November 22, 2009

A Spoon Full Of Sugar...

Little did I know, when I quoted Mary Poppins
in my last post, that it was a harbinger of things
to come...

Friday night at dinner, my brothers-in-law
surprised my sisters and I with tickets to
Mary Poppins!

So, we will be poking our heads out from behind
The Orange Curtain and heading up to LA this
afternoon and if you happen to be there too,
we will be the ones singing the loudest! ;}

And whether you jump on into a chalk drawing
on the sidewalk and ride a magical carousel or
step in time while sweeping your chimney...
have a Supercalafragalistic-expialadosish

(File under nostalgia: when we were little, Kae
would take us to the elementary school by our
house, to the big swings...they seemed 20 feet tall
then...and we would swing and sing "Let's Go Fly
A Kite"...not sure why, but we did. So, I will probably
get a bit misty when I hear that song...again if your
there, don't stare cuz I do cry ugly!!!)


  1. We saw it on Broadway - and it really is charming! You're going to love it.

  2. how fun...i love Mary Poppins!!! i cry ugly too...LOL!!!

  3. Oh how exciting...I will be singing along with you from over here...probably driving my children insane with my singing..but hey then it will be inside their heads too! Passing the magic on..
    Have a great time, Kiss Noises Linda

  4. I loved that's the first movie I think I ever saw and it left a lasting impression, for sure. So many great songs! I'll be singing with you, all the way from Georgia! :-)

  5. I would LOVE LOVE to see this with my daughter, I hope it comes down under one day.

  6. what a sweet surprise! have a great time!!!


  7. It will always be a favorite of mine as well! Hope you had a great time!!


  8. I hope you had the most wonderful time!!

  9. I'd love to see that one again, I loved it as a child! Now, I'll be humming all the tunes the rest of the day (happily!)

  10. That is wonderful! I saw the movie when it first came out in 1965! We have it on DVD and watch it at least once a year...oh, but would I love to see it on stage! Lucky you!!!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  11. Yay for you both! How FUN! I love going to see live performances. Great photos.


love to hear from you! ;}