where all the pink cupcakes
were until I bought them!;)

And as full as we were...we still managed to
force ourselves to peruse until they wanted
the kick us out...and we even bought a thing
or two...or more! ;}

Be sure to stop by Cindy's for more


  1. wow Wow WOW!!! i bet you thought your were in glitter heaven...i LOVE the little pink angels and the sweet pink church...i could have gone nuts in that shop!!!

  2. I know one thing....I'd have to take a TRUCK to haul all my stuff I bought there...home.

    Come see what I did with my blue cobalt glass candle holder I found at the antique store...


  3. I would love to open a Christmas store, but I hate to dust! I can go look at 'OP's" though.. (Other People's) Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  4. what a fun place to shop! And look and copy from! ♥

  5. Wow! Now that's a Christmas shop! I love the litle bird with the "wet hair"! Bisous... Julie Marie

  6. Wow! So many pretty things. I just love your side bar comment. I can totally relate.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with after being so inspired!


  7. Wowsers! That was a lot of eye candy. I loved it all. Thanks for taking us along. Have a blessed day!

  8. holy guacamole!

    i would have needed to sit for a minute! love it all (and YES, do that copycat thing you do so well).

    LOL at your hair crack. so like me ...

    speaking of me ... i have been quite elf-like making ornaments for a certain soMeone! tee hee


  9. Thanks for the tour! I want to go there right now and let the AmEx hemorrhage away!

  10. Wow, what a wonderful store...I wish I lived nearby. I love all the beautiful eye candy you shared. Have a fabulous day.
    xxoo Valarie

  11. Pretty, pretty, pretty! I actually have the red polka dot teapot! That sounds like a wonderful event and lovely place to shop. I hope you show us what you did with your purchases! :)

  12. Oh boy! What a fun store! The wreath in your 23rd picture down is to die for!
    :o) Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne


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