November 12, 2009

Charity Chow Down!(How Indelicate!)

Every year the sisters and I...and friends...
attend a charity "cooking" class at ALICIA'S ,
a famous OC eatery. (and if you have
ever had one of her to-go "comfort " dinners...
you know exactly why!!!)
I say, "cooking" because Alicia cooks while
her guests are served dish after dish!!

After we picked up our recipe packets and
these...Pomegranate Mojito & Pear Slushie...

we sat down to a table already laden
with food! See! There are those Keebler
cones stuffed with Sweet Spiced Nuts!

We were served our Carrot Cake Ice Cream
before dinner so we wouldn't be too full, after
dinner, to enjoy it!

I am IN LOVE with the half shell walnut
salt & pepper cellars! Adorable at each
place setting this Thanksgiving! I am
soooooo not too proud to shamelessly

Hors d'oeuvres a plenty!!! Corn Relish &

Queso Fundido Dumplings...beyond yum!

Buffalo Chicken Cheese Balls...with a sassy
Bleu Cheesey dipping sauce...I could have eaten
20 of these...and I may have!

Yes! There's more! This was THE hit!!!!
Navidad Cheese pictures don't
do any of these treats justice!

And there she is, cooking her heart out as we
enjoy the bounty!

Now, on to the main dishes!
Pumpkin Corn Bread & Pecan Butter.
(I forgot to unwrap it...waaaay tacky!)

Filet mignon with Pistachio Pesto
and Roasted Tomatoes.

Artichoke & Goat Cheese Custard...
the crunchy crusty top was fab!!!
I didn't get a good shot of the Ginger
Chile Carrots, but they were out of
this world!

Savory Squash Bread Pudding & Chipotle
Yams...very hot and yummy!

And now more dessert!

Praline Pumpkin Upside Down Cake
I was way too full to even attempt
dessert...but I did hear many a moan
of delight!

And a Red Velvet cupcake with a peppermint
ganash center!
See why we go!!!!!
We get to sit and listen to Alicia's hilarious
stories (only she can say "cosa" and "malarkey"
in the same sentence!) while her darling daughters,
and now grand daughter, serve us one dish after
another! And it's for charity too! Then after all this,
we get to roam around her gift store that's simply
bursting with baubles and pretties galore!!!!
(those pictures are for another post!)
What's not to love!!!!!

Check out her WEBSITE and find out when she's
hosting her next event!!

And be sure to stop by GOLLUM'S for
this week's edition of Foodie Friday!

There were too many recipes to add to this
post, so if you'd like them, please leave me
a comment and your email address!!


  1. Oh my....I feel a big old midnight snack coming on! Great pics!

  2. Ooooh, how yummy! May I PLEASE have the recipes for the Praline Pumpkin Upside Down Cake, the Pecan Butter, & the Pumpkin Cornbread?!?!

    Your little cornucopias are just too adorable!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  3. that looks like a great event...all of the food looks SO delicious and yummy!!!

  4. What a fun day. Care to share some of those recipes with us?

  5. Does this wonderful person have a cookbook by any chance?

  6. my mouth is watering! how awesome you got to go to something like that

  7. I'm so glad you shared those walnut salt cellars - that's the cutest thing I've seen all season! Definitely copying, also. Thanks!

  8. What fun that must have been. Everything looks delicious.

  9. Wow, my mouth was watering reading all those interesting and delectable foods. You are so lucky to have her near. Wish I could have been there too! I am hoping you'll be posting some of those recipes.

  10. Goodness...I'm starving now! Alicia's is just a hop, skip and a jump from me...I'm going to keep my eye out for the mysterious M, I know what your hands look like from your glitter tutorial! lol

    Actually I've never been to Alicia's but I will have to check it out, the food looks amazing!!

  11. Oh my...what a menu. I want to try so many of those foods! I love the walnut shell cute. This would be an event I would love. Thanks,


  12. Now I know you are an OC Girl!!! Alicia's is fun and wonderful and tasty! Not too many places can claim all of that! I love her soups! And her Pink Cloud sandwich...mmmmm, nothing better! And I love her Saturday morning breakfast! Bagels and lox! And her baked goods! And no one is sweeter or more welcoming than Alicia and her family! I've never done her cooking nights but now have something to plan on with my daughter for a fun family night! Thanks for sharing!

  13. How dare you do this to me!!!

    That food looks absolutely divine! I'm so hungry now! How lucky you all were. (Artichoke and goat cheese custard .... OMG!)

  14. Carrot cake icecream???? Oh yum!

  15. I love sitting down and eating small servings of food over a long period like this. Looks amazing. Thanks for visiting me whilst I have been away

  16. Oh my goodness... how could you possibly pass that dessert up?

    Everything looked wonderful!!


  17. Would love any of the recipes...they all look absolutely fabulous! Thanks for sharing. Pam

  18. This has got to be the COOLEST event EVER... I want to go!


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