November 8, 2009

The Walmart Blues...

Bluebirds have invaded Walmart!
Among other things!!! DO NOT
go there unless you have major
willpower! There is an entire aisle
if glittery Christmas fun!!!

I can only show this little guy since
some people, who shall remain nameless,
might see something they shouldn't!!!

But let me just say that there could
be snowflakes, sleighs, keys, Christmas
trees, Santas and about 20 other things too...
at least that's the rumour...

And they could come in silver, gold, red, burgundy
& blue...but I'm just guessing here...

But if you do decide to go...HURRY! There
are already so many empty spaces where
cute things must have been and someone
with even less willpower than me scooped
them all up!!!
(And Halloween candy is 25 cents!
Uh, yah, those bags of little candy bars
are now only a quarter! I forgot to go back
to that aisle and get a bag of Milk Duds,
dad burnit! Oh well, I didn't need them

Before you go though, stop by Sally's
for more BLUE MONDAY


  1. That is gorgeous!

    To start the week, I am sharing our walk in the park last weekend.

  2. I was planning to hit WalMart tomorrow for some basics, and now I'm a little scared!

  3. I was just at Wal Mart about 2 hrs ago and headed right to the Christmas Section. I picked up some white lights for my tree before I can't get them anymore!! I just love that blue colour! It wold cost me a fortune to switch over to that colour so I'll just have to admire others!! This is my first Blue Monday andI'm happy to be here! Have a great Blue Monday and a wonderful week: ) Sherri


    giggle, giggle, giggle

  5. beautiful color!

    I would like to share our Mellow weekend

  6. I just love it. The blue looks so pretty.


  7. Your bluebird has a very cosy nest!

  8. what a cute bluebird!!! i went to our walmart 2 days after halloween, and all of the good candy was already burnit indeed...i wanted me some more butterfingers and snicker bars..

  9. Never met a bluebird I could resist! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your BLUE MONDAY!

  10. Lovely. Time to go shopping

  11. I ❤ Walmart, and those bluebirds are precious! Happy Blue Monday to you!

  12. Looks so pretty! I LOVE that blue! I think I need to make a trip and pick some up! Thanks for sharing!

  13. you gotta snatch it up when you see it the 1st time even if you are like, do we really have to think about Christmas already!?

  14. Oh my... I just may have to stop at Walmart now... Must. Retain. Willpower. !!!

  15. You will never go wrong with blue,. Walmart is full of pretty xmas decors and shoppers as well.

    Good thing you made it to the counter. haha

  16. The bluebirds are wonderful and as soon as I finish my coffee I'm heading to WalMart. The color is wonderful and your photos are terrific. Thanks for the heads-up.

  17. Oh how gorgeous. I guess I better be prepared. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Marty

  18. Fun post! Love how you have the little bluebird displayed in the cup with the crocheted something. LOL! This post cracked me up. Thanks for providing a laugh!

  19. Hi!

    Very pretty! I am loving seeing all the pretty sparkly things coming out this year for Christmas! If you haven't checked with The Dollar Tree stores yet, you should! They have some really pretty sparklies out this year!!

  20. Got myself over to Wal Mart as soon as i saw all that glitter loveliness! Loved the sprays of glitter balls too.Thanks for the tip! Way to go Wal Mart!

  21. Beautiful Glittery Bluebird!8~)

  22. I noticed them as well, however not sure if our Wal mart in Canada has as many glittery ornaments as yours. I never noticed the skeleton keys and such. I sure hope so Thursday is payday! No will power here!!

  23. sweeeeeeet! LOL

    wonderful color - that is one vibrant bird!

  24. My Walmart's Christmas section is fab this year! And it's not all torn to pieces by shoppers yet, either. I already bought an ornament and want to buy another every time I go! sort of my reward for going- ya know? ☺


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